Colin Kaepernick donates $50,000 to Meals on Wheels

  • Colin Kaepernick isn’t done taking a stand for what he believes is right. 
  • After the White House unveiled a budget proposal calling for funding cuts that could hurt Meals on Wheels, the free-agent quarterback donated $50,000 to the cause.
  • The gift to Meals on Wheels, a national organization dedicated to fighting hunger and feelings of isolation among seniors, is the latest in a series of socially conscious donations made by the star athlete. 
  • Following his promise to kneel during “The Star-Spangled Banner” to call out police brutality in communities of color, Kaepernick also pledged to donate $1 million of his annual salary to charity.
  • Meals on Wheels thanked Kaepernick via Twitter on Tuesday. Read more (3/22/17 12:14 PM)

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg was born in Brooklyn in 1933. She meets Steve Rogers pre- or post-freezing.



It was nice to be back in New York, Steve thought, after touring the whole country with the Star Spangled Show. Even better, once the show was done here, they were going overseas – not into combat, but at least it was a start. It made him cheer up just to think about it, and he maybe threw a little extra flair into the show every night, took a little extra time at the stage door.

“What’s your name?” he asked, crouching to get on eye-level with the little girl who had been patiently waiting behind several taller, pushier people. 

“Ruth,” she said shyly, offering him her autograph book.

“Lovely name,” he replied. “Did you like the show?”

She nodded. “I liked the dancing.” 

“You gonna be a dancer when you grow up?”

“Nuh uh,” she said. 

“What’re you gonna be?”

“A judge,” she said. 

“Yeah? You gonna make sure justice is done?”

She nodded soberly.

“Well, Ruth, you gotta study hard, you know that, right?” he asked, as he signed her book. “I expect to see you on the bench someday.”

“Thank you,” she murmured, stepping back, and another handful of kids surged around her. Cute kid. 


Steve had always liked Civics in school, but when you had to catch up on seventy years between your last history class and the present, it could get a little overwhelming. On the other hand, celebrity was good for something; when he’d been working on memorizing the names and major cases of the Supreme Court justices, Tony had said, “Well, do you want to meet them?”

A couple of long phone calls and a few weeks later, Steve passed through a LOT of security, down a hallway, and into a courtroom; it was early in the morning, ahead of the open public hours, and the room smelled like coffee. A tiny bird of a woman in a black gown was standing in front of the seating box. 

“Captain,” she said, as he shook her hand. 

“Justice Ginsburg, right?” he asked. “It’s an honor, ma’am.”

“I feel the same,” she said, and there was something very familiar about her smile. “I wanted to get here a little earlier than everyone else, to speak to you in private.” 

He was opening his mouth, about to ask why, when she reached into a pocket of the robe and took out a battered leather book, the kind kids used to collect autographs in.

“I don’t suppose you remember, you must have signed a lot of autographs,” she said. “But back in the war, just before you left for overseas, I went to see your bond show.” 

Steve looked down. Scrawled on the page was his clumsy signature and, in slightly better lettering, To Judge Ruth. Study Hard!

He looked up at her, eyes wide. “No, I remember – I asked if you wanted to be a dancer and you said no, you were going to be a judge.”

“You were the first adult outside of my family who didn’t sneer at a girl wanting to be a judge,” she said. 

“Well,” Steve said faintly. “Guess you must have studied.”

“Captain America said he wanted to see me on the bench. Couldn’t very well let him down,” she replied, and Steve laughed. 

Listen: A composer has rewritten the “Star Spangled Banner” for Trump’s America

For many, waking up Wednesday and seeing that Donald Trump had been elected president, it seemed like all color had drained from the world. Enter British composer Thomas Hewitt Jones. The artist shared an updated version of the “Star-Spangled Banner” on Wednesday — a more somber, wistful version of our anthem, titled the “The Hate-Strangled Banner.”

Slight Backstory for the Stand: When Steve Rogers signed up to be a test subject for Operation: Rebirth, everyone believed that he would come out of the chamber a 6'2" hulking beast of a man. When he exited the pod, he was still his old 5'1" twig self, now overcome with a terrible fever. When he recovered, he asked his fellow recruits about a shield that he claimed to have found but no one else could see. When the recruits attempted to beat him for annoying them with his imaginary nonsense, they found that they were punching an invisible sheet of metal. They discovered that the serum did not affect him physically, but mentally as he was able summon a manifestation of his will to fight and protect to stand up against his enemies. As the being was only ever seen standing by his side, the army dubbed it a “Stand”.

Stand Master:  「Steve Rogers」

Stand Name:  「Star Spangled」

Stand Origin: Star Spangled Banner

Appearance Classification: Artificial Non-Humanoid/Artificial Humanoid

Stand Type: Evolving

Stand Appearance: 「Star Spangled」 has three Acts. In Act 1, it takes an appearance similar to Captain America’s shield with the additional ability to transform into a somewhat humanoid robot. In Act 2, it takes the form of a giant metallic gorilla-like figure with arm protrusions that come together to form an escutcheon-shaped shield. In Act 3, it is a humanoid robot that looks similar to the Captain America costume design. It is about the same height and build as Steve Rogers in the true continuity.

Stand Parameters:

Act 1/Act 2/Act 3

Destructive Potential: E/A/A
Speed: B/D/B
Range: B/E/D
Durability: A/A/A
Precision: B/C/B
Developmental Potential: B/C/E

Stand Ability:

Shared Abilities:

High Durability: As the main function of this stand is protection, it boasts a high durability in all Acts, to protect both the Stand Master and his allies.

Act 1:

Transformation: Act 1 has a shield form and a combat form. In combat form it can attack enemies as a normal stand would but is more susceptible to damage, whereas in shield form it can hardly move on it’s own but it is near indestructible.

Homing Attack: In shield form, Act 1 can be thrown at an enemy and can even track several enemies at once. However, it can only change direction if it makes contact with something solid, but the angle of impact does not matter and it will always bounce towards the target.

Act 2:

Protection: Unlike Act 1, Act 2’s shield is large enough to cover more than one person at a time.

Earthquake: Act 2 can punch the ground with enough force to generate a small-scale earthquake. The earthquake can generate fissures or launch rocks upward in a kind of rock wall. As it cannot leave Steve, its CQC can only extend to its arms length, so this is its primary form of attack.

Act 3

Personality: As 「Star Spangled」Act 3 is the version of the Stand closest to Steve’s own growth as a person, it takes on its own personality. This Stand shows extreme loyalty to its Master, yet it also possesses a sense of justice and will question actions of its master when they do not seem to align with justice, acting as a sort of conscience. Similar to 「Sheer Heart Attack」, non-stand users can hear the voice of 「Star Spangled」.

Body Shield: Act 3’s body has no shield augment, but it can still tank attacks like a champ. In examples when the damage area is larger than the size of the Stand (such as an explosion for example), the stand will create an invisible wall in order to protect those behind it (in situations where the damage wave is multiple single points of damage, such as a flurry of bullets, it will only defend against the points that make contact with the Stand itself). In order for the stand to actually transfer damage onto its user, it must be under extreme stress, and even then the damage taken can usually be reduced to non-fatal/non-dismembering proportions.

Quick Change: When in Act 3, it can change into either Act 1 or Act 2 and back again immediately. It can only change between one form at a time, and in order to change into an other form, it needs to switch back to Act 3.

Optinal: I’ll probably take some time to draw the forms after my exam, so I’ll reblog with the pictures if this makes it through submissions.

Fighting for Freedom since 1776

Red White n Blue, We fight for you!


On this day in music history: February 13, 1983 - Marvin Gaye performs “The Star-Spangled Banner” at the 33rd NBA All-Star Game at The Forum in Inglewood, California. Just ten days before winning two Grammy Awards for his comeback smash “Sexual Healing”, the R&B legend sings the National Anthem prior the All-Star Game airing on the CBS television network. Working with his frequent musical collaborator and brother-in-law, guitarist Gordon Banks, Gaye and Banks craft a highly distinctive and stripped down version of “The Star Spangled Banner”, played on keyboards and a Roland TR-808 drum machine. Not having performed in front of an audience in several years, Marvin’s legendary stage fright resurfaces during rehearsals, causing NBA officials to worry as to whether the singer will be able to pull it together. However, all concerns are quickly forgotten when Gaye strides confidently out to center court, impeccably dressed and wearing dark shades. Marvins’ effortlessly soulful and smooth performance draws enthusiastic hollers and screams from the crowd throughout, ending in thunderous applause throughout the arena. The performance goes down in history as one of the most memorable and beloved renditions of the National Anthem by any artist. Following the game, the footage of Gaye’s performance is rebroadcast on major news outlets, and later becomes the first video shown on the newly launched music video channel VH-1 on January 1, 1985. The video is included in the “Motown On Showtime” program  on the late singer released in 1988. The audio portion of Marvin Gaye’s “Star Spangled Banner” is released on the CD box set “Marvin Gaye - The Master (1961 - 1984)” in 1995.

chris evans dating a fan would include:

(authors note: so this is my first time writing on tumblr, so excuse the format if it’s a bit funky, and also i drew inspiration from other headcannons i read, but otherwise here we go)

-hyperventilating when he asked you out

-texting all your mates about how you were dating the infamous chris evans

-being able to kiss the star spangled man with a plan on the lips

-knowing more about marvel than he does

-insisting that captain america needs a beard

-“no, babe listen. imagine captain america in a beard. like woaHhH”

-having movie marathons in matching captain america onesies

-lisa, scott, basically chris’s entire family absolutely aDoring you

-chris trying to protect you from the press

-having dinner dates every friday on skype when chris is away filming

-chris using your shampoo to remind himself of you. vice versa

-dodger keeping you company while chris is away

-becoming close friends with seb and mackie

-them telling you embarrassing stories about chris

-“so one time we were at this stri-”

-“woah woah woah!¡ y/n doesn’t need to know about this”

-visiting disney every year

-watching the little mermaid play

-chris squealing when ‘part of your world comes on’

-you two being the cutest couple on the entire planet

-‘working out’ with him

-which just results in a really hot make out

-chris spoiling you with presents

-him calling you the sweetest pet names such as ‘darling, love, my girl/my boy’

-him finding your tumblr

-'hey y/n, does y/t/n sound familiar to you?“

-pretending not to know what he’s talking about

-you being awful at hiding it

-chris finding the glorioUs stucky smut you wrote a couple years ago before you got together

-“y/n this is…certainly something”

-chris sending it to seb

-you end up ignoring him for the entire day

-he can’t stand you ignoring him, so he apologizes and does everything he can to please you

-that ends up in hot seX!

-him loving being on top

-acting out smut you’ve read

-'no, you’re supposed to put your leg…oOF!“

-chris is beyond terrified to meet your parents

-your mom is really welcoming and can’t believe their son/daughter is dating THE captain america

-your dad on the other hand, is passed out in the corner because he can’t believe you’re dating

-your siblings parading around chris, asking him to sign things to auction off at school

-taking chris to your childhood room

-chris teasing you about how cute your stuffed animals and baby photos are

-chris holding your hand under the table whenever he’s nervous

-whenever chris has an anxiety attack before interviews/premieres, you calm him down by pressing a kiss to his temple

-coming with chris to christopher’s haven

-chris introducing you to the kids as captain america’s secret girlfriend

-being able to connect with the families and kids at christopher’s haven

-chris admiring how loving and kind you are

-chris also admiring how confident and badass you can be as well

-chris finding you in your bed with a pool of tears around you

-“darling, what’s wrong?”

-“i just read the most aNgsty fan fiction ever!!!”

-most fans proudly supporting you and chris’s relationship

-but when haters do show up, chris or the fans firing back

-being chris’s date to the 'gifted’ premiere

-being held tightly by chris the entire night

-when you go off to the bathroom, octavia spender pulls chris aside saying 'that girl/boy of yours. hold on tight to her/him. she/he’s a special one.“

-going to sleep that night with chris cradling you in his arms

-sleeping in his loose white tee

-chris drifting off to sleep thanking god he found you

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I’m at the mall and I just saw a family where everyone was wearing at least one piece of camo clothing and the one girl was wearing star spangled cowboy boots


On this day in music history: January 27, 1991 - Whitney Houston performs “The Star Spangled Banner” at Super Bowl XXV at Tampa Stadium in Tampa, FL. Prior to the start of the game featuring the Buffalo Bills and the New York Giants, the pop and R&B superstar sings the National Anthem before a crowd of more than 73,000 fans, with a television viewing audience of over 115 million people in the US and 750 million worldwide. With the US involved in the Persian Gulf War at the time, the country is in an especially patriotic mood. Houston is backed by the The Florida Orchestra conducted by Maestro Jahja Ling, delivering a flawless and highly emotional performance of the song. Fan reaction to Whitney’s rendition is overwhelmingly positive, and is seen repeatedly in the weeks following the Super Bowl. So much so, that Houston’s label Arista Records releases her version as a single on February 12, 1991, with the singer donating her royalties from sales of the recording to the American Red Cross Gulf Crisis Fund and to the Whitney Houston Foundation For Children, Inc. At the time of its release, “The Star Spangled Banner” becomes the fastest selling single in the history of Arista Records, moving more than 750,000 copies in its first eight days of release. The single peaks at #20 on the Billboard Hot 100 on March 20, 1991, selling more than million copies in the US alone, and is certified Platinum by the RIAA. It is the first time in over thirty years that an artist has had a major chart hit with the National Anthem. Whitney Houston’s performance goes down in history as one of the most memorable moments in Super Bowl and television history. Following the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001, Houston’s version is re-released, re-charting and hitting a new chart peak of #6 on the Hot 100 and #30 on the R&B singles charts on October 27, 2001.