Disney store Finally gave us a REY DOLL!!! Sort of lol These are 12" Star Wars Elite series premium action figures.

Rey and Kyle are coming out NOV 15…

Princess Leia and Darth Vader have been announced for NOV 29! I’m so Excited!!!! Pictures found on Google…

So my mom gave me $$$ for my birthday so I used it to get the Elite Series Krennic.

Money well spent. For the price ($35) this figure is WELL worth it. His uniform is amazing. Cape hangs nicely. Sculpt spot on and very nice paint job. He also comes with a change of hands in relaxed position. He stands nicely and is super poseable. I can’t wait to fiddle with him and pose him in different ways.

Love him. Need to find a place of honor so he can direct my artistic endeavors.

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Daisy Ridley Evaluates 8 of Her Star Wars Toys

We started with perhaps the most faithful figurine, this well-made action figure from the Star Wars: Elite Series. “This one’s cool,” said an appreciative Ridley. “It’s pretty lifelike!” It ought to be: During the film’s shoot, she and the other cast members spent time in between takes submitting to 3-D scans that could be used for special effects and merchandising. “Whenever there would be a break, we’d have to run off and get scanned. They’d tell you what facial expressions to do,” she said, “and with Rey, they tended to be a scowl.”

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