What if, time traveler Lance? Hear me out:
  • Lance comes to 2016 from the year, IDK, 2400
  • Lance is a little too convinced that meme culture is mainstream, so the first time he meets Keith he greets him by calling him “my dude” and dabbing
  • Pidge and Hunk find it kinda funny so they let him hang out with them
  • Lance calling Ariana Grande and One Direction “classic oldies” 
  • Lance nearly giving away the ending of the third Star Wars sequel film
  • When Lance reveals to Keith he’s a time traveler he’s so sure it’s going to take hours to convince him, but Keith, Keith that conspiracy theory loving son of a gun is just like “this is the best thing ever holy shit are you here to assassinate Trump? Please tell me you’re here to assassinate Trump”
  • Then Keith shows Lance all his government conspiracy theory essays (yes, including the moon landing one) and Lance is just so bowled over at how wrong half of them are lol

Someone please write/draw this just take it and run with it

  • Harry Potter:male lead
  • Lord of the Rings:male lead
  • The Hobbit:male lead
  • Star Trek:male lead
  • Every single Marvel movie ever made:male lead
  • 95% of DC movies:male lead
  • 60% of Disney movies:male lead
  • Star Wars original movies:male lead
  • Star Wars prequels:male lead
  • Star Wars new movies:female lead
  • Pathetic men on youtube comment section:why all this movies with female lead characters this is so unfair