.:Comforting Songs:.

1. Steven Universe - Here Comes a Thought

2. We Bare Bears - Sooner or Later

3. Wander over Yonder - My Fair Hatey/We’re Buddies

4. Ojamajo Doremi - Polar Star

5. Pretty Cure - Kokoro wo Komete

6. Steven Universe - Still Not Giving Up

7. Adventure Time - Everything Stays

8. Undertale - Reunited (Dual Mix)

9. Laura Shigihara - Everything’s Alright 

10. Sailor Moon - My Blue Heart

11. Undertale - Respite

12. Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon - Partner’s Theme (Music Box)


I apologize for the wait! Here’s set 3 of Lucina Alternatives. Set 1, Set 2

1 - Emmeryn (FE 13 Awakening)

2 - Sully (FE 13)

3 - Say’ri (FE 13)

4 - Maribelle (FE 13)
All requested by fluff-star

5 -Elincia (FE 9/10 Path of Radiance/ Radiant Dawn)

6 - Ilyana (FE 9/10)
Requested by artromage

7 - Titania (FE 9/10)
Requested by tomodaichis

I’m sorry this took a long time, currently I’m working on editing Robin, Zelda, Marth, and soon enough Link. Look forward to those! ^ o ^

anonymous asked:

Do you think Shawn and his s.o will wait a year or more to have a baby, or will star5 right away?

Most likely wait unless they have one unplanned before they’re married.

100 Fanvids for The 100 S2

I’ve seen so many amazing fanvids since the finale, (they’ve been helping me get through this hellatus) so I thought I’d make a post to show off some truly talented vidders and some specacular videos for your pain enjoyment. 


  • The first 82 videos are strictly Bellarke videos, at the bottom there are more generalized The 100 videos, all organized by song
  • Only videos posted POST 2x16 are included (spoilers for seasons 1 & 2)
  • None of these videos are mine, I’m simply sharing. All sources are stated if I could find them, if not they obviously belong to the youtube channel who posted them. 
  • Sorry for any mistakes!

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{ towards something }

“it’s like you said, i suppose. i’m moving towards something.”

a kitty winter fanmix

1. brackish - kittie
2. little faith - the national
3. ten dead dogs - wild sweet orange
4. into dust - mazzy star
5. heal - tom odell
6. monsters - angus powell
7. melody calling - the vaccines
8. ignite - the raveonettes
9. run me out - zola jesus

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mixes: holmes, watson