from a distance, it’s so easy to forget that we are a part of the heavens that surround us. when looking up, the night sky can seem so far beyond our grasp that it feels as if we are peeking into a separate world that we can never connect with. to gaze at the stars is to yearn for the stars. never remembering that we are amidst them.

this two-color intaglio print entitled “stargazing” is available in a limited edition of fourteen with hand-painted gold detail, and is also offered as a single color patch on my etsy.

@meme12345bunny (though I have to blame @nibenhu too) made the mistake of mentioning the words ‘John Tracy’ and ‘Victorian AU’ in the same sentence to me and my hand slipped

Astrologer, has a library full of books and works at a local observatory, mapping the stars. Lives alone in a house full of scrolls and charts and spends his free time in his garage living room inventing things. Is never seen without steampunk goggles and a top hat; bc totally legit right? Gives science lessons at a local orphanage and rides a Penny Farthing bike through town. Lives up on a hill and spends too much time looking at the stars and watering his plants and reading books. Speaks an unheard of number of languages, likes to travel in his hot air balloon (because estranged sons of eccentric billionaires can do what they like, esp if he’s got Brains from the local garage to help build things) to far off places, often bringing odd objects back with him.

The locals in town think he’s a bit nuts but hey, he fixed Old Mrs Smith’s washing line for her the other day (it now fetches the clothes in automatically, don’t you know!), and he gave little Timmy a whole four shillings to buy his mother some bread, so… he can’t be all bad.

You know the drill: whatever the date John’s going to find little ways to rescue people. He and his brothers are just like that.


Northern and Southern Celestial Map, 1795.

Historical map of the sky of the northern and southern hemisphere, showing the stars and mythological drawings of the constellations. This map is centred on the geographic north and south pole, with the plane of the ecliptic (arching through lower and upper centre) showing the constellations of the northern and southern zodiac. The zodiac shows the Sun’s passage through the sky throughout the year, and does not align to the geographic equator because the Earth is tilted on its axis. The relative brightness of the stars is shown, as well as the Milky Way.