This post reminds me: what did the Star Clan do when they ran out of colors to name their members?  Did they repeat names (“You’ll be Blue Star #1, and you’ll be Blue Star #2”) or did they have to come up with more creative names?

“I’m Black Star!”

“I’m White Star!”

“I’m Red Star!”

“And I’m Onyx Star!”

“…Wait, what?!  No, that’s the same color as me, the great immortal Black Star!”

“No, it’s completely different.”

“And I’m Topaz Star!”

“Um, guys, I think we’re running out of names.”

“I’m Burnt Sienna Star!”

“I’m Puce Star!”

“That sounds disgusting enough.”

“And I’m Smaragdine Star!”

“…What the fuck is Smaragdine?”


Panels of the Star Clan history and Black Star’s backstory. Couple of things to take notice for those who watch the anime that differs and/ stuff:

  • In the manga, the Star Clan were assassins who did anything for money and got out of control and were killed as a result. They did not actually consume souls like it was said in the anime.  That contradicts statements in Chapter 16 where Demon Weapons are the only one that consume souls (Crona consumes souls via Ragnarok & Asura via Vajra).
  • The clan is made up of assassins, not ninjas. There’s a difference and I think based on the anime (I don’t have the respective chapter) with Mifune vs Sid and Mifune’s comment about shinobis and Sid’s skillset, ninjas in Soul Eater do follow the more realistic concept then media tends to display.

And that’s it. Enjoy your panels. It’s been a while since I did something like this where I actually commented or pointed out something..

so if all of the Star Clan were named after colors, eventually they’re going to run out of names

so if you weren’t lucky enough to get stuff like Red Star or Black Star or whatever

Turqouise Star

Crimson Star

Blood-Orange Star