Completed full rendered illustration done for @the-dorb of their Raen character!

Since it was a while I worked with full render illustration this one was a good one to get back into the composing with background and character. I also really enjoyed working with this character, so much potency in his character development. Was really easy to work with - thank you once again for commissioning me! :>

Hope you enjoy it!

“Dammit Jim! I’m a doctor not some kind of stuffed toy”


At a peacekeeping meal Jim drinks one of the traditional drinks which turns out to cause people to drop all inhibitions when they’re around the person they’re interested in.

Like in a forever and ever kind of interested. Which totally ruins Kirks plan to never acknowledge the giant torch he’s been carrying for his CMO. he’s been so busy repressing that he didn’t spot that the feelings were reciprocated.


Imagine Bones just knocking Jim out with a hypo - Kirk flopping back on the bed with a smile on his face
And Bones is still holding the hypo up like D: ‘WTF JUST HAPPENED’
Maybe he growled 'not like this’ And then he tried to avoid Jim like the plague after
Until Jim cornered him.
And pushed him up against the door of his office and Bones is all 'Jim, look Im sorry’ For taking advantage
And Jim is like 'well i’m sorry too’
'What are you sorry for??’
'For this.’
And he presses up against him and kisses him thoroughly

I got a little lazy midway through _(;3JL)_ But I managed to get it done ~ Will scan them later along side with the character concepts~

Shall call this AU “Bad End Heroes Song”

Btw, I made an Instagram, the name is Tanoshiisan96, I’ll be posting lots of traditional work in progress there so if you interest in any sneak peek for my up coming work, follow me~

Donald Glover responds to rumors he’ll play Lando Calrissian

Other than Alden Ehrenreich’s casting, not much is known about the planned Han Solo spin off movie. But as Solo’s longtime friend and the original owner of the Millennium Falcon, it’s possible Lando Calrissian will appear. Donald Glover has been rumored as the top choice for the role — but he’s being cagey about it.

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