Imagine Data Sneaking Kisses in the Turbo Lift

Imagine Data Sneaking Kisses in the Turbo Lift

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The first time he kissed you in the turbo lift, it was on the cheek.

Then Geordie walked in.

The next time it was on the lips.

Then the Captain walked in.

This was the cycle. Data would some how know the perfect timing and pepper you with kisses and some how manage to think he was being convincing. He though he was honestly fooling the entire crew.

In reality, everyone knew.

This was partially because you can’t control when you blush.

The other part, was Data would make up a subject that you two had allegedly been discussing.

It was always something to do with romance, or kissing, or the biological chemistry behind relationships.

He would try to pick something distant however even he slips up.

It became a running joke amongst the rest of the crew, which you were oblivious to.

Until today.

You walked over to the turbo lift and found two ensigns kissing. You coughed getting them to break apart so you could get up to your station.

Then one of them said

“Haha… guess I pulled a Data.”

You stared at the ensign.

“Excuse me?”

“You know! Like how Lt. Commander Data is always kissing his girlfriend or boyfriend or whatever in the turbo lift”

The other ensign was mortified. Only managing to say

“Um… that is his…”

Which made them bolt out of the lift on the next floor.

As Data stepped in.

“Oh good Data I have something we need to talk about”

He leaned down and pressed a kiss to your cheek, feather light.

“Yes Darling?”

You suddenly felt tongue-tied

“Never mind it can wait.”

He nods and pressed another kiss to your forehead then peppered a trail of them down till he reached your lips. There he held a still delicate kiss till pulling away as the lift doors opened.

“Oh hello Geordie, [_______] and I were just discussing the greatest romantic works in old earth literature”

Geordie was clearly trying to hide a smirk. Your face was burning red.

“Uh huh, well I’m sure that makes for… interesting conversation.”

You really need to talk to Data about subtlety.

If you're feeling discouraged...

Just remember:

- Voldemort’s rise to power did not stoop Harry Potter from returning to Hogwarts.

- Katniss Everdeen rebelled against President Snow’s tyranny.

- The Winchester boys keep saving people and doing good no matter what big bad stands in their way.

- Tiny little Frodo stood tall against the mighty Sauron and his minions.

- Kirk and Spock made sure Kahn didn’t destroy worlds.

- Captain Jean-Luc Picard used empathy to take down the narcissistic Q.

- 4 strong willed kiddos refused to give up and defeated a faceless Demogorgon

You do matter. You are important. The road is not always easy, but love and persistence will win in the end.

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  • Kirk: A captain's life is a lonely life.
  • Picard: Indeed.
  • Janeway: Absolutely.
  • Archer: Thank god I've got my dog.
  • Sisko: So... I take it then you guys don't want to see the photos from my latest family vacation?
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Spirk 5ever

My captain can kick your captains ass

Spock is bae

Red shirt

Uhura is a literal goddess

Ahead warp factor 1

Everyone is gay™

Uhura and chapel are gay and I would die for them

Knows who m'benga is


I want Tasha yar to kick my ass

Data is shaped like a friend

Fully functional™


Tasha deserved better

Alexander deserved better

Data deserved better

Klingon enthusiast

Romulan enthusiast

Casually pretends that one movie didn’t happen

The line must be drawn heyah and no fahrthah

Picard is the best captain because he is the best at diplomacy™

I would die for worf

I love will riker

I hate will riker


Outcasts didn’t happen

Only here for Q tbh




Is only here for the cardassians tbh

Weyoun never did anything wrong in his life


Garashir is love garashir is life

Wedding episode™

Just a simple tailer

Spy AU

Vic fontaine is the best ever


ships everyone

Everyone is gay™

Jadzia didn’t die for this



I want janeway to punch me it the face

I want b'elanna to kick me in the throat

Weird is part of the job™

Resistance is futile


Irish town AU

Delta Flyer™

Wth is Broccoli doing here??


Gratuitous decontamination chamber scenes

Wrist nipples

Just here for the vulcans tbh

Just here for porthos tbh

Loves everyone is just happy to be here


shran is my reason for existing

Express hoshi sato could slit my throat and I would thank her



Y'all should have listened to t'pol when ya had the chance smh

Loving pineapple is my only trait


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