New Tabletop: Star Fluxx!


There’s a place in Adelaide called The Pad which is a gamer’s bar. They had tables set up for International Tabletop Day, so I brought a bunch of my card games to play. We got a group together and a few drinks and ended up playing Star Fluxx, Saboteur, We Didn’t Playtest This At All, and Uno.

These were new games for quite a few of the people playing which I was really happy about. I love introducing games to people, and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves.

Successful International Tabletop Day? Yeah, I think so.~


On E[G] we like to share our love for all things geeky. This week Andrea tackles tabletop gaming:

In my youth, I could stay up all night long with no regard or consequence for the following days. What a dream those days seem. But about the time I turned 23 and began holding a “career” job, that no longer was feasible…

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Star Fluxx: Alex Albrecht, Chloe Dykstra, Jordan Mechner join Wil on Tabletop ep. 16.

And if you are gonna watch make sure you have the time since its almost 24 minutes long. Like most of these videos are.