First part of my book that I am working on. I wanna know what people think about it. I want honestly people.

The alarm was piercing her ears, it was almost maddening. It was happening. They were finally invading. Her people had been anticipating this ever since Starama, which was only light years away, had been over run. It had only been a matter of time before it would have happened to Omanaia.

    Ash had been preparing for the worst. Ready to be enslaved by the invaders. She and her fellow warriors had been training to fight against the most terrifying race in the galaxy. They called themselves, humans. From what was said about them they were very strong and very intelligent. It was said they were the most elite race in the whole milky-way. They wiped out thousands of people from thousands of races. As far as Ash new, she, and the rest of the world, were in trouble.

The alarm kept ringing as the warriors stood in front of their armor. They were ebony suits with navy accents that ran down the sides. They were sleek in design, and looked as if they could just be ripped apart with one swift tug.

Ash grabbed her suit as fast as she could and it compacted itself into what looked like a wrist band. She put the band on and the suit wrapped around her body, enabling her to have more movement. She grabbed her plasma gun, a Z7-58 model, and ran out of the training room.