Here’s the new typography of mine! “MISSION COMPLETE!”

“A Very Wordy Pilot” - By Josh Mirman of Zen Monkey Studios

Just finished, 6:30 eastern, Tuesday, July 22nd 2014. Yay! 

I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did in making it… Actually, I kind of hope you enjoy it more than that. ;-)

I think I have an idea as to why Nintendo used puppets at E3 this year

Now hear me out:

We all know that their biggest reveal this year was Star Fox Zero. And we know that the puppet versions of the head’s of Nintendo transformed into the Star Fox crew.

Obvious stuff, I know.

But did you know that the first time the Star Fox crew appeared they were shown off as puppets? The Star Fox crew was inspired by “English Puppet Dramas”. (Source: [X])

Not only that, but the speaking animation seen in Star Fox 64 was inspired by the way puppets mouths just open and close when “speaking”. (Source: [X]}

Miyamoto states that he hoped to eventually see Star Fox turned into a “English Puppet Drama”.

I believe this was his chance to do that, and with the Jim Henson Company no less!

I think it’s sad that Nintendo has recieved so much negativity about this year’s Digital Event, that “fans” of the company could miss a piece of Nintendo’s history like this.