Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, and Chris Pratt are going to be in Avengers: Infinity War. 






sad that pine couldn’t join the group, it would’ve been glorious to see them all together.

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Can I request Starmora 020-you look incredible in that?

20. “You look incredible in that.”

i wasn’t sure where to go with this one for a while tbh, but then i kept thinking about “what’s gonna happen to the gotg after they defeat thanos in infinity war???? what will gamora feel like????” and 1st of all are they even gonna defeat thanos in infinity war lmao, 2nd of all yeah this is the product of that line of thought ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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It’s been a wild couple of days.

The battle with Thanos left everyone in all sorts of emotional states, per usual with the team after big battles (Ego, unfortunately, comes to mind—must be something with evil dads), but the fact that they’d emerged victorious in defeating Thanos usually anchored everyone whenever things got too uncomfy. Well, for Peter, at least. Gamora’s a bit of a different story.

On the one hand she’s happy, like, crazy happy, in a way Peter’s never seen before. She’s not one to be over-the-top with anything, of course, but it’s the little things he notices, like how much more she smiles whenever they meet eyes in any setting, or the way she holds his hand and can’t slow down her pace for him, just leading him excitedly on walks around the Avengers’ base. She also spends a lot more time with Nebula, talking with her over this and that, their conversations straying further and further away from Thanos and what he’d done to both of them.

Honestly, Gamora sounds like someone whose life was just extended, like, fifty years, which is cool, but also depresses him, in a way.

Because, on the other hand, she occasionally zones out, staring off into space until he jostles her, or she’ll wake up in the middle of the night thinking they’ve yet to actually fight Thanos, and she’s back to square one. Sometimes she even has these, like, existential crises, questioning what the hell she’s supposed to do with her life now, after so much of it was consumed by Thanos; the last time she’d felt this free, she once told him, she’d been a child.

Peter does his best to stick by her through it all, though, because she’s done the same for him for years now, after he’s gotten caught up in traumatic events, because she loves him and he loves her and emotional intimacy and support is just their thing.

Gradually, Gamora’s getting better, mellowing out from her intense emotions, and Peter’s just happy to be there for her.

And, apparently, the Avengers like to celebrate in style—Stark’s words—by throwing wild parties after big victories. (Which is, like, cool and all, but how do they all manage to get over the emotional scarring so quickly? He’ll have to ask around at the party.)

It’s to be held at the Avengers’ Tower in New York City, and it takes Peter some convincing, because his team isn’t all that great at being sociable.

“I don’t wanna party it up with any humies,” Rocket had grumbled when Peter announced their invitation. “Their alc sucks. It’s weak as shit.”

“I am Groot.”

“Tha’s right, Groot, they also think we’re all a bunch’a freaks, so they’ll just stare the whole time.” Rocket crossed his arms. “Count us out.”

“If one of them bothers me—“

“No, you may not remove their spine, Drax,” Peter cut in.

“Then I will not attend, either.”

“Neither will I,” Mantis chimed in. “I am too ugly.”

“Mantis, you’re not ugly,” Gamora reminded.

“I hate Terrans,” Nebula said simply, crossing her arms over her chest and giving Peter a pointed look.

“I just don’t want to go,” Kraglin said with a shrug. “Got better alcohol on the ship.”

That conversation transpired the day before and, honestly, Peter’s okay with literally none of them attending, because that greatly decreases the chances of anything exploding or anyone dying, but since he’s the team leader and Terran, well, he’s gotta go to represent. Thankfully, Gamora’s attending with him.

“As my date,” he’d teased her.

“You just asked me to marry you not that long ago.”


Now they’re getting ready, Peter standing in front of their mirror to adjust his collar as Gamora changes behind him.

“Okay, if the Avengers’ party turns out to be lame, I think we should go back to the ship with the others and hang out there,” he suggests absentmindedly. “What do you think?”

“I think that’s a good backup plan,” she comments, pulling on the dress she’d borrowed from Natasha Romanoff, who’s become something of a friend to Gamora recently, from what Peter’s witnessed.

As he finishes adjusting his suit, he turns around to face Gamora, who’s looking down at her dress. It’s simple and black—much like the rest of her wardrobe, he makes a mental note to tease her—but fits nicely, the skirt falling loosely just above her knees. She then turns her eyes up to him.


“I think,” he closes the distance between them, taking her hands in his, “you look incredible in that.”

“Thank you.” She smiles briefly, then looks at him expectantly. “Anything else?”

He gives a tiny grin. “You really like the color black, don’t you?”

She rolls her eyes (affectionately). “I expected nothing less.”

Flirting through teasing is one of several pillars in their relationship, honestly. Despite the warmth in her expression, though, he can sense something’s still off, in the way she’s holding herself and looking at him with a somewhat tight smile.

“You still sure about going to this thing?” he asks, leading her over to sit down on the bed with him. Neither of them had gotten much sleep the night before, after nightmares led to some intense heart-to-heart conversations, which left them too restless to sleep. “I mean, I’m sure it’ll be fun, but…”

“We don’t have to go if you don’t want to,” she says simply.

“But do you want to go?”

She shrugs. “I’m indifferent.”

It’s just weird, in a way. They’re about to attend a party to celebrate the death of her evil adoptive father, hosted and attended by a bunch of people who didn’t actually know him, really, until he started threatening Earth, while Gamora had to deal with him personally for years.

He presses his shoulder against hers. “Is there another way you’d rather celebrate?

She rests her head against his shoulder, looking down at their connected hands. “I’m not even sure I want to celebrate. Maybe just…move on with my life. With you and the others. Put him behind me.”

“That’s valid,” he says, his thumb rubbing the back of her hand. “Maybe we should skip out on tonight, then.”

“We already got dressed and everything.”

“Then we’ll have our own private party!” As he starts to move, she lifts her head from his shoulder. He stands up, looking down at her. “I probably have better music than they do, anyway.”

“Won’t they notice if we don’t show up?”

“Eh, whatever.” As she stands up, he pulls his Zune out of his pocket, letting go of her hand so he can untangle the earbuds. When he’s done, he holds one of them out for her to take. “May I have this dance?”

She looks between him and his hand for a few moments, seemingly unsure over ditching the Avengers, but he catches the way her shoulders relax and her eyes soften, clear of the anxiety of having to attend a party all about Thanos (even if it’s for his death). Then she smiles, taking the earbud and putting it in her left ear. He does the same with his right as she steps closer to him.

He settles on “Open Arms” by Journey because sure, why not, and hands the Zune to Gamora to hold as she drapes her arms around his neck. His hands settle on her hips and they sway with the music.

This is comfortable, familiar. And probably way more fun than that Avengers party, anyway, because Thanos may fade from their minds tomorrow or the day after, but for Gamora (and, by extension, Peter), he made up too big of a part of her life to ever really completely fade away, and that’s okay, it’s not her fault.

By the time they’re at the second verse, they’re basically just hugging, really, still swaying slowly with the song, and Peter rests the side of his head against hers, closing his eyes.

“Thank you, Peter,” she murmurs softly, and he holds her more tightly in response.

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If someone who’s never seen the movies / read the comics asks you what Guardians of the Galaxy is, just show them these GIFs without any explanation

i swear to god, if there isn't a scene in Infinity War where Rocket gets to earth and sees a raccoon, i will demand a refund.