• Bones: what are you doing?
  • Jim: reports.
  • Bones: at 8am? I thought 8 to 9 was Jim’s ‘sacred coffee time.’ not to be disturbed on pain of death?
  • Jim: it was. until Spock found me. now it’s jim’s 'Captain, star fleet has sent a follow up request for several of your backlogged mission reports. regulations mandate that all mission briefings be submitted within 24 hours of returning barring any emergencies. since you are currently unoccupied, would you like me to send you the list again’ time.
  • Bones: well, you picked him. you only have yourself to blame.
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Nicknames for Leonard H. McCoy;

Tall and dark
Kitty kat
Honey bunny
Corn cob
Moon pie
Doom an’ Gloom


Prompt: Imagine getting injured and not wanting to tell anyone but Jim notices and gets you to Bones who becomes angry at you for not telling him Word count: 1123 Warnings: Injuries, a bit of yelling

“Everyone on the ground?”  Jim’s voice rings out into the darkness.  There was an explosion a moment ago, and we were all flung in different directions.  I slowly pull my comm up to my mouth.  “I’m fine, Captain, just a bit of debris over here, but I’ll manage.”  Switching my comm off, I turn to look at the pile of rubble on top of me.  The ‘bit of debris’ is actually one huge stalagmite that has fallen across my entire body.  I feel fine, but as I push the rock off, I suddenly gasp.  
   My uniform appears to be fine, except for a few minor tears, but as I unzip my top to check my midriff, I see hundreds of tiny rocks are peppering the skin all the way down the right side of my body.
   “Crap, oh crap it hurts,” I groan, sucking in a deep breath.  I’m fine.  I can’t let anyone know that I’m hurt.  They’ll take me to sick bay and then Bones will find out and tell everyone what I am.
   “Y/N?”  Jim’s voice buzzes through my comm.  “Are you there?”
   I grit my teeth.  “Yes Captain Kirk, I’m here.  Where are the rest of you?”
   “We’re all fine, you were the only one flung somewhere that we can’t see, the terrain’s virtually flat.  Can you get out?”
   I look around me.  There’s plenty of light shining from up above me, and I can see a place where I might be able to climb out, though it will be substantially more difficult with half my body’s blood supply slowly leaking out.
   “Uh… Yeah, just give me a minute.  You guys keep going, I’ll catch up.”
   “Negative.  We stick together.”
   “Captain, with all due respect, you said the terrain is completely flat and you could see where everyone else landed, so I assume that I should be able to see you once I get out of here.”
   There is a pause. Please, please go on without me.  “All right, but we’re coming back in ten minutes if you don’t let me know that you got out safely.”
   “Will do, I’ll be fine.”  There is no answer, and I assume that they’re leaving.  I push myself to my feet and find a rock that juts out of the wall that I can use as a starting mechanism to climb out of this pit.  With every movement I make, it feels like my body is being shot with a thousand tiny bullets, and at one point, I have to lean against the wall for a moment, holding on for dear life as my body convulses.  When I reach the top, there is no denying my wounds.  Half of my uniform is shredded and bloody, and the rest of me is covered in dust.  
   I begin limping towards the figures I can see in the distance, and I haven’t gotten very far when one of them turns back and waves to me before freezing and then sprinting towards me.
   It’s Jim, and he doesn’t stop until he gets all the way to me, stopping in his tracks to take me in.  I straighten my back and smile at him, hoping that maybe there’s some way I can get out of this without giving myself away.
   “Y/N, what happened to you?  You said you were fine!  That’s not fine!”
   “Oh this?”  I look down at my body, and then back up at Jim.  “Just scraped myself on the climb up the cave -” I scream from the pain as Jim turns me around to look at my side.  
   “Crap, crap, I’m so sorry, we need to get you to med bay right now.  Scotty, beam us up.”
   “No, I’m fine I don’t need-”  But I can’t speak anymore, the tears are springing from my eyes, and I’m gasping, it feels like I’m on fire as Jim wraps his arms around me and we beam up to the ship.
   As soon as we’ve arrived, Jim sprints to sick bay with me in his arms, and I’ve never been in worse pain in my life.  He kicks the door open and yells, “Bones!”
   Dr. McCoy turns around, a look of surprise on his face.  “Holy crap,” he breathes as he looks at me.
   “Where can I put her?” Jim says urgently.
   “Right here, quickly,” Bones points at an empty bed.
   Jim lays me gently into the bed and Bones stares at me.  “What on earth did you do to yourself?”
   I blink back the tears and try to breath.  “I got caught under some rock, and then I climbed up the cave wall.”
   Dr. McCoy’s face goes redder than I have ever seen it before, and he spins around to face Jim.  “You let her climb out of a cave like that?  She’s half dead!”
   “She told me she was fine!”  Jim protests, gesturing at me.
   Dr. McCoy turns to stare at me.  “Why did you say you were fine?  You are obviously NOT FINE.  Why do you think I am on this ship?  To drink tea and make conversation?”  He begins moving around the room to collect different items that he will need to restore my health, and then comes back over to me.  “Put your arm out.”  I oblige, slowly sliding my arm out to where he can reach it.  He grabs it and pulls it towards himself rather roughly, causing me to whimper involuntarily. He glances at me and his expression changes from annoyed to concerned.  “Sorry,” he mumbles as he prods the IV into my arm.
   I tense up, I know what’s coming next, as he pulls his stethoscope out to listen to how fast my heartbeat is going.  “No, you don’t need to do that,” I protest, weakly trying to push his hand away.
   “I do, be still, it’s not going to hurt.  Unless you keep trying to make me feel unnecessary, and then it might.”  He glares at me, but uses a gentle grip to move my hand down to my side.  This is my worst nightmare, the part where everyone finds out what I am, and what I’m not.
   Dr. McCoy listens to my chest, and then turns to my tear-streaked face.  “Y/N, why can’t I hear a heartbeat?”  
   I close my eyes, and take a deep breath.  I’ll be a disappointment to everyone on the ship when they know.  They’ll treat me differently, I’ll be an outcast to everyone.  Because outside I’m human, but inside- “You’re not looking in the right place, Dr. McCoy.  My heart is located further down, specifically, where my liver should be.”  
   Bones stares at me in confusion as comprehension begins to dawn on his face.
   “Yes Dr.  I’m half Vulcan.”

Lunchtime Drabble: Searching the Ship, Part 4

Lunchtime Drabble: Searching the Ship, Part 4
Word Count: 560
Warnings: Fluff mostly, I’m pretty much just having fun with this story now… Just go with me on this, it’ll be fun!
(Parenthesis are Jim’s thoughts.) [Brackets are Bones’ thoughts.]

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Jim and Bones left the office, after each took a healthy swig of bourbon, and silently went back to where Y/N lay on the bed. She had stopped crying and looked like she had drifted to sleep, her hands resting on her pregnant belly. Christine had brought her a blanket and helped her let her hair down. She looked quite comfortable laying there with her hair spread over the pillow, face peaceful and relaxed.

Jim’s breath caught in his chest. (She’s so beautiful. So amazing.)

“You’re beautiful too, Jim” she murmured in her sleep.

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AOS Fic - In Darkness, part II

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For @gracieminabox

Read part I here

This keeps getting longer and longer, guys.

Warnings for language, discussion of disability, and some serious eye squick. I also feel that I should mention that Jim’s thoughts at the end do not necessarily reflect my own opinions regarding subject matter. More on that in my notes, which are at the bottom.

McKirk, ‘cause it’s always McKirk


Silence greets him.

“Bones?” Jim’s voice cracks. He’s hoarse from screaming, his ears are ringing and his eyes are burning, and the world is pitching and reeling beneath his feet.

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