The real reason why Sherlock doesn’t know the solar system

Headcanon: When Sherlock was younger, his aunt gave him a book of constellations.

He’d never bothered with astronomy, well not until he’d started playing pirates with Redbeard at least. After all, one needs the stars to map out a safe course on the high seas.

He’d thanked his aunt and clutched the book closely to his chest, bounding up into his room to peruse it further, knowing from the beginning that it was going to be special.

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Northern and Southern Celestial Map, 1795.

Historical map of the sky of the northern and southern hemisphere, showing the stars and mythological drawings of the constellations. This map is centred on the geographic north and south pole, with the plane of the ecliptic (arching through lower and upper centre) showing the constellations of the northern and southern zodiac. The zodiac shows the Sun’s passage through the sky throughout the year, and does not align to the geographic equator because the Earth is tilted on its axis. The relative brightness of the stars is shown, as well as the Milky Way.