Christmas decorating idea #4

This weeks recommendation for decorating your home is to use paper decorations. This year I’ve noticed that paper decorations in the form of pompoms, garlands and origami in all sorts of shapes and sizes are all the rage for adding a simple, fun and stylish look. Pompoms are one of my favourites and come in a variety of colours and creations, some are in a honeycomb style while others are more rustic and fluffy. They are great for hanging from the ceiling, strung up in a bundle, made into a garland or grouped together as a table centre piece. 

The great thing about paper decorations is that you can make them too, snowflakes can look fantastic, you can either stick to something simple or challenge yourself and your scissors to a more intricate design. There are a number of downloadable designs you can follow to make it a bit easier:

So grab your paper and scissors folks and get creating! xx


Created By ArtVitalex

Flynn Dining Room Accessories

Created for: The Sims 4

All objects three has a different pattern
- Flynn Placemat
- Flynn Serving Platter
- Flynn Soup Platter
- Flynn Bowl
- Flynn Tall Soup Bowl with Lid
- Flynn Wide Soup Bowl with Lid
- Flynn Wine Glass
- Flynn Star Plate
- Flynn Decor I
- Flynn Decor II
- Flynn Decor III
- Flynn Decor IV

King Xander and Dancer Inigo sprite edits.

Finally! My ultimate Fates OTP is sprite editted! Inigo was kind of a pain to get to work in the game but I eventually managed it.

I made two versions of Inigo’s sprite.

First, Sinnamon Spice!

Inigo with tan skin and freckles! I really love how Inigo with tan skin and freckles looks ingame. I didn’t replicate Olivia’s outfit but made a new one that I think looks rather pretty. Inigo in my game is married to Xander so I gave most of his jewelsthe same color as the signature purple-plum Xander wears. 

The gems on his neck have a very specific color sequence that are a reference to something that was very, very important back in Awakening. ;) I also gave him a tiara similar to the one Lucina wears, as an homage to one of Inigo’s most important friends (and possible sister!). 

PLUS that star decoration he has on his chest. Can you guess who gave it to him? Hint: Read the Halloween DLC translations. ;)

I also gave him Olivia’s headband cus he loves his mom so much, he’s so sensitive and it’s so precious, such a wonderful son. ˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅ )‧º·˚

Btw, his hair is the exact same shade of pink Olivia has, I made sure of it.

Inigo has a shitton of different expression sprites (most of them are adorably smiles) so I had to exclude two of them from the .arc files so that it could actually work. Nonetheless, most of his expressions are intact so you won’t be missing too much if you decide to download his sprite edits.

Xander is surprisingly massive! He’s so tall the tips of the Nohrian crown don’t even fit in the screen. All of Xander’s expressions were able to remain intact and functional, btw, so that’s a boon!

Look closely at the color of the gem dangling from Xander’s crown. it’s a specific kind of blue and I headcanon the gemstone is made from a certain something a very special someone gave him as a sentimental gift. Again, take a guess! (hint: read the Halloween DLC translations) ;).

The second version of Inigo’s sprite is Vanilla Pudding!

This one has the original pale skin the original sprite has and a different dancer outfit too.

You can get Inigo’s Vanilla Pudding sprite edit file here OR the Sinnamon Spice version here.

If you don’t know how to import custom portraits into your game, follow my tutorial here.

Remember that Inigo has sprites that are supposedly impossible to rebuild into a functional, working file so you’ll need to test the .arc file in your game to see if it works for you. 

It works perfectly in my game but it might be different for you.

You can get the Xander sprite edit file here. Xander has a stable sprite .arc file so he should work perfectly.

Ingame screenshots! 

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