I am taking a Folklore class and our semester-long project is to write a study. If I do a good job, my project will be added to my university’s archives. As soon as the professor told us about this project, I knew this was my chance to give back to the K/S community. 

I mean, our community is the mother of modern fandom. It’s absurd that there isn’t already an extensive body of academic research on our contributions. 

At this point the project is still in the earliest planning stages (should I do a traditional paper, or a documentary or a podcast?) but I won’t have a ton of time so I’m trying to get a head start on finding people who are willing to share their stories, both fic and life.

If you’re interested in participating, or even if you just think this is a neat idea and think there are some things I should absolutely pay attention to that I might miss for whatever reason (maybe there’s a local K/S group in your community that I couldn’t know about, or maybe your mom was writing fics back in the 60s and she’s still got some stashed away in the attack, or if you’re really passionate about pod fics and want to make sure I include those in my study, or whatever comes to your mind) please send me a message or email me at

Oh–AND SHARE THIS POST! The more people I can include in this project, the better.


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Mckirk witness protection program. jim happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time in witnessing a crime committed by a powerful family, who now want to get jim alive, while leonard is a cop or detective set in protecting the kid

Well I tried! And I’m not sure how coherent it is cause I’m sick! But I can’t focus on my readings, so I figured I’d finish this off. Enjoy, Nonnie!

“Dammit, Chris!” Leonard meets his captain’s eyes without flinching. He met him. He matches Pike, glare for glare, by now completely immune to “the look” that sends most greenies scurrying back to their desks to follow orders. “I’m your head detective, not a damned WITSEC babysitter.”

“Sorry, what was that detective? I couldn’t quite hear you over the sound of insubordination.”

Leonard arches his brow at Pike, not backing down. “With respect, captain,” he drawls sarcastically. “I’m in the middle of a case, and I’m not trained as a glorified body guard.”

Pike leans back in his chair. “Don’t make me read your own record to you, McCoy. It makes both of us uncomfortable to hear you praised.”

Leonard shifts, uncomfortably, and crosses his arms over his chest. “My case,” he tries to protest again.

“Strangely enough, I am aware of what you’re working on. This isn’t a request,” Pike continues. “This is an order, detective. Precisely because of the case you’re working.”

Leonard’s eyebrow jumps higher.

“Who knows, you may actually find him helpful,” Pike says with a grin.

“Somehow I think you’re full of shit.”

“Holy shit! You’re hot!”

He stares at the man he’s suddenly been put in charge of, and blinks at the exclamation. If he’s being honest with himself, the same could certainly be apply to Jim, with his blond hair, extremely attractive glasses, and brilliant baby blue eyes.

It’s a good thing that Leonard makes it a habit never to be honest with himself.

And that he has actual control over what comes out of his mouth.

“I’m Chief Detect Leonard McCoy, and I’m here to protect, not so you can jump my bones,” he informs the man dryly.

“I’m Jim, Jim Kirk. And if you ever change your mind about that jumping thing, make sure I’m the first to know. Okay, Bones?”

Bones? Leonard opens his mouth to correct Jim, and put a stop to this nickname nonsense immediately, but Pike chooses that moment to arrive.

“Oh good, glad to see you’ve met each other. Come with me so we can catch everyone up about the important parts.”

Of course, Pike could have just told Leonard the details himself, or given him the case file. The man must have been a dramatist in a former life, because he had insisted that only the witness could reveal everything.

Leonard pushes himself off from where he’d been leaning against his desk, and follows after Jim and Pike.

“Right. Sit down. Jim, why don’t you fill Detective McCoy in on why you’re here?”

“What? Oh sure! I’m here because a sociopath, or is it psychopath? Well, either way, he’s trying to kidnap me!”

Pike sends Jim “the look”, and Leonard arches a brow.

“A little more detail, son.”

“Oh. Oh, right! So let’s see. I was headed home from work last week, I’m a computer programmer, and I decided to take a new route home-”

Leonard zones out as Jim starts to ramble. There’s a skill to it that allows him to file away important information, while not actually paying full attention to prattling witnesses.

“Then there was this guy! Harris, I think one of the other guys called him, John Harris. Anyway I-”

Suddenly Leonard’s paying attention again. “Wait a second. Are you telling me you not only managed to steal some of Harris’ files, but you also had the time to plant a virus on his network?”

“Well, the guy was talking about doing some pretty shady stuff. I couldn’t just let him get away with it. I thought hadn’t seen me, but these guys showed up at my apartment the other and tried to smuggle me into a car. So, I guess it’s a pretty safe bet he knows who I am.”

This is going to blow his case right open, and this kid had done it on a whim because he’d just happened to pass by the place at the right time. “Unbelievable,” Leonard mutters under his breath.

“How god damned hard is it to remember one simple instruction? Don’t leave the safe house. It’s not that hard!” But of course it had been too fucking hard for Jim to remember. “Don’t leave the house or the sociopath who wants to slowly peel your skin off until you reverse whatever virus you’ve planted in his system will get you. Pretty simple don’t you think?”

Too damned complicated for Jim fucking Kirk.

“Come on, Bones. Calm down, ’m fine.”

Leonard shoots Jim a look as he flips open his knife to cut the ropes from around Jim’s writs and ankles. “If you could see your face right now, you wouldn’t be telling me that,” he growls. Swinging his rifle over his shoulder, Leonard grabs Jim by the upper arm and pulls him up, supporting most of his weight.

“Awww, were you worried about me, Bones?” Jim’s words are slightly slurred, no doubt due to the blood loss from the still bleeding wound on his temple and the leg that Leonard’s making damn sure the kid doesn’t put his weight on.

“Of course I was, you idiot,” Leonard snaps. “Who else is going to testify if you get yourself killed?”

Jim rolls his head to look at Leonard, then lets it drop back down to the still figure on the floor in front of them. “Don’t think that’s really necessary anymore,” he points out, his body beginning to shake against Leonard’s.

“This Harris isn’t the only one,” Leonard says grimly. “Which means you’re going to be stuck with me for awhile, kid. So no more stupid stunts okay?”

“What?” Jim asks fuzzily, and Leonard lowers him to the ground while the sound of sirens approach. “What do you- There’s more psycho’s out there?”

Leonard manages a tight smile. “This is just the tip of the iceberg, Jim,” he says softly, ripping off a piece of Jim’s shirt to improvise a tourniquet to help stop Jim’s leg from bleeding. “It’s a good thing I’ve gotten rather fond of you.”

Jim flashes Leonard a fuzzy smile. “Does this mean you’ve changed your mind? About the jumping you thing?”

A weak, shaky laugh rumbles from Leonard’s chest. “Maybe,” he admits softly.

Just Doing Their Jobs

Bones, Jim

Summary: Jim is stressed and exhausted, but when Bones doesn’t react in the way he thought when he confides this in him Jim feels sort of put off and decides to leave the room. Fortunately Bones senses something’s off and won’t let him.

A/N: This is a veeery late birthday fic for @thatkourtnichik. Hope you enjoy it, and happy belated birthday!

Based on this prompt.

Words: 1 290

Jim wasn’t one to let stress get to him, at least not in a visible way. As Captain he had to keep a straight face so not to worry the people relying him and his orders. It was a hard work, but he enjoyed it a lot. Some days, however, took its toll on him so mercilessly that he wasn’t sure if he would survive.

“I’m tired of this act,” he mumbled as he entered Bones’ room. His feet always led him there after a particularly tough day.

“Act?” Bones asked, looking up from whatever he’d been doing at his desk.

“This whole ‘acting like I always know what I’m doing’ thing. It’s exhausting.”

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Starry, Starry, Trek and Beyond

Highlights from Star Trek Beyond

Because I’m so over these people not paying attention to the movie.  And like a tunnel-like vision on Star Trek’s ode.

1) Captain Kirk brokering peace with the Teenaxians. A major development for Captain Kirk and his crew in its missions.

2) Cute Gargoyle-like Teenaxians, 1st new Federation civilization featured in Star Trek Beyond. 

3) Teenaxian, 1st new language featured in the movie.

4) Jim and Teenaxians brawl, it looked like nanny Jim having a handful of kids climbing over him.

5) Two teenaxians got beamed up to the Enterprise with Jim

6) I ripped my shirt again.

7) You look like ****! Dr. McCoy doesn’t mince his words.

8) McCoy and Kirk - drinking and talking. Like real friends instead of nanny Bones with wittle Jimmy.

9) Warp effect outside the window as the Enterprise travels in warp.

10) Jim Kirk will call his mother. They do have a relationship.

11) Everyday life as an Enterprise crew. Fraternization and cammaraderie. Yes, all federation crew that means not only humans are part of the Enterprise crew. 

12) Chekov and his girl, well, ex. 

13) Yorktown, at a glance from the Enterprise.

14) Yorktown, as the Enterprise docks.

15) Yorktown, through a 360 degree lens.

16) Many, many Federation beings living/coming to Yorktown. Co-existing with each other.

17) Sulu family. Demora is cute. Ben is hot. Hikaru is smoking.

18) Jim smiling at the Sulu family. A real honest-to-goodness beatific smile. I’m surprised no one commented about dashing Kirk and his pretty blue eyes and his dazzling smile.

19) HP cloud.

20) Commodore Paris.

21) Kalara’s language. 2nd new language introduced.

22) Universal translator working with real audio. I want this translator to be made in real life. ENGINEERS/INVENTORS DO IT!

23) Rescue mission. Another great improvement for the Enterprise crew mission milestones.

24) Spohck! Spohck! The way Uhura calls to him has a certain softness, it gives me life.

25) The Vokaya necklace. So pretty.

26) You should have this back. It belonged to your mother. The break in Uhura’s voice. 

27) It is not customary for a Vulcan to receive back that which is a gift. Spock refuses to have his heart back.  It is yours, Nyota.

28) Uhura’s expressive eyes.

29) Spock’s expressive eyes.

30) Uhura’s sweet kiss on the cheek.

31) Confused Spock sassing McCoy.

32) Irritated McCoy sasses back.

33) McCoy’s one eyebrow lift.

34) Spock receives news. 

35) Rest in peace, Ambassador Spock. Live long and prosper.

36) Observing the Nebula. No more communication after this point. We are on our own.

37) Atlamid. A class M planet with.. Exploring Atlamid from a far.

38) Uhura gets interference.

39) What the hell is this?

40) Visual of tiny moving dots. Like a meteor shower except its coming right at you.

41) Enterprise is attacked. Attacker ships have powerful arsenal and cuts through the Enterprise.

42) Attacker ships embed themselves on the Enterprise. Nacelles destroyed.

43) Bones and Spock were on a turbolift when it was blown away from the Enterprise and intercepted by an attacker ship. Bones becomes a dashing pilot.

44) Enemies at the gate. Krall has boarded.

45) Ensign Syl.

46) Abandon ship.

47) Crews in escape pods. Pods captured by the enemy ships.

48) Cut its neck.

49) Scotty!!! Ingenius. Going for the torpedo.

50) Krall and Kirk fight. Epic one-on-one. Krall lifts Kirk by the neck. Krall slams Kirk one level down. Kirk crashes.  Ooh, I feel hurt watching them fight.

51) Uhura fights Krall’s men. Takes one’s head off. Its a drone! Guns down multiple drones using their own weapon. My bad-ass Communication Officer.

52) Uhura reaches the saucer separation station. Activates it.

53) Saucer and Neck seperate.

54) Uhura, with Krall. Waiting for the Jafar-Jasmine-Aladdin reference.

55) Kirk, in his escape pod, watches as the Enterprise hurtles into Atlamid’s atmosphere.

56) Enterprise saucer crashes at Atlamid.

57) New Enterprise crew uniform. Fit for exploration than their old uniform. Kirk and Chekov rocked the look.

58) Universal translator still works.

59) Scavenging the Enterprise.

60) Kalara is a traitor. She’s with Krall. Wants the arbonath.

61) Lower your weapon. Please. Chekov! I miss you!

62) Kalara and the drones fight brother Kirk and little brother Chekov.

63) Kirk puts the final nail on the Enterprise. 

64) Enterprise kills Kalara and the drones. Enterprise didn’t go down without a fight. She was a mighty ship. 

65) Brother Kirk and little brother Chekov have a talk. How did you know? Chekov is still so naive and Kirk looked ten years older as he felt his past experiences of untrust and bad situations.

66) Scotty meets Jaylah. And other inhabitants of Atlamid.

67) Jaylah and Danny Pudi Atlamid beings’ language. 3rd and 4th new languages besides Federation English.

68) USS Franklin. OMG!  Its prettier than the Apple-styled Lens flare-riddled Enterprise.

69) Scotty finds a daughter in Jaylah.  I like the beats and shouting.

70) Kirk and Chekov are trapped in Jaylah’s anti-theft security.

71) Chekov checks out Jaylah.  Don’t tell me you didn’t see that.

72) Uhura talks to Krall, well, Krall interrogates her. 

73) Krall’s hard eyes. His posturing. His word phrasing. 

74) Uhura, defiant, but a bit of vulnerability surfaces.

75) I am Lt. Cmdr. Nyota Uhura. IN SWAHILI! 5th language though its a Terran dialect.

76) Keenser’s cold viral infection. Finally, Star Trek gives us a sickness as we know viruses/bacteria can live for eons.  And they used his mucus to break free and send an SOS signal.

77) Sulu finds out Krall’s plan for Yorktown. And his family there.

78) Krall threatens Sulu for the arbonath. Syl gives it up.

79) Krall kills Syl, using the arbonath, while Uhura watches helplessly.

80) Spock is injured. Bones does impressive surgery with what little and backyard tools.

81) What’s your favorite color?

82) Spock sprouting lots of life lessons and qoutes. 

83) Spock confessing to Father Bones about leaving Starfleet and help in building Vulcan and Vulcan babies. His desire to continue his relationship with Nyota and babies. And the news of Ambassador Spock.

84) Spock’s one-eyed tear drop. Zachary is impressive.

85) Spock’s tribute to Ambassador Spock. Really, its a tribute to Leonard Nimoy. A great man.

86) Spock laughing. OMG! A Vulcan laughing. 

87) Yoeerr delirious. McCoy’s reaction to a delirious and hurt Spock.

88) At least I won’t die alone. 

89) McCoy boxing stance. Urban should do a boxer character  I think he’d be quite good at it.

90) Rescuing Bones.

91) Rescuing the captured crew.

92) Lt. Uhura wears a Vokaya amulet as a token of my affection  and respect. SQUEEEE

93) Radioactive jewelry. You gave your girlfriend a tracking device.

94) A panicky Spock, Vulcan caught in headlights. 

95) Makeshift map to strategize for the rescue.

96) Lt. Uhura is there. 

97) The Frontier pushes back.

98) I am here to rescue you. Nyota’s heart eyes and little swoony smile at Spohck. Zoe, you sold this subtle swooning.

99) You killed my father, prepare to die by Jaylah to Manus.

100) Kirk catches Jaylah. Transporting sequence looks better on the big screen.

101) Flying the Franklin.

102) Preparation. Sulu and Chekov, helmsman and navigator tandem working to fly the Franklin off Atlamid. One of the best scene of Enterprise crew interaction and technology of the starship.

103) Mr. Sulu, you can, fly this thing, right? 

104) Sulu raises one eyebrow, You kidding me, sir?

105) The power of Franklin’s thrusters.

106) Franklin dives off a cliff.

107) Franklin flies off. Beautiful lift off.

108) Jaylah is out of Atlamid.

109) Franklin goes to Yorktown to stop Krall.

110) Spock talks mumbo jumbo according to Kirk. Uhura translates to Kirk-speak. Spohck is, that’s my girl.

111) Injured Spock says he can stop the swarm. Bones dons his dashing pilot suit once again. 

112) Spohck and Nyota eyefuck each other.

113) Let me do it. Jaylah Let her do it. Nyota

114) Scramble the frequency signal where the drone ships communicate to each other with Beastie Boys. Quite fitting ‘Sabotage’. They are sabotaging the drones.

115) Classical music!

116) Chekov and Sulu feet tapping to Sabotage!’.

117) Swarm crashing into each other. Like a tsunami wave and the Franklin is riding the curl.

118) USS Franklin doing a smackdown manuever stopping Krall and his drones. Master Sulu and Czar Chekov!

119) Uhura identifies Krall’s real identity through her aural sensitivity. Franklin’s Capt. Balthazar Edison. 

120) Krall’s bio-engineering. He’s around 140-ish years old. Using other beings life essences with an ancient alien technology, he can live forever if he wants to.

121) Krall and Kirk fight again. This time Krall is spitting mad. Float-fighting. In broad daylight or Yorktownlight.

122) Federation sucks. You left us. Fighting is living. War is inevitable. Krall

123) Federation is good. Better to live helping people than killing them. Kirk

124) Krall seeing himself on a glass shard. A time when his eyes soften, only to harden back with intent to kill. Elba!

125) Arbonath black liquid.

126) Scotty evicts Parkman to open latch and evict Krall and the arbonath. Heroes reference.

127) Bones and Spock save Kirk from being evicted as well.

128) Krall is floating with the arbonath black liquid clinging to him.  Why do I feel Krall will resurrect because of that black liquid? Yes, sequel, please.

129) Kirk sporting a real black eye.

130) Toast to friends. Chekov! We will miss you.

131) It is more pleasing to be with you, Nyota, than mission reports.

132) You old romantic.

133) Jaylah is a Starfleet Scholar.

134) In Russsia….Chekov!

135) Enterprise time-lapse construction. BEAUTIFUL!

136) The cast reciting Star Trek’s ode.

137) Kirk saying, we make a good team.

138) Spock saying, I believe we do.

139) Musical score is the best!


141) For Leonard and Anton