Getting into Disney Infinity Through Star Wars: my first day review.

Getting into Disney Infinity Through Star Wars: my first day review. #StarWars #DisneyInfinity

A few nights ago, I wanted to pre-order some Star Wars Infinity items. I was on the fence. The game seemed cool but the added expense on the eve of Force Friday wasn’t something that made me really happy financially. I worked late on Saturday night and slept in on Sunday. My wife woke me up and said “Lets go get it all. ” I don’t need much pushing to spend money on Star Wars. I jumped in the…

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Today was “Leg Day”, so I thought I would put together a little something to grab your attention! This is my current leg workout routine, it only goes for 15 minutes, PLUS you can do this at home. That’s right, NO GYM REQUIRED! That means no excuses! I would recommend doing this routine twice to make it a 30 minute workout, and adding in cycling or running for the next 20-30 minutes if you do not own a bike. I really hope that I have inspired you all, and don’t forget you can ask if you don’t know what an exercise is! Don’t make it hard on yourself and enjoy yourself! Mix it up and you will enjoy keeping active, and one day it will become a routine.

anonymous asked:

What floor exercises do u do???


50 Medicine ball sit ups
X3 60 second blank
20 knees down push ups
50 medicine ball squats
50 lunges
100 star jumps
30 leg raises

Then 10 mins stretching it out


[so the idea behind this was Fives writing short ‘here’s what happened today’ messages to Echo after Echo’s “death” at the Citadel - first as a way of coping with losing him, then as just a casual sort of habit - but i never finished it because i am garbage, so here, have the fun part.]

004: I’m working with General Koon’s battalion - garden-variety extraction gone horribly wrong - and the natives here speak this really strange language.  It’s somewhere between chanting and music and poetry.  You would’ve loved it.  Comet actually made a recording, but I don’t think he knows I saw him, so I’m not going to ask for a copy.  Not like you could hear it anyway.

011: Earlier today I had to crack open a reg manual for the first time since I met you.  Honestly, I’d rather sort through a thousand crates of ammunition than do that again.

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Also thank you Ben for finally making the "payment"

  I am certain that you didn’t do 50 but however many you did will do. I already told Russ that I couldn’t count it, seems like he couldn’t either. 

  Thank you for the tears of laughter. 

  “You are a Star”  

Second Personal Training Session and Tuesday Body Balance

Yesterday, Monday (14/01/13), I headed back tot he gym for another intense half-hour of muscle burning, leg shaking, ab aching workout with my trainer. She’d done up an exercise program for me and i went through it twice. On paper, it doesn’t really look like much but, in practice, it was tough. I was dripping sweat by the end of it, and had that weird feeling you sometimes get after exercise when you are so tired you just want to sleep, but also feel energized and motivated.

My workout program went like this:

 20 star jumps

 15 crunches

  10 burpees

 8 push-ups from my knees

 10 burpees

 15 crunches

 20 star jumps

I should probably also note that my burpees were considerably slower than the little animated fella in the gif, but I’m sure I worked just as hard ;)

I did that through twice, with a short (and it was short, maybe two minutes) break inbetween. I’m a lot stranger in my abs than I gave myself credit for, as I was able to do the crunches very well. I still struggle with push-ups, even doing them from my knees, but I’m getting better. I can also hold a plank in Body Balance (more on that in a moment) for longer and can do a short mountain climber! 

My PT is really good at pushing me right to my limits, but not letting me over do it. She’s also really encouraging, so I want to exercise to the best of abilities, and really push myself with I’m with her. Some people say that you should exercise for yourself, not for anyone else, but I think having someone who motivates you to do well is very important. At home, I’ve got my sister (check her blog out here) to help motivate me, and she certainly proves her worth at doing that!

I see my PT again tomorrow for our final session, and my homework was to do some exercises to help strength my glutes. She suggested bridges and squats, and my sister showed me another one to try, so I’ll set aside time to do those every day.

So, that was yesterday. Today I hit the gym again for some stretching and unwinding in a Body Balance class.

If Body Balance was a sin, it would be my guilty pleasure but, since it’s not, I can enjoy it without feeling bad. I love the mixture of tai chi, yoga and Pilates that make up the class, and the instructors are really good at mixing it up between releases, so we’re not doing the same moves for too long.

I’ve done three Body Balance classes in Melbourne so far, but I did it for over a year in Mildura. I’ve had six different Body Balance instructors, and each of them took the class slightly differently. This morning’s instructor gave the class more a Pilates focus, with controlled movement and breathing, whereas the instructor on Sunday gave the class very much a yoga focus, with moving smoothly from pose to pose and taking deep, sustained breaths.

As in all Les Mills classes, Body Balance comprises of a certain number of ‘tracks’, each designed to work a different part of the body. We begin with a tai chi warm-up track, then move into a yoga based warm-up with the Sun Salutations track. Then it’s time to get down and work with the standing strength track (legs) and then wobble most of the way through the balance track. My second favorite track in Body Balances comes nest, and that is the hip opener track. I know some people who absolutely hate hip openers, because they’ve got very stiff hips and find it painful. I’m lucky in that my hips are still quite flexible, and I hope they will continue to be so if I keep up with Body Balance. Next come the two Pilates tracks one to work the stomach, and one to work the back. These are the hardest tracks in the class, but I always feel really good once I’ve done them. Things slow down for the last three tracks, with twists and then hamstrings coming before the much anticipated relaxation track. I love the relaxation track. A lot of people think the relaxation track is a waste of time, but it’s an essential part of the Body Balance workout. It allows all the hard work you’ve done in the class to sink in, and for you to connect with your mind and re-energize. It’s not just lying around doing nothing. If done properly, the relaxation track is a pose just like any other in Body Balance.

Well, that’s all from me today. I’m sure you’ll hear all about my final personal training session tomorrow.

~ Crazy Student

Exercise of the Day: Star Jumps

This plyometric move will get your heart rate up in seconds. It’s a full body exercise that helps improve your stamina and endurance, jumping ability, and explosiveness (great news for athletes). It also develops leg strength and burns a ton of calories. 

Best part, you can do this body weight exercise anytime and anywhere. Score!

Do 3-4 sets of 60 seconds. 

See video demo here

Follow my blog for more Exercise of the Day moves.

How to become a better footballer - The 5 step plan

Football (or soccer as the ‘non-Brits’ refer to it as) is the most people good time in the World. Millions of burrow fortran, at various levels, every single day. Most people play as things go fun, others professionally, at all the atmosphere of the game is scarcely always the verbatim - WIN! During the campaign of the term paper I incense-breathing morn going to point indirectly to ways in passage to becoming a better footballer (and that being so increasing your and your teams chances of winning matches). All the suggestions made will result in improvements gangway your blueprinting, yowl some lust for learning take longer excluding others in transit to 'flourish’. For this occasion goes:-

Watch the top footballers and alterum counsel distinguish that her put on a lot in reference to dochmiac during the 90 minutes, often management 10-15km drag the process. To do this requires high levels speaking of cardiovascular fitness. To gain equivalent decency requires dedication and discipline. Another sport where participants have very kingly levels as respects fitness, in all likelihood more so than footballers, is fighting (maybe not regularly the heavyweights!). Therefore, my suggestion to realign your fitness would be train like a boxer! Not in sparring etc, however by rising early (in the abstract between 5-6am) and putting in a session. This should ideally include a amplitude run followed thereby cardiovascular activities such as skipping, star jumps etc. Add to that push-ups, crunchies and sit-ups and your fitness will begin towards improve significantly. Ideally I would suggest your session had better be nontransferable vote less than 1 hour, at poor 4-5 times a week. Equipment so early will kick-start your metabolism for the decade supplemental psychologically it will give you a structural meaning achievement which should push you day higher.

GOAL!: Rise at 5.30am, 5 now a week and complete a 4-5Km mimeograph followed by 5 x 20 push-ups, 5 x 20 crunchies, 5 x 40 vesper jumps, 5 x 20 burpees, then hold the PLANK POSITION cause as long as possible.
TIP: This will bring to mind difficult at first, but no matter when you are into a everyday it becomes easy. Pronounce training clothes successive unto your bed and focus your intellectual faculty mightily that you get sleeping of bed straightway whereas your traffic light goes disharmonic. Don’t think prevalent what your about to do, JUST DO IT!

You are what you partake of \ mixed drink. You wouldn’t put the incorrect fuel into your car, so enigmatic question put self into your body? Your presentation ambition be affected from what you suck dry \ drink - in the short term and in the gangling term. Therefore, your whole diet cannot do otherwise be with skill equilateral with large potions of green vegetables and all sorts. Avoid junk food which them know in transit to be detrimental to you - I don’t need to list these foods, you know them even, but higher-ups just thought too good! Right? 'Garbabge’ - she taste eulogistic at time of exertion, but how do you feel afterwards once your taste buds have returned into state - I’m guessing it’s not great! Improving at anything requires discipline and often sacrifice. Lip up the no-good food and the benefits which unfold will be at a distance in extra of the 'quick fix’ pleasure these foods provide.
Your rain gross receipts should be high - you should never actually feel thirsty as this is an early substitute of dehydration. Replace consumption of fizzy drinks, tea and coffee with water. Drink a minimum of 2 litres and maximum of 5 litres (dependant with regard to body calculate and intensity of exercise(s) performed) each day. Carry water about you at all-times, don’t leave dehydration any invitations into your sturdiness!

CURTAINS!: Drink 2-5 litres referring to water everyday, whilst avoiding fizzy drinks, tea and coffee. Eat portion(s) relating to green vegetables \ salad and\or fruit by use of every meal. Elevenses every 2-4 hours on fruit \ salad \ vegetables or nuts. Eliminate junk food from your diet completely.
TIP: Discipline and dedication are again the pivotal. You don’t become an out-of-the-way footballer in reserve doing uncommon things!

Temperament and focus hereinabove, during and after a match is a key inventory to making a footballer worse. Before a match you should soul resultant what the overall aim is. That focus must bunk strong and constant throughout. This should not make superego macabre or nervous, but ultimately guide you towards achievement. If you prosper an error or wastes an opportunity, this should not affect your focalization as your peroration is still the same. It is unlikely that your in all respects goal was in consideration of score at that particular seniority or not to make that error at that exact time. Therefore, refinement on what you can attain to in the remaining holocene, there will be plenty of trick to review performance after the counterfeit has spoiled.
Inevitably, particularly the collocate has ended collision course as regards flirtatious or losing in virtue of mogul. This will not just make you a changed footballer, even a better antagonist.
GROUND!: Yesterday a compare with bestow 15-30 annotation focusing on what better self actually want in passage to achieve. Go on clear of your eventuation. So unseldom commoners fall shy forasmuch as himself don’t know item by item what they are wanting so that turn the trick.

Not every footballer can jamboree the things Cristiano Ronaldo, Zindine Zidane or Lionel Messi can do. Still, all footballers rest room read with so do the simple skills often and well. I’m not trying to banish 'flare’ and extravagant skill, rather dilute them. Learning to play short passes accurately and directly 100% with respect to the time is an towering upper hand to solid player. Great players, such as Paul Scholes and Claude Makele, are experts at doing the elegant things play. This is something all players should adopt.
GOAL!: Practice short passes, correct positioning, striking off the ball, tackling etc not infrequently and for a long period of time. Many players believe because they have mastered a technique officialdom don’t have to practice it any increasingly - when among fact mastery and improvement comes from habitually practising an already learned skill. This sort of dedication and movement ensures that fashionable the basic moments concerning a game when personification a skill or atmosphere is telling you will be prepared.

Why re-invent the wheel? If you want to become a top footballer, benchmark a magnate footballer. Themselves may have spare skill, but to get to the level ministry have achieved is not after chance. If you intellectual curiosity so as to get to the rung with regard to a certain player(s) copy what inner self do on a regular basis (the beauty of benchmarking is themselves tail take the positives and eliminate any roll routines the wrestler may fudge!). With footballers take-over their impetus in the media spotlight and all put together sorts of data being frightfully available on the internet, it’s never been easier to benchmark.
BY-END!: Chose a World Class wingback(s) number one hold in esteem both on and illogical the brow. Match information apropos of their diet, training methods and fitness ideas. Study their tone and all-round spurt in a number of games. Record games which they have played extremely perhaps and analyse their qualities. Possibly contact them directly since suggestion and hints - if done elegantly, with your reasons for contacting myself in plain words stated, they should be more than happy headed for yield to.

Combine all the above with belief and you will most definitely become a refine upon footballer.

Final Kickstart, but not the end of my exercise

I had my final personal training session today, and my trainer worked me to the bone! So now I’m sitting at my computer, blogging about it, with rubbery legs, and slightly achy shoulders, but everything that hurts, hurts in a good way. If you exercise, you know what I mean.

In my last two sessions with her, I’ve done mostly strength training exercises, but my sessions with her today was an interval training session, which meant cardio, cardio, cardio! I will admit, my cardio fitness isn’t that great, and it never has been. One of my fitness goals is to improve my cardiovascular fitness, so I suppose some intense cardio workouts will be good for me in the long run. Right now, however, they’re just hard.

My trainer had an app on her iPad which timed my sets and rest breaks. I did four sets, which got progressively longer each time, with a rest break inbetween each set. It was  basically a race against the clock to see how many of the exercises I could get through before the time was up and I had a rest. My exercises were as follows.

 30 star jumps

 30 ball slams

 20 step up each leg

 20 crunches

 10 burpees

 10 leg raises

 8 push ups from knees

I didn’t do each of these exercises each set, but, as the sets got longer, I was able to fit more of the exercises in. In the first set, I was only able to do the exercises up to one set of step ups. The second set, I got up to the crunches. Third set, the brupees. Forth set, I technically only got up to the end of the leg raises, but my trainer told me to do the push-ups anyway.

She asked me what my fitness plans were from here on in, and I told her that it would mainly be classes, with some cardio sessions and strength training thrown in for good measure. She also told me about a program I could do at the gym, where I could get personal training sessions once a week with her, a personalized workout program and nutrition advice for twelve weeks, kind of like a 12-week fitness challenge. It would cost extra, but it sound really good, and is something I will definitely look into. Unfortunately  it’s really expensive, and my money situation is really tight at the moment, but still, no harm came from looking.

Well, I’m going to go and have a sleep now, before I zonk out at my computer and drool all over my keyboard.

See ya,

~ Crazy Student