So my Action figures finally got here! Huzza! Behold how my Captain Plasma towers over Rey and some of my other action figures. (Tom Servo just randomly shows up whenever there are that many awesome ladies in one spot).  

The first thing I noticed about the Rey action figure is she is really well articulated and they did a great job hiding the joints. I’m guessing all black sires figures are like that; but since this is my first, I am impressed.  Her wrists twist and move up and down, same with her head.  That’s way more movement than any of my other action figures have.  She is also adorable! Rey does have a hard time standing up on her own but I figured out how to use the staff to balance her.  BB-8 is super cute and his head moves around, sadly there is no thumbs up lighter attachment.  

The Captain Plasma figure is heavy. Like the first thing I thought when I picked her up is “I could kill a man* with this.”   My Malgus statue is well made, with lots of detail, but his potential to inflict blunt force trauma is sadly limited.  I understand that this is not a metric most people use to judge the worth of things, but that’s because most people suck.  All I’m saying is if you try and break into my apartment, while I’m there, maybe wear a helmet.  Any ways Plasma isn’t not quite as well articulated as Rey, and has a hard time standing up on her own. Unlike Rey however, she comes with a stand.  

Over all I must say I am very pleased with my purchase. Captain Plasma may have found a permanent home next to my keyboard, judging me.

*It wouldn’t have to be a man. It could be anyone really, regardless of what gender they do or do not identify with. The Elite sires Captain Plasma, much like death it’s self, does not discriminate.

“Boarding Party”
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An Open Letter to Hasbro About 3 3/4" Star Wars Figures

An Open Letter to Hasbro About 3 ¾" #StarWars Figures

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Dear Hasbro,

You don’t know me, but for a good chunk of my life, I’ve known you through your Star Wars 3 ¾” action figure line. Once upon a time, I was a die hard collector, buying at least one (and often times multiples) of everything in that line. Then I started college and didn’t want women thinking I was too weird, and so my collecting went on the back burner until I learned to accept myself…

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