131220 2PM in Lotte Star Avenue Fanmeeting [Updates] - ChanKay

>> Jun.K was behaving well when the talk time but when photo taking time came, started spinning Chansung’s chair and Chansung hits Jun.K so hard but smiles like don’t    | cr.MalonJk

>> While other members doing raffle, Chansung & Jun.K was holding hands and swinging it    | cr. niko_niko_mero2

>> Chansung revenges to Jun.K & spins the chair. Jun.K made a mad face when he only faces to Chan while spinning. Then after he was doing it also to Khun same   | cr.Malon_Jk

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131220 2PM in Lotte Star Avenue Fanmeeting [Updates]

>> At chorus part of WG, Jun.K’s voice wasn’t coming out so we sung together. At the end greeting, he said he is sorry its due to the musical.

>> Jun.K’s gift for raffle was his yellow pants!! | cr.edachan4

>> In lotte fanmeeting the fan said ‘I Love You’ to Nichkhun and he nodded. She also got to talk with woo. Then, took pics. | cr tiramisu730

>> Taec said next they meet will be nxt year arena tour. But Chan said its 23th. Then Taec said “Shhh..” Is it supposed to be secret??

>> Taec escorted the his fan until near her seat. | cr.edachan4

>> The popularity of Wooyoung has become high! there was a lot of fans wanted to stand at the back of Wooyoung. | cr.0806yes

>> Junho didn’t have bandage but while photo taking he was doing his hand open close open close and also looking at his hand for awhile. Looked hurt a bit. | cr.junhokubon

>> Chansung kept turning around with chair, so cute. Also fighting with Jun.K so cute. | cr. csuzyu

>> While doing High Touch it stopped for a moment. Taec, Junho, Khun went to staffs and strongly complains.There was person who had crutches and let her go up the stage/stairs just like that normally. Taec got mad at manager so bad that asking who did know this matter and why they didn’t do anything about it. I just got touched by their kindness. | cr.bisori_tokyo

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