Stormy Nights (Richie/Eddie)

Summary: Richie and Eddie are both teenagers (roughly 16) and both of their family lives are getting worse, particularly Richie’s. One night Richie cant take it anymore and sneaks through Eddie’s window to stay the night.

Warning(s): Mentions of emotional and mental abuse, cussing, FLUFF/ANGST??? fuck i love reddie

A/N: Hello all! My main account is @edsrich and I wont be posting my imagines for IT here anymore is based around marvel-  but I created this one here! And I livE AND BREATHE for Reddie.  Yes, this takes place whilst the Losers Club are all in their teen years, frankly because I find it easier to write certain things that aren’t as cute and innocent (despite Richie & the other boys being fAR from iNNocent). I hope you enjoy! Feedback, positive and negative is appreciated!

Eddie laid in bed watching ‘Little Shop of Horrors’, whilst wearing a navy shirt and oversized sweats to keep him comfy. It was currently 9PM on a random Wednesday in the middle of Summer, today was a basic day; it involved hanging out with Bill and Richie for the day as Stan, Ben and Mike were busy. 

Ever since the incident that happened back in 1989, some had became distant from the group more than others. Beverly moved away the day after the losers defeated Pennywise itself, whilst Stan slowly distanced himself and Mike seemed to be working a lot. Ben was just busy on this random day and couldn’t hang out with the other boys.

Eddie rumbles a grunt in the back of his throat, sitting up and adjusting his white pillowcases in a more comfortable position and he places his smaller frame back down onto his mattress and continues to watch ‘Little Shop of Horrors’. 

Ripples of lightning sliced through the cloud smothered sky, alongside with the summer showers that poured down upon the town of Derry, which alone created a moody atmosphere for Eddie. Eddie flinched as the crackles from the rumbling thunder shocked him every now and then. Branches tapped against his window as the wind swirled them against the glass repeatedly, too startling the teen.

Suddenly, a large bang- much larger than the small twigs- impacted the glass of the window, causing Eddie to squeak.

The startled boy frantically looked to where the noise was, only to see large bulky glasses and brown curly hair. Richie.

Eddie, at first, thought he was seeing things-  which caused him to raise his hands and wipe his eyes from the sleep that stuck in his inner corners, but to no avail- it was Richie, soaked for that matter.

Eddie stood up, walking over to his window and slowly and silently opened the window- careful not to wake his over protective mother, he quickly helped his best friend into his room with a soft grunt and no noise from Richie.

“Dude, what the fuck are you doing here?” Eddie whispered a bit, rain splatting his pale cheeks before quickly shutting the window before any more rain flew inside.

“It’s nice to see you too, Eds.” Richie mumbled, for once not making a snarky remark.

Eddie went over to his door, shutting it before looking over his shoulder. “Don’t call me Eds.”

The corner of Richie’s lips tugged up into his signature smirk at Eddie’s signature remark to his own, as he removed his thick rimmed glasses, attempting to wipe away the droplets that stuck to his lenses. He pushed his fingers inside of his wet shirt and rubbed the material against the glass, his attempts failing.

“Here, hold on.” Eddie sighed, walking up to the taller boy and taking the glasses away and using his own shirt to smear away the droplets, this time much more successfully.

Richie watched, his tongue poking his cheek with his thoughts all over the place- but continued to keep remotely silent unless he was spoken too.

Eddie finished cleaning his friends glasses, before holding them up and putting them on Richie’s face for him, a confused look remaining on his face as he watches Richie’s eyes grow larger due to the lenses that were suited for his eye sight.

“What happened, Richie? Why are you here- I-I mean, I’m not complaining but this is just fucking unusual.” Eddie rambled a bit, a voice crack slipping into his sentance 

This caused Richie to smirk despite the emotions he currently was feeling, Eddie knew his background and what his family was like. He knew his Mother was an alcoholic and that his Father was just plain cruel to him for no apparent reason. Both parents had in fact told him this very night that they would’ve rather had a daughter than for him to even exist. Sure, his Mother was drunk; his Father was beyond stressed, but he was sober and agreed with every word that his Mother slurred.

Not to mention, ‘a drunken mans words is a sober mans thoughts’, even if his Mother wasn’t a man.

“It was them again, Eds.”

Eddie chose to ignore the nickname that he had a love-hate feeling for, instead becoming concerned, “Who?” 

Richie sighed, “Mom and Dad, as fucking usual. I fucking hate them.” His cusses had a bite to them, the brown hairs of his eyebrows furrowing more and more.

Eddie quickly realised the situation, “Oh shit, alright- fuck, um, do you want some of my clothes to sleep in?”

Richie smiled genuinely, glad he had Eddie as his friend. “Yeah.”

Eddie nodded, turning and kneeling as he dug through his pyjama’s drawer, nervously shoving away the porno magazines that were messily tossed at the top of the pile. He as a teenage boy had his needs, but that wasn’t what he was embarrassed about showing or even Richie seeing- he was embarrassed incase Richie saw that his porn stash wasn’t full of lewd pictures of women, but of the opposite gender.

Richie looked around the familiar bedroom, seeing posters of movies that Eddie was fond of and even photographs of him in his childhood and with his friends, being Bill, Stan and himself with Eddie dangling on the end next to Richie.

Richie’s eyes then snapped to the cheap TV, smirking to himself. “Little Shop of Horrors? Really? This is what you come home to and watch for fun?”

Eddie frowned, without looking at Richie. “Little Shop of Horrors is in fact, one of the best movies of all time.” 

“No, Eds, it’s one of your best movies that you like. Hell, it’s a damn musical.” Richie snickered.

“Actually, Richie, it’s labelled as a Science Fiction and Romance movie, which to me is quite entertaining.”

“But it’s funny because you’re watching a movie with ‘Horror’ in the title.”

“Now why is that funny?” Eddie spoke stubbornly, standing up and turning to look at his friend with a shirt and sweatpants in his arms.

“Because you cried in fear watching Jaws, Eds.” 

Heat rose to Eddie’s cheeks, scoffing as he didn’t push the subject any more and dropped the clothes onto his bed.

“I’ll just turn around whilst you change, you can’t leave this room just incase my Mom comes in and see’s you.”

“Your Mom has already seen all of me, Eds.”

“That’s so not funny.” Eddie grumbled angrily, his nose lightly scrunching up at Richie’s words.

Richie rolled his eyes smugly, smirking towards his friend. “Whatever Eds, I’m sure you’ll be tempted to turn around.”

The heat flared even more on Eddie’s cheeks, his eyebrows furrowing and turning around. “Whatever, shut up and change.”

Richie stared at the small boys frame, his eyes wandering for a second as he began to strip and too turning away to look out the window. Awkward silence filled the air, the two boys hearts pounding profusely for each other, without the other knowing it yet.

Richie holds up the shirt once the sweat pants are slid on in front of his bare chest, tilting his head. 

“Now, what the fuck am I supposed to do with this?”

Eddie turns around, again- his heart pounding in his throat and his blush spreading to his chest. “Put it on, asshole!”

“I don’t like sleeping in shirts dude, you know this.” Richie partly whined this comment, stomping his bare foot lightly against the creaking wood beneath him.

Eddie hesitated his words, “Fine, but don’t be fucking creepy about it.”

Richie hummed in satisfaction, plotting his rear on the bed that belonged to his best friend, bouncing on it for a second. “Your bed is comfy.”

“Oh, thanks?” Eddie tilted his head in confusion before sighing and going to his VHS system, “Since you’re a huge hater on Little Shop of Horror’s, what do you want to watch?”

Richie stood up, walking behind the smaller boy with one hand on the upper side of his body and looking over his shoulder at the selection of VHS tapes to choose from, causing Eddie to stiffen up at first, only centre-meters were between Richie’s bare chest and Eddie’s back. “What do you have for me to choose from?”

“U-Uh, I got Star Wars, Dirty Dancing- um, Back to the Future, Batman-”

“Hold up, did you say Dirty Dancing?”

“Yes, I did. It is a beautiful romance musical about dirty dancing, what more could you want?” Eddie spoke with annoyed sarcasm, frowning, “Just because it’s in my collection, doesn’t mean I watch it dumbass.”

Richie grinned at Eddie’s temper flaring slightly, “Calm down, Eds. Its fine if you want to watch dirty dancing at 1AM, we all understand.” Richie teased, “How about we watch Batman?”

Eddie ignored Richie’s teases once again, before nodding and grapping the VHS tape that was labelled ‘Batman’, taking out Little Shop of Horrors and sliding in the new tape.

The rain poured down heavier and violently pitter pattered against the window, the cold air chilling the two boys equally.

“Nice weather we’re having, don’t you agree?”

“Fucking lovely.” Eddie retorted, chuckling a bit and responding with equal sarcasm.

The two eventually laid down side by side on the bed side by side with the lights off and Batman playing in front of them in low quality. Their arms grazed each other every now and then, as well as their legs too.

“I’m sorry about what happened with your parents.” Eddie whispered over the film’s sound.

Richie took his eyes away from the screen, looking down at his friend. “Don’t be, they’re assholes.”

“They are, but you don’t deserve that shit.”

“Yeah, neither do you though. Your Mom’s a bitch too.” Richie sighed this out, inching closer to Eddie.

“I know but, both of your parents… you know-”

“Hate me, yeah I get it.” Richie mumbled, “I’m not surprised, I’m a shit son. I’d hate me too.”

Eddie sits up lightly, frowning at Richie’s harsh words that were stabs at himself. “Not everyone hates you Richie.”

“I’m annoying, I put up this stupid act and I make unnecessary dick jokes all the time.”

“I don’t hate you…” Eddie trailed off, blushing a bit but hoping it was hidden by the dark room. 

“It’s actually weird to hear someone say that to me, considering I get it all the time.” Richie chuckled dryly, sighing and tilting his head back. “Thankyou, Eds.”

Eddie didn’t even care in this moment that he was called ‘Eds’, but instead rested his head against Richie’s bare chest. Richie was at first startled with wide eyes, his cheeks becoming red instantly. But soon settled, his heart beating heavily and resting one arm around Eddie. His only hope was that Eddie couldn’t hear his heart.

Batman continued to play lowly in the background, but the boys only solely focused on each other and nothing else. Both becoming sleepy as the night carried on and it became later and later, both laying with each other like never before.

Eventually, Richie used his free arm to take his glasses away from his eyes and places them on the side table of Eddie’s bed quietly, yawning whilst Eddie snuggled a little closer sleepily, with lidded eyes.

“You know, Eds? I’m really fucking glad I have you in my life.” Richie whispers to a half asleep Eddie.

Eddie just about lets out a dazed smile with closed eyes, “I love you too, Richie.”

Richie’s cheeks steam up, his eyes widening a bit and he slowly shifts his eyes to the boys well kept head of hair, rubbing his fingers into his shoulder and pulling him closer as Eddie, unknown of confessing his feelings, drifts into a sleep.

Richie then, noticing that his best friend has fallen asleep- leans down carefully, without wakening him, and then presses his chapped lips that had a small taste of cigarettes and candyfloss against Eddie’s temple.

“I love you more, Eds.”


The Get Down: Season 1 Part 1 - Ronald “Ra-Ra” Kipling [1/?]

They call me King Ra, hear the fanfare when I enter the cipher, fly girls follow me like I’m the Pied Piper. Proper preparation prevents piss-poor performances, Get Down Brothers’ presentation for your enjoyment.

How to go on with your life after Rogue One (Part 1):

 Rewatch Dirty Dancing - Havana Nights AT LEAST a thousand times because of Diego Luna (and imagine this being a young Cassian with Jyn).

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In your Imperial Problem Child, you've covered the paparazzi and journalists, but what about reality holo shows? Like, the Star Wars equivalent of Dancing with the Stars, Ryloth's Got Talent or even The Bachelor keep asking Luke to be on their shows.

Celebrity Ballroom has probably tried to hint to Luke that he should guest-star at least seven times. He keeps telling them he can’t dance and has resorted to leaving Threepio to handle all incoming messages.

Outer Rim Survivor actually did get him to cameo just once, and that was a short clip of him rather sympathetically telling the contestants exactly what they were going to be dealing with in their six-week Jundland Wastes camping trip.

Front Lines Chef got a brief glimpse of him wandering through the background while they were filming an episode in an Imperial garrison somewhere, but nobody realized it was him until there was an explosion and someone made off with all the weapons schematics in the base.

After Palpatine is dealt with, during the tumultuous period of inter-faction fighting and bids for power, there’s really only one show that Luke has agreed to appear on more than once.
It’s a family-oriented variety show with a cast made entirely of puppets. Han hates those puppets so much. They give him nightmares. Luke thinks they’re great.

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Los signos opuestos como parejas icónicas de películas.

Princesa Leia (aries) y (libra) Han Solo / Star Wars

Leia: « Han, no puedes salirte con la tuya.»

Han: «¿Por qué no? Este soy yo, ¿recuerdas? Todo el mundo espera que haga cosas locas.»

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Jane (Tauro) y (Escorpio) John / Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Jane: “ -Las flechas ocultarán el sol.

John: -Pues lucharemos a la sombra. 

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Johny (géminis) y (sagitario) Baby / Dirty Dance

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Johny: ¡Creo que no te asusta nada!

Baby: ¿A mi? ¡A mi me da miedo todo! Me da miedo lo que vi. Me da miedo lo que hice. Quien soy. Y especialmente tengo miedo de salir de esta habitación y no volver a sentir en toda mi vida lo que siento estando contigo…

Allie (cancér) y (capricornio) Noah / The Notebook 

Noah: Dime lo que quieres que sea, y lo seré por ti. 

Allie: Eres tonto.                                                                 

Noah: Podría serlo.

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Sandy (Leo) y (Acurario) Dany  / Grease 

Sandy: ¿Gafas nuevas?

Danny: Sí, ¿Se me ven bien?

Sandy: No, aún se te ve la cara. 

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Jack (Piscis) y (Virgo) Rose / Titanic

Rose: Está loco.

Jack: Eso es lo que dicen todos pero, con el debido respeto señorita, no soy yo el que está dispuesto a tirarse del barco

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scruffy-looking nerf herder. (peter parker x reader)

ask: anon: “person a and person b show up at a halloween party unintentionally dressed as each other’s character’s love interests With Peter Parker please? (And maybe some Star Wars?)”

a/n: marvel AND star wars?? wowie ur an anon after my own heart!!!

warnings: none (word count: 545)

   “How does no one know who I am?” Peter asks Ned, gesturing exasperatedly, “I mean… Star Wars is still cool, right?” Ned snorts, patting Peter on the back.

   “Some people don’t appreciate, art is all, Peter.” He replies, adjusting his Chewbacca beanie.

Keep reading

Listen it’s not about whether you saw a movie today before you read a comic or you’ve been devouring the material since you were a young ‘un and have vast knowledge of the ‘verse, or if you’re a thirteen year old crushing on some 70′s cult following. No one comes out of their mother’s womb a fan. If you like it, you like it. You wanna rave then go ahead and rave. Fan the shit out of that art, write fic til your fingers necrotize (actually, don’t), dress in spandex and aluminium coated cardboard or nothing fancy at all. Familiarize yourself with the history and get cracking. All I’m saying is, welcome to the family. Own the life.

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Hello there! Your blog and your writing are absolutely amazing and I just love it 😍 I want to thank you for this amazing contribution to the fandom 🙏 🤗 By the way, about Tatooine, do you think the slaves have a way to defend themselves, kind of like Capoeira? It's a martial art (I think) developed by slaves in Brazil and Angola, as a way to fight and it looks like dancing. But it's just a thought. (Sorry if this doesn't make much sense, English is not my native language) 😅👋

Thank you so much, anon! I absolutely have some ideas about a Tatooine version of Capoeira.

It’s called nimdara and it looks like a very energetic, very athletic form of dancing. The roots of the form lie in a fusion of Tusken dances, Twi’lek traditions, and the fundamental secrecy of Amavikka culture. Defensive techniques are disguised as entertainment, and nimdara dancers perform regularly in the slave quarters and even in the Hutts’ palaces. The masters, for the most part, consider the dancing to be primitive slave entertainment, and therefore nothing important.

Another form of dance, bakkru, doubles as a form of wordless communication. Dancers tell stories or pass on coded information by means of movement, dress, and timing. Sometimes it’s even used as a way of delivering information about the freedom trail.

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Oh, please, by the Force, please let Obi-Wan be disappointed in the dancing at Hondo's because he can do better. And demonstrates it :)

He was drunk.

He was so drunk that he was pretty sure that their drinks had been laced with something stronger then alcohol because one and a half ale did not cause Obi-Wan to get drunk.

‘Should have known a bunch of pirates would get you drugged…I should warn Anakin.’ Obi-Wan sulked as he watched the dancers that were moving around the table and…ugh they were terrible, honestly just terrible.

Obi-Wan could dance better, he could do a much better job.

A hella good job too!

“Ah! You look pouty my friend! The entertainment not to your liking?” Hondo wrapped an arm around Obi-Wan’s shoulder, grinning at him like the self satisfied and most likely to betray them pirate he was.

Swinging slightly glassy eyes at him, Obi-Wan gave a loud snort that seemed to echo a bit between the laughing and hooting of the rowdy pirates drinking around them. “You have karked dancers, I can do better.” He lifted his mug and took a big swallow, ignoring Anakin suddenly swinging around in his chair to stare at him.

Hondo laughed loudly and patted him on the shoulder. “If you say so my master Jedi, how about you prove it?” He chortled, obviously not believing Obi-Wan would do such a thing.

Obi-Wan looked down at his mug, raised his brows slowly…and then he shrugged. “Why not.”

Placing his hands on the table, Obi-Wan smoothly pulled himself up with the Force and landed on the table on his feet in an easy jump before Anakin could stop him, the knights hands hovering in the air with his mouth open, locked on the word he had been about to say.

Hondo’s brows hit his forehead in surprise and then he rocked back on his heels, arms crossing over his chest in surprise and amusement. “So if he falls off the table, its not my fau-” The captain choked on his word as Obi-Wan sashayed down the table, the redhead smirking.

Now, Anakin knew his master could be sex on legs, Anakin knew that Obi-Wan could dance like someone raised from the cradle to do so and he knew that Obi-Wan.

But it had been some time since he had seen his master dance with this kriffing war.

The way he could twirl on light steps, gracefully avoiding the cups and plates on the table, hips undulating, hands moving along his sides with a half lidded eyes and teeth catching his bottom lip in a highly suggestive look.

Kark, everything about Obi-Wan was currently highly suggestive.

“My friend.” Hondo leaned his hands on Anakin’s shoulders, eyes never leaving Obi-Wan as he twirled with ease around one of the other dancers. “Are you sure I could not tempt Master Kenobi into working for me?” He leered.

He wasn’t the only one.

“Try it and I’ll cut your head off with my fancy laser sword.” Anakin growled quietly under his breath.

The captain laughed loudly even as Obi-Wan suddenly knelt, leaned forward and stole someones glass with his lips and teeth, easily tipping his head back and swallowing the content before dropping it into his hand with a happy smirk on his face.

‘Kark, I either need to save Obi-Wan from these pirates or just…save him.’ Anakin snorted and then firmly snagged his master’s wrist and pulling him down into his lap, catching him tightly. “No master.”

“Awww Anakin.”

“Boooo master Jedi!”

Anakin just flipped the laughing and booing pirates the middle finger.

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It's almost one in the morning and I was flipping through Disney songs on YouTube and came across Eye to Eye and just...Matt would unapologetically love the Goofy Movie.

HSJDBXKK you know he would oh my god. Shiro has seen it 100+ times because it’s 100% Matt’s comfort movie. Along with Lord of The Rings and Star Wars.

… he knows the dance moves to the songs too