starboard side

Lined on the road of the Soviet T-34 tank and dead Soviet tanker next to him. The T-34 tank gun L-11 issue of October, 1940. Factory number: 682-35. The tank belonged to the 12th armored division of the 8th mechanized corps the 26th army of the southwestern front. Shot down near Dubno, perhaps the South-Eastern entrance to Dubno. According to the autograph on the starboard side, lined with the soldiers of the 111th infantry division and regiment “Hermann Goering”.

Airworthy B-24 Liberators, 2017

A quick guide to the survivors and how to distinguish them.

B-24J, Witchcraft, 44-44052, The Collings Foundation

The only “true” B-24 still airworthy.  Painted to resemble the original Witchcraft of the 467th Bomb Group, she wears an overall olive-drab paint scheme with red stabilizers.  Extensive nose art marks the port-side nose, showing 130 combat missions.  Previously flew as All American from 1989-1998 and The Dragon and His Tail from 1998-2005 before the current paint scheme.  This aircraft served with the USAF, RAF, and Indian Air Force before finally passing into civilian hands for restoration.

LB-30A/B-24A/C-87, Diamond Lil, 40-2366. CAF B-29/B-24 Squadron

The only surviving B-24A model in existence, originally one of the LB-30 order bound for England.  The aircraft is painted in a two-tone camouflage pattern overall, with original US roundels on the fuselage and wings.  Port side nose is painted with the Diamond Lil nose art, starboard side is a massive 48 star US flag.

Diamond Lil flew in the colors of the 98th Bomb Group for many years before the current paint scheme.

PB4Y-2, 66300, Yanks Air Museum

Overall silver finish with red bands around the ends of the fin and horizontal stabilizers, “124″ painted in black on both sides of the nose.  The aircraft was flown to the museum in 2006 and has not flown since, although she is under restoration to military condition and likely airworthiness once more.

PB4Y-2, 66302, GossHawk Unlimited

Overall polished aluminum finish, post-war national insignia on fuselage sides behind cockpit, 6302 painted in black along the nose.  Of the airworthy Privateers, she appears closest to a Coast Guard aircraft would have in service.  She is based out of Phoenix, Arizona.

PB4Y-2, 59882, Museum of Flight and Aerial Firefighting

Overall silver finish with red bands around the stabilizers and cowlings, black 126 marked on both sides of the nose.  Heavily faired nose with a smaller window than greenhouse noses.  She was registered as airworthy in 2013.

B-24J, Joe, 44-44272, Fantasy of Flight

Overall silver finish, black fins with white vertical flash.  The aircraft was last flown in 1997 and still technically listed as airworthy by the FAA and the museum, but it will likely need a full restoration before it flies again.

Despite its high production numbers, there are few remaining B-24s in museums and under restoration.  Hopefully more wrecks can be recovered from their resting places in the South Pacific and restored in the coming decades.

  • According to the U.S. Navy, seven U.S. sailors are missing — and one commanding officer is missing — after the USS Fitzgerald collided with a merchant ship off the coast of Japan, CNN reported.
  • The collision caused severe damage to the ship’s starboard side above and below the water line and caused flooding in several parts of the ship, according to a statement obtained by CNN.
  • The missing sailors, according to the statement, could be trapped in the damaged area of the ship. Read more. (6/17/17, 12:00 PM)

#71 for @averca! (Solangelo of course) I’m probably not going to do many more of these so I can move onto other prompts, sorry if I couldn’t get to yours! I was listening to the Pirates of the Carribean score while writing this and somehow it went from a cute and fluffy oneshot to a pirate au no one asked for??? 

Prompt: “You are the single best thing that’s ever happened to me.”

The sound of boots slamming on the deck filled Nico’s ears as he raced to the starboard side of the ship. His heart pounded in his chest, drowning out the gunshots and shouts of men echoing through the night. Just a few more feet, and he’d be safe on his own ship.

He sprinted towards the railing along the deck. Several ropes were strung across the space between the two vessels, swaying dangerously above the murky water below. Nico stretched his arm forward to grab onto one of the ropes, but before he could reach it, something struck his shin and he toppled forward onto the weathered wood of the ship.

“Where do you think you’re going, Di Angelo?” a voice said.

Nico rolled onto his back and found himself face to face with none other than Will Solace, who happened to be the captain of the ship he and his crew were currently pillaging. His golden hair fanned around his face like a halo, and the thick, silver rings decorating his ears glittered in the orange evening light.

“Solace,” Nico hissed.

“Here to devastate my ship again, are you?” Will said in a bored tone. “Have you forgotten about your last attempt?”

Nico scowled at the memory. His last attempt had failed, resulting in the loss of a dozen crew members and severe damage to his ship. “Don’t remind me, Solace,” Nico snarled.

Will grinned and drew his sword from the scabbard on his belt. Nico scrambled to his feet and retrieved his own blade as Will began circling him, studying him with eyes the color of cornflowers.

“We don’t have to fight with each other, you know,” Will said.

Nico barked a laugh, “I think you’re missing the point of our fighting, captain. We don’t fight because we have a reason to, we fight because we’re both bored out here on this damn ocean and fighting gives us something to keep our minds busy.”

The corners of Will’s mouth turned downward into a frown. “Do you realize the kind of money we could be pulling in if stopped the rivalry?” he asked, coming to a stop in front of Nico.

Nico gazed at him. In the day’s dying light, the angular plains of his face were more defined. His soft, pink mouth and wide, blue eyes feigned a look of purity and innocence. For a moment, Nico was tempted by his offer. He shook the thoughts from his head and fixed his face into a glare. He had been at sea far too long to fall for the choir boy face of Will Solace.

“The answer is no, and if you ask again, I won’t hesitate to run you through with a sword,” Nico replied.

Right as Will opened his mouth to retort, several members of Nico’s crew came bounding across the deck, carrying sacks of gold and jewels. They shimmied across the ropes and deposited their spoils onto the deck, whooping and cheering at the sight of their haul.

Grinning, Nico returned his sword to its scabbard. “Well, Will, I have got to say, you and your pacifist nature are the single best things to ever happen to me. Without you, who knows what I would do to entertain myself” he said. He approached the railing and swung himself onto one of the ropes, “Thanks for the loot, Solace.”

He scrambled across the rope towards the safety of his own deck. A crew member helped him over the side before using a knife to sever the rope. He immediately joined the revelry of his crew, grabbing a handful of riches and holding them high above his head in triumph. All around him rose cries of satisfaction and joy, but for some reason, something in his chest nagged at him and prevented him from feeling the exuberance of his crew.

He peered over his shoulder at the opposing ship, which was now growing smaller as they drifted apart. However, he was still able to make out the figure of Will Solace leaning against the railing, staring up at Nico’s ship. The wind tousled his hair, and his eyes had a glassy, thoughtful quality to them as he gazed. A pang of an unknown feeling reverberated through the deepest parts of Nico’s heart, but he ignored it. He had chosen the life of the sea, he had chosen Will as his rival, and there was no going back on those choices now, no matter how much he may regret them.

103 years ago, The Empress of Ireland was sailing from Quebec City to Liverpool, when a thick fog rolled in. Another ship, the Storstad, was traveling a similar path and did not see the Empress in time. The ships struck each other, and the Empress started taking on water fast. Within 10 minutes, the whole ship lurched to her starboard side, allowing only 5 lifeboats to be launched, and within 15 minutes, the whole ship would be gone. Out of 1,477 passengers and crew, only 465 survived making it the largest Canadian marine peacetime disaster in history.

Nautical Notions: The Basic of Ships

By Guest Columnist Captain Wieda Ashcroft-Kiden

Hello dear readers and welcome to what I hope will be the first of a series of articles pertaining to ship, ship safety and all things nautical. Being the first article, let us start with the basics.

The most common ship we see in the Alliance is a two masted merchantman with a short third mast up on the forecastle. Not a proper three master mind you, since that would require all three masts to be on the main deck.

What is the main deck you ask? The main deck is where the primary mast is fastened, usually the deck that pulls level with the docks and from which everything else is built up from. On our standard ships, aft or to the rear of the main deck is the quarter deck, raised up enough to allow someone to walk under it without stooping. This is usually part of the crew quarters and mess hall. Cargo is often secured to the quarter deck as well.

Aft of that is the poop deck, where the ship’s wheel is located. Elevated again fully, it gives the best view of the sea ahead of the ship. Forward of the main deck is the forecastle, another deck for securing cargo, under which is usually more berths or possibly passenger cabins.

Below decks is the main cargo hold, usually amid ships with quarters sitting for and aft of it. Below that, at least on our example, is the bilge, or bottom of the ship. Waste, water and rats reside here and no crewman wants to be sent to work there.

The main mast holds the main sail and the top sail, both of which are used to catch the wind to move the ship forward. Forward of the main mast sits the foresail, which aids in harnessing the wind. Ahead of that are the jibs, sails that hang low over the front of the ship, usually attached to a long beam sticking out in front of the ship called a bowsprit. These sails also help catch the wind and when all the sails are unfurled and full, even a fully loaded cargo ship can cover some ocean in a short time.

Attached to the quarter deck (but running all the way through to the main deck) is the mizzen mast, which holds, you guessed it, the mizzen sail. Running aft of this is the driver, a sail attached to a swinging boom that can help turn the ship but most often is angled to better catch a cross wind. I’m sure the number of sails seems redundant, but remember, a ship doesn’t always travel in the direction the wind blows. Sails are trimmed, or adjusted and angled, to catch what ever winds are favorable and move the ship in the direction the helmsman wants it to go.

The rear most cabin on almost every ship is the captain’s quarters. Set at the rear, this is often the quietest room on the ship, also the most spacious of any crewmembers. But it serves as quarters, office and often times important cargo storage. Sometimes even special guests are berthed here.

Below the waterline lays the hull (that bit that keeps the water out), the keel and the rudder or tiller. The wheel is attached to the rudder and turns to the left or right as the wheel is turned. The keel is a long beam running down the center of the ship, acting as the spine of the vessel. It also helps the ship cut straight through the water.

A couple last terms. When standing and looking towards the front of the ship, port is to your left and starboard to your right. Starboard refers to very early vessels where the steering oar was placed on the right hand side of the ship and was initially called the steering side. Starboard came from combining the old Gilnean words for steer and side of the boat. Likewise, the side of the ship usually pulled alongside the docks was called the loading side or larboard. But because this was easily confused with starboard, the word port was used, referring to the side of the ship closest to the port. These two terms never change regardless of where a sailor was standing, so there is not confusing as to who’s left or right someone is referring to. Forward is the bow (or sometimes called the prow, though this more often refers to the actual leading edge of the ship) and aft is the rear, or stern of the ship.

That wraps things for now. Hopefully this was helpful, entertaining, something to line the parrot cage with. Till next time!


Masquerade Kiss | Jasper Jordan X Reader

English isn’t my first language, so please excuse any mistakes.

(E/C) stand for “Eye color”

Word Count: 2319 words.

(Y/N) could feel his eyes following her as she walked through the camp, just as it had the day before, and the day before that, Jasper’s eyes seemed to never leave her every time they were in the same place. She knew the reason for it, she hadn’t forgotten.

About a year before the 100 being sent to Earth, she and Jasper were what you might call ‘close friends’. Not as close as he and Monty, but still ‘close’. And, oh, that boy liked a good party. Back in the Ark, if there was a party, there was no doubt that Jasper and, potentially, Monty would be there, and sometimes (Y/N) would come over to say hello to them.

And then came the Masquerade Dance to commemorate Unity Day. She didn’t intend to go there, but she ended up getting bored at home, so she searched for a mask to wear and decided to go. It hadn’t been hard to find Jasper among the masked people, his goggles catching her attention in the crowd. (Y/N) walked toward him after drinking a drink to get in the mood, stopping beside the Jordan boy.

“Hey.” she called out, making him finally notice her there, a smile appearing on his face.


(Y/N) smiled back and looked around, noticing that Monty wasn’t there. Her (E/C) eyes stopped to watch all those excited young people jumping from side to side as they danced. Everyone seemed to be having so much fun.

“Wanna dance?” Jasper asked after noticing what she was looking at.

She had never been one of the best dancers, but no one there seemed to care about that, which led the girl to nod. “Let’s go.”

That was the first Unity Day in which (Y/N) had fun. Normally she’d get something lame to do; she was glad she hadn’t found anything to do, she was glad that Jasper had invited her to dance, she was happy to have spent the whole party laughing and jumping without caring if she was dancing well, Jasper wasn’t that good either.

The boy had a smile on his face as he slowed his movements, only moving lightly from side to side as he leaned forward so he could say something to her. (Y/N) also slowed down, a smile appearing on her lips, reflecting his.

“You know, I’m really glad you’re here today.”

The girl nodded, chuckling at his words. “I’m glad to be here.”

Jasper’s smile widened and he stopped dancing completely for a moment, before leaning quickly toward her, trying to get their lips together, but his goggles hit the girl’s mask, causing her to grunt.

“God, I’m so sorry.” he said in embarrassment. “I shouldn’t-”

“No, that’s ok.” she assured him, stopping to think about what had just happened. Or almost happened. (Y/N) felt her heart warm, she couldn’t deny that she had a crush on the Jordan boy for a while. And he, one of her closest friends, had tried to kiss her. He looked embarrassed, probably thinking he’d ruined things between them.

The girl felt confident, lifting Jasper’s goggles to his forehead and biting her lips before pressing hers against his. The boy seemed a little surprised at first, not expecting her to do this, but soon began to respond to the kiss excitedly, moving his lips against hers. (Y/N) felt her heart skip a beat, they were actually doing it.

A smile was also on Jasper’s face as they pulled away and he let out a nervous laugh, scratching the back of his neck. He was about to say something when the music suddenly stopped, catching everyone’s attention.

“Solar flare alert. An x-class solar flare has begun on the starboard side of The Ark-”(Y/N) grunted when she heard those words, of course this had to happen at that moment.

“Ladies and gentlemen, you know the drill.” another voice sounded through the crowd of teenagers. “Masks off. I.D. Chips out.”

The girl took her I.D. from her pocket and removed the mask from her face, hearing a gasp at her side. Jasper looked at her wide-eyed as his mouth closed and opened, trying to say something, but the only thing that came out was a “(Y/N)?”. He looked surprised, why did he look so surprised? “I thought you were staying home today.”

Jasper looked surprised. He didn’t expect her to be there. He didn’t know she was there. He had kissed her, yes, but not thinking it was her. He didn’t want to kiss her, he wanted to kiss the unknown girl he’d met that night. But she knew who he was when she kissed him, and he knew it.

The girl felt her cheeks heat up in embarrassment. Had she ruined their friendship? The only answer she could think of was yes as she saw Jasper’s cheeks turning red, he seemed to try to find something to say. Things wouldn’t be the same between them, she already knew.

(Y/N) felt the people around pushing her, trying to walk out of there. She took that cue and forced herself through the crowd, trying to walk as far as possible from the boy, hearing his voice calling for her.

From that day on she did her best to avoid Jasper, making sure she was late for classes so he couldn’t talk to her and ran out of the classroom as class was over. (Y/N) managed to avoid him even when he waited in front of where she lived.

She didn’t have to do this for long, however, shortly after she had received the news that he and Monty had been arrested. So when she was arrested and sent to Earth with the other delinquents, she wasn’t surprised to see him there. (Y/N) thought she would have to run away from him again, but he hadn’t tried to talk to her once, he just stared at her. Just like he was doing in that moment.

She didn’t exaclty have a place to go as she walked through the camp, and soon realized that if she didn’t decide to go somewhere soon, either she would have to turn around and go back to where she came from -as if she were walking in circles- or she would hit the wall. (Y/N) decided to go talk to the closest person she could find, as if it was what she meant all the time. As if fate was playing with her, she noticed right after touching the shoulder of the boy in front of her that he was Monty. Great.

He looked surprised, probably because she hadn’t talked to him since she’d stopped talking to his best friend. Monty gave a quick glance to Jasper, who should still be looking that way.

“Hey… (Y/N).” he shifted uncomfortably.

“Monty, hey.” she let out a humorless laugh, knowing what was probably waiting for her in the conversation. As if Monty thought the same thing, he went straight to the point.

“So, are we finally going to talk about that?”

“I don’t- I didn’t- I-” okay, maybe she wasn’t ready to talk about it.

The Green boy noticed her struggle, glancing at Jasper and taking the girl gently by her elbow, pulling her to a place where they wouldn’t be under Jasper’s supervision.

“It’s just so embarrassing.” (Y/N) murmured as they walked.

Monty let out a sigh. “I get it. Jasper gets it too, that’s why he’s been trying to talk to you since that night.”

(Y/N) scoffed. “For what? So that he could reject me in my face? No, thank you.”

“You’re really oblivious, aren’t you?” the boy asked, narrowing his eyes at her.

“Me? Oblivious? Come on Monty, what are you going to say? That he likes me?” she rolled her eyes, lowering her voice. “He kissed me without knowing who I was.”

“You know how Jasper is, (Y/N), he cares about anyone who cares about him.” he paused, looking around discreetly to see if Jasper could see them. "But he really cares a lot about you, more than he cares about anyone else.”

"He cares a lot about you.”

“It’s a different way of caring.” he gave her a pointed look, knowing she understood what he meant. “I’m sure if you hadn’t run away, he would have come all cheerful to tell me what had happened.” he took one last look at her before walking away. “You should talk to him.”

(Y/N) didn’t want his words to go through her head for the rest of the day, she didn’t want them to have affected her. But they did. The girl thought about the Jordan boy everytime she wasn’t busy with something. She should go talk to him. Monty said he wouldn’t turn her down, and even if he was lying, she was ready to hear whatever he was going to say.

And then she went to look for him when the sun began to set. (Y/N) felt her stomach flutter as she found him around the camp with Monty. The Green boy didn’t need any explanation, when he saw the girl approaching, he excuse himself and went elsewhere. (Y/N) took a deep breath, it’s now or never.

“Jasper?” she called him, making him freeze at the sound of her voice, it had been a long time since he’d heard that voice. He quietly turned to her.

A silence followed in the next few seconds –or even minutes-, neither knowing what to say. (Y/N) had only planned to go and talk to him, but she hadn’t thought about what to say; Jasper, who had been taken by surprise, didn’t want to say anything, afraid that it would make things worse with her.

“It’s been a while.” she muttered after a few more seconds, moving nervously.

“Yeah.” he muttered back. “I missed you.” he cleared his throat, embarrassed when his voice cracked, making the girl smile.

“I missed you too, just a little bit, though.” the playful tone in her voice was enough to make the boy smile back at her.

Jasper stared at her for a few seconds before speaking again. “Not that I’m complaining -because I’m totally not- but is there any reason you came to talk to me?”

(Y/N) bit her lower lip lightly, wondering if she should tell what she had heard and how it had affected her. “Monty told me.”

His brows furrowed, the smile still on his face. “He told you what?”

“Everything I needed to know.”

Those words appeared to have made him nervous, his smile fading and his eyes widening slightly with the realization that hit him. Jasper closed his eyes for a few seconds, a sigh leaving his mouth.

"Is it true, then? You like me?” the curiosity screaming inside her.

“Do I like you?” he chuckled. "You have no idea how in love I’m with you.” he gave her a small smile, clearly embarrassed. “I thought you’d never like me back, though. I still think so.” he mumbled lower that last part. "I thought maybe if I found someone else then I’d stop feeling what I feel.” Jasper finally met her gaze. "And then I find out that you were the other person I had met. I was nervous and I’m sorry if you thought I didn’t want that to happen. I wanted to and I would want it even more if I knew it was you.” his cheeks began to show signs of redness. "So yeah, I like you.” he lowered his gaze, his shoes becoming incredibly interesting at the moment.

So Monty was really telling the truth. (Y/N) didn’t know how to answer that, butterflies seemed to be in her stomach as she went over the fact that Jasper Jordan really liked her. She paused to think for a second if he had already shown signs of it before, but she couldn’t remember anything, maybe she really was too oblivious.

“I like you too.” she said quickly after realizing that she hadn’t spoken for quite a long time, taking a step toward him. Jasper’s eyes lifted to her, a soft smile on his face, he had waited to hear that words for a long time. “That day, I didn’t want to ruin our friendship… But I ended up ruining anyway after I started to avoid you.” the girl smiled a little, apologizing for that.

"Well… Now that we no longer have a friendship happening here, we could start something else.” a playful smile flashed across Jasper’s face, he also took a step toward her.

His smile reflected on her face as she took another step forward. "If you want something I think you’ll have to ask for it.”

“No problem.” one more step. “(Y/N), the grounders tried to take my heart, but they didn’t know it was already taken by y-”

“Wait.” she cut him off, frowning as she took another step. “Did they try to take your heart out?”

“Not really, I just needed something that sounded cliché to say.” his smile only widened at every step.

“Oh okay, go ahead.” she took the last step, now they were only a few inches apart.

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N)…” he paused dramatically, leaning his head a little toward her. “You would make me the happiest guy on Earth if you would agree to be my girlfriend.”

“Goggles…” she leaned toward him, too. “I think you’re a very happy guy, then.”

Jasper’s smile widened a little more before it disappeared from his lips as he broke the distance between their faces, kissing her lightly. (Y/N) put her hands on the Jordan boy’s shoulders, pressing her lips against his; Jasper placed his eager hands on her waist, caressing it as he moved his lips against hers. This time they both knew who they were kissing and being happy about it, so busy with what they were doing that they lost Monty doing a little victory dance.

Cupid Monty strikes again.


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... cuz we can't find reverse! Klingons on the starboard side, starboard side, starboard side, starboard side, Klingons on the starboard side, starboard side Jim!

It’s life, Jim, but not as we know it, not as we know it, not as we know it!
It’s life, Jim, but not as we know it, not as we know it, Jim!

Wrecked Ch. 1

Summary:  Princess Aria makes a deal with the sea witch. Three months to get the prince to propose marriage or suffer a fate worse than death. But as she gets closer to her deadline, she finds the prince not what she expected, a sailor that steals her heart and a merman who always had it. Can she find a happiness and fulfill the deal before time runs out?

Characters: Steve Rogers/OC, Bucky Barnes/OC, eventually Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes/OC

Some angst, light smut…more to come

A/N: My second contribution to @neversatisfiedgirl‘s LoveSexMagic Challenge. This one didn’t turn out how I was expecting it too. And will extend beyond the challenge and can be read on AO3 here. And thanks to @angryschnauzer for the beautiful moodboard.

Three months ago.
‘You have three days to get the prince to propose marriage.’
‘Three days?! You can’t be serious. Three months.’
‘You came to me, princess. You’re not really in a position to bargain.’
‘I don’t want to be human that bad. I’m not stupid. Human males aren’t that different from mermen. I can get him to mate me but marriage is a completely different thing.’
The sea witch sighed and twirled her fingers through her tentacles. ‘Fine, three months. You have until the third full moon from tomorrow night’s.’
‘And if I fail?’
‘There are things worse than death.’
‘Fine. Deal.’

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March 9, 1945. Iwo Jima. The crew of the American bomber Boeing B-29-45-BW, serial number: 42-24676, with its own name “Pride of the Yankees”, 882 squadron, 500th bomb group, inspects the damage to the aircraft. During a RAID on Tokyo, the propeller of one engine came off and struck a nearby engine moving it from the system. The crew had to fly 700 miles to Iwo Jima with only two working engines on the starboard side.


In 1912 the RMS Titanic sank in the North Atlantic, killing more than 1,500 people, and becoming the most famous maritime accident in the 20th century. But unknown to many, Titanic’s sister ship met a similar fate as well. The HMHS Britannic was a hospital ship owned by the White Star Line and was active from the years 1914-1916. On November 21, 1916, she was carrying 1,065 people on board when the hull struck an underwater mine. Britannic leaned drastically to the starboard (right) side, and within 55 minutes was completely underwater. Unlike her famous sister Titanic, the Britannic did not break in half. In total 30 people were killed during the sinking. The wreck was discovered off the coast of Greece in 1975 and remains in wonderful diving condition. 

Ships to wreck

Featuring Rahlen ( @picchar

Originally posted by coeurdeausalee

Crossings of the waking sea had become a chore instead of an adventure, Rahlen thought. After the first few crossings, the excitement was replaced with boredom. The fall weather had been crisp but calm as the ship sailed round the Frostbacks towards Ferelden.

Towards home. Maybe for good this time, and Rahlen wasn’t sure how he felt about that. Ferelden was his home, but so was Orlais and the Circle there. The court. The //Game/. He loved his family but he barely knew his brother and sister any more. They were grown and married, starting families of their own. At least Duncan was. Rahlen just felt… torn.

Standing at the ships’s forecastle, Rahlen watched the angry clouds roil on the horizon. They were nearing the storm Cost. With it would come cold, driving, rain and treacherous rocks.  The first time he’d crossed the storm coast, Rahlen had been sure he was going to die. He’d held on for dear life to his Mother as the ship had pitched and been tossed around like it was a toy.

His mother. She was so proud of him, starting a Circle in Denerim. Well a Circled in name, it would be more university than the nightmare at Kinloch that he’d read about. It was exciting, and right but a small part of him was terrified. Not that he’d admit it out loud, of course.  What if no one came? What if- no. Thoughts like that wouldn’t get him anywhere. Besides, he already had students and instructors set to begin in a few weeks.

Rahlen let out a slow breath. Denerim had court too. It had mabari and festivals and food. Not tasty food or the exquisite courtiers of val Royaux but it was fun in it’s own way. He just needed to keep remembering that.

The wind had cooled, turning wet and sharp. Overhead a bird wheeled, cawing. Weird, he thought. Seabirds didn’t usually caw-

The lookout shouted a single word, and the air might well have turned to ice.


Well, shit.

“Two points on the starboard bow, steaming fast.”

Rahlen pushed himself off the railing, scrambling to the cabin where his staff was lashed to the a trunk of his belongings. The hull of the ship groaned under his feet, the deck tilting as the Captain swung the passenger ship around. The small frigate would never be able to outgun a dreadnought. Their only change would be to outrun her.

Staggering along the deck, Rahlen grimaced at the sight of the Dreadnought running intercept. There was no way they’d make it out of range before the Qun’s gaatlock guns-

The sky flashed and heartbeats after the air cracked apart. For a moment Rahlen wondered if it was a clap of thunder. It was when the ship’s starboard prow exploded into shards of wood and fire that he realised it had been the dreadnought’s guns.

Pain flared in his upper thigh, knocking the leg out from under him. Rahlen shouted in pain, and the world rocked under him until his scream was flooded with sharp, briny water.

Cold water.

Water filled with things that would smell the hot blood that was pouring out of his leg. Floundering, Rahlen managed to reach the surface to choke down a gasp before a wave swamped him, carrying him away from the ship. Every time he tried to kick towards the surface, pain clouded his vision with starbursts of green and white.

Water pushed at his nostrils, his lips, and forced its way in past, shoving out the air he’d had left in a final shout for help. Or was it an apology? Mother, I’m so sorry- I couldn’t-

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Strong teeth grabbed onto his arm, but the pain was dull compared to the fire in his lungs. A shark? Something worse? They could at least let him die before they tore him apart… but his head broke the surface and Rahlen coughed violently, hacking up the horrible salt that coated his chest and throat. He could feel the beast pulling him, it’s massive body shaggy and it’s fur thick enough to grab a handful of. Rahlen did so with his free hand, the other arm still firmly within the animal’s jaws.

He thought at first it might be a massive mabari, he’d heard about the Frostback breed. Large enough to fight bears, they said. Swimmers, loyal to a fault. But as he blinked water and salt from his eyes, he saw that it was no dog that held him by the arm, but an actual bear, it’s fur pale gold in the dark seawater.

Well, not a shark, but how much better was a bear? One so hungry to swim up to a ship and grab a man overboard? But it was pulling him towards the shore. If he managed to get his feet under him he could scare it off with a spell. Maybe. A glance back towards the ship told him that he was on his own. The small wooden post-ship had never stood a chance against the dreadnought. The small ship was listing badly, what was left of it, anyways, Half of the starboard side was gone, torn into splinters.

The Dreadnought was still firing, it’s masters not content until they’d torn the post-ship into flotsam.  

A wave carried the Rahlen and the bear up onto a pile of rocks. The dull fire of Rahlen’s leg burst into life as it hit unyielding stone. Any hope he’d had of scaring the bear off drowned in starbursts of pain that threatened to send him unconscious.

Rahlen Theirin, son of the Hero of Ferelden, eaten by a bear. No, he couldn’t do that, not to his mother. He had to find a way to survive this. He’d be scarred, maybe lame for the rest of his life, but he WOULD survive this. His arm felt heavy as he let go of the bear’s fur and pulled magic to his will. It took more effort than usual, but the spectral blade appeared in his hand, cutting through fur and ursine flesh.

The beast let go of Rahlen’s arm, and the fall onto hard stone did what the crash into the shore had failed to do only moments ago. Stars crowded out what was left of Rahlen’s vision, and he slipped from consciousness. The very last thing he felt was the faint pressure of jaws on his shoulder.

Sorry Mama.


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Rahlen didn’t expect to wake up. 

When he did, he was surprised. When he realised he was on a bed of soft mosses and under a tarpaulin, Rahlen reconsidered the facts. He must be dead. Everything was soft and it was raining and there was a blur to the edges of the world.  Twisting, Rahlen looked down to see he’d had a number of blankets drawn over him, and most of his wet clothing taken off.

Thank the Maker, someone had killed the bear, they’d saved him. When he got back to Denerim, he’d be sure to reward whoever had killed that damn bear with… lots of stuff. Cheese maybe. Who didn’t like cheese?

He drifted, somewhere between sleep and wakefulness. When he opened his eyes again, it was night, a small fire crackling to his right with a pot sitting on it that smelled like nug stew. Looking around, the edges of the world were a little less blurry, and Rahlen realised one of his saviours was sitting across the fire from him. Her skin was far darker than her hair, though in the fire’s light her braids might as well have been stark white. It was hard to tell. Her ears were long and slender, a few rings and cuffs decorating them. And over the freckles on her cheeks were traced branching tattoos.

Rahlen remembered the stories of his mother befriending the elves of the Brescillian forest. Was this one of them?

“Hey…” he croaked, throat raw. He smiled his best roguish smile, the one that had charmed Orlesian court. “Thanks for saving me.”

Startled, the elf looked over at him, eyes glowing in the dim light. Then, relaxing slightly, she nodded and stared back at the fire.

“I’m Rahlen,” he said, after a while. The pot on the fire was steaming now, and smelling better than ever.

The elf glanced at him, then at his leg. Her brows knit.

“How bad is-” he asked, starting to lift the blankets that had been draped onto him. The elf reached a hand over and gently pressed the blankets back to his chest with a small shake of her head.

“That bad?” He asked. She winced, and nodded. “Ah.”

with a stick, she pulled the pot from the fire, spooning some of the stew into a bowl. Shifting on her heels, the elf knelt next to him, and helped Rahlen up onto his elbows, holding the bowl of soup to his lips. Blowing the steam from the soup, Rahlen took a tentative sip. It was no Orlesian cuisine, sure, but it was warm and seasoned. Better already than that one breakfast his father had tried to cook them that one time.

Rahlen finished most of the bowl before needing to lie back down, the cot starting to pitch and roll like the… like the ship… had.

“Did you find any other-” he started to ask, but the elf pressed a finger to her lips, then returned to the pot, serving a second bowl for herself.

“You don’t talk much, do you?” Rahlen asked, blinking sleepily. He wasn’t sure if the elf smiled, or it was part of the dream he slipped into, where sharp white canines bit at his arm, his leg.

Here is another well-known aspect of the Edwardian Era; the RMS Titanic, a ship oftener known for her tragedy than her short life prior.

RMS Titanic (/taɪˈtænɪk/) was a British passenger liner that sank in the North Atlantic Ocean in the early morning of 15 April 1912, after colliding with an iceberg during her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York City. Of the 2,224 passengers and crew aboard, more than 1,500 died, making it one of the deadliest commercial peacetime maritime disasters in modern history. The largest ship afloat at the time it entered service, the RMS Titanic was the second of three Olympic class ocean liners operated by the White Star Line, and was built by the Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast. Thomas Andrews, her architect, died in the disaster.

Under the command of Edward Smith, who went down with the ship, Titanic carried some of the wealthiest people in the world, as well as hundreds of emigrants from Great Britain and Ireland, Scandinavia and elsewhere throughout Europe seeking a new life in North America. A high-power radiotelegraph transmitter was available for sending passenger “marconigrams” and for the ship’s operational use. Although Titanic had advanced safety features such as watertight compartments and remotely activated watertight doors, there were not enough lifeboats to accommodate all of those aboard due to outdated maritime safety regulations. Titanic only carried enough lifeboats for 1,178 people—slightly more than half of the number on board, and one third of her total capacity.

After leaving Southampton on 10 April 1912, Titanic called at Cherbourg in France and Queenstown (now Cobh) in Ireland before heading west to New York.[2] On 14 April, four days into the crossing and about 375 miles (600 km) south of Newfoundland, she hit an iceberg at 11:40 p.m. ship’s time. The collision caused the ship’s hull plates to buckle inwards along her starboard (right) side and opened five of her sixteen watertight compartments to the sea; the ship gradually filled with water. Meanwhile, passengers and some crew members were evacuated in lifeboats, many of which were launched only partially loaded. A disproportionate number of men were left aboard because of a “women and children first” protocol for loading lifeboats.[3] At 2:20 a.m., she broke apart and foundered—with well over one thousand people still aboard. Just under two hours after Titanic sank, the Cunard liner RMS Carpathia arrived at the scene, where she brought aboard an estimated 705 survivors.

The disaster was greeted with worldwide shock and outrage at the huge loss of life and the regulatory and operational failures that had led to it. Public inquiries in Britain and the United States led to major improvements in maritime safety. One of their most important legacies was the establishment in 1914 of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS), which still governs maritime safety today. Additionally, several new wireless regulations were passed around the world in an effort to learn from the many missteps in wireless communications—which could have saved many more passengers.[4]

The wreck of Titanic, first discovered over 70 years after the sinking, remains on the seabed, split in two and gradually disintegrating at a depth of 12,415 feet (3,784 m). Since her discovery in 1985, thousands of artifacts have been recovered and put on display at museums around the world. Titanic has become one of the most famous ships in history; her memory is kept alive by numerous works of popular culture, including books, folk songs, films, exhibits, and memorials. Titanic is the second largest ocean liner wreck in the world, only beaten by her sister HMHS Britannic, the largest ever sunk.


10,5 cm K 18, the instrument selected as the main armament for the advanced “fighter bunkers”

Reworked version of the 10,5 cm K 18 for installation in a “self-propelled carriage”

Pz.Sfl.The IVa in the factory yard, the beginning of 1941

On the starboard side is clearly visible fake cabin of the driver

For such a powerful weapon self-propelled gun was very compact

Pz.Sfl.IVa front

The rear view clearly visible hatches through which access was gained into the crew compartment