SO I have been obsessed by “yuri! on ice” recently and I tought up an au (not happening in modern times but i need to check up my historyto find an era where it would fit) where Yuuri familly have a side business as merchants and his father and him go to russia on a trading trip.

There a young yuuri, being a bit stressed by the house and strangers they are staying with, escape to a nearby frozen lake near a forest and there among the mist, skating on the lake…. he see Victor, a star prince who left the night sky to visit the earth. Yuuri is enthralled and will learn to skate hoping to one day return to this country to maybe meet that prince again.:)

I should have added more jewelry to him…


Thank you all so much! ;o; I love every single one of you. This picture is my gift to you all for supporting me. <33

Shout out to @mapleleauf for the draw the squad template! It was a lot of fun to make this.

@huxloween day 18: Witches

A (late) gift for @smol-hux‘s birthday

featuring Kylo as a dark witch and Hux as some kind of pastel witch (???). Chibi-er than usual because I wasn’t satisfied with my primary sketch and stuff… inspiration is running away again.

non-gif version and better quality here