“HE SAID WHAT!?” A sketch based on chapter 8 of my fic Last Known Trajectory.


Rating: Mature

Relationships: Eventual Eli/Ezra, Thrawn/Chiss OC, Platonic Thranto

Characters: Ezra Bridger, Thrawn, Eli Vanto, Kanan-Dume, Ar'alani, Original Chiss characters.

Other tags: Survival, minor injury, castaways, slow burn, slow plot, hurt, chiss headcanon, chiss politics, chiss intrigue, alien culture, cultural shock, enemies to allies, enemies to friends, platonic Thranto, force shenanigans, force animals, Alliances Spoilers, tags added as needed.

Summary: Ezra and Thrawn end up stranded on an uninhabited planet somewhere in the Unknown Regions. With no rescue on sight, can Ezra put aside his differences with one of his biggest enemies to survive? But most importantly… what is Thrawn’s ulterior motive to push for this unlikely alliance?


All canon Star Wars movies and shows in chronological order. You’re welcome. Edit: I was looking back through it and apparently forgot to add after Epsiode III, Solo: A Star Wars Story and Forces of Destiny 2.16 “Triplecross”. I’ll make up a version that includes novels too, in case you are a giant nerd like me and want the full timeline.

So I was at Barnes n noble and came across this book called “on the frontlines” (?) It’s about all the major battles of the Star Wars universe told from the perspective of individuals. I was shocked when I turned to this page. it was hella expensive so I quickly took a photo of this page. Get ready for feels you guys…