Jamir: Zzzzzzzzz. I’ll try spinning… that’s a good trick… ZZZZZZZZZ!

MOD:Several hours of gameplay can turn anyone into… whatever Merle is turning to. Just let her play Bust-a-move and she’ll be fine. 


Beltino Toad and ROB64 are interrogated by two mysterious ruffians.

(scene from upcoming episode 102 of A Fox in Space)


Beltino Toad - Joshua Gotay ( @RealWTS )
ROB64 - Anthony Ross
Sagan Hachok - Christopher Niosi ( @Kirbopher )
Sonny Van Der Küt - Vinny Vinesauce ( @VinnyVinesauce )


Special thanks to Felicity Morland for helping out with some animation on this.
 : D


If you want to see how the second episode is coming along, I stream on this channel about 8 hours a day every weekday. Feel free to stop by and watch me work.