I heard your call, @a-random-starco-blog!😄
I guess it’s been a while since my last my comic. They were too much work and im… TOO LAAAAZYYYY!!!!!
Also, It’s summer… I got plenty of freetime.😋😐
P.S: Sorry for the terrible background😅

My contribution to the @kyluxtarot project! It was nice to play around a little with color scheme and style (I modified the borders a tad for the tumblr upload)

My card was Ace of Wands “The root of the power of fire”

Upright: Power, creation, beginnings. Potential, ambition. The essence of fire. Aggressive pursuit of new ventures

Reversed: Bareness, impotence, avarice, greed. An over confidence that ends in tears.

It stood there watching her, as always.

Only it was … not a wolf? It stood upright, its face covered by a fierce animalistic mask. Its clothes—his clothes—were strange and oppressively dark, a tattered cape covering his broad shoulders, the opposite of the snowy cape she wore over her simple dress. He wasn’t a wolf, but she could sense his feral nature. And in his hand—in his hand was a sword covered in flames, a weapon for an angel … or a devil.

Wolf at the Door by @shadowlass

After reading chapter three and thinking about this awesome story later, this vision popped into my head and I had to draw it out. I used Prismacolor colored pencils on 9 x 12′ black drawing paper.

Another completed CD cover art illustration for Shurk which I was sitting a bit longer then I should, since pc issues came across. Luckily they were understanding and did not have too tight deadline set, so could finish it in time!

This took some time to get around, my first actually ‘space’ themed art? But a lot of fun to figure it out and learn.