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Dead Man {Kylo Ren x Reader}

Request~  I just thought of this and it sounds good in my head, but could u do a kylo imagine where the reader gets taken by the first order & is in the interrogation type room (like where Poe/Rey were) & reader is kinda scared bc ur preggos with kylos baby (u got pregnant when he was Ben or something) & he’s like who’s the father? And u say Ben Solo, but he’s gone now. And I don’t know where to go from there so u take it away lol. Wow sorry this is so lengthy

Part Two 

A/N~ Apologies for how long this took writing has been tough for me these past couple months. Anyways I’m not really sure how good this’ll be because I have no idea how to write pregnancy and its been a good minuet since I’ve written some thing long like this. Please ignore any mistakes (I’ll fix them later. For now I need to stop looking at this) hope ya’ll like it!

If the doctor back on base could see you now you assume she’d be furious. Three balanced meals a day, light exercise, and plenty of rest. It was good advice for a woman like yourself eight months pregnant, and you followed those directions perfectly except for one. Rest. You couldn’t sit idly while the resistance moved so quickly around you. 

Yellow Squadron denied every one of your requests or rather demands to let you join them on missions, but it never stopped you from asking one more time. Out of pure luck they’d finally said yes. The rebellion had received intel of unregistered spacecraft loitering in the outer rim. There was reason to believe The First Order was behind it. An organization that had been around for quite some time but only in the past few months had they really surfaced and become a threat. Yellow squadron’s job was to go out take a look around and come right back. A scouting mission is what they called it and they must have figured the mission would be easy enough for you to come along, for the ride if nothing else. It was supposed to be easy, it was supposed to be safe.

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Worth the Wait- Poe Dameron

Word Count: 2385

Pairing: Poe Dameron x OC

Prompt: “Why are you looking at me like that” and Poe and OC friends to lovers.

A/N: Give me more Poe. This was so fun to write…best friends to lovers is my fav trope of all time besides love/hate I think!

“You really don’t have to sit here, Poe,” I said, casting the pilot a look from over my shoulder. “You gotta be exhausted.”

He was sitting on an overturned crate, chin propped in one hand as he watched me work. A crooked grin tugged at one side of his mouth. “What? And leave my baby all alone with you?”

I rolled my eyes at his teasing, but as I turned back to his ship, a small smile was on my own lips. “Honestly your “baby” might be better off in my hands than yours. Considering all the pain you’ve caused it.” I shined my light into the fuselage, double checking my work.

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Ben Solo/Kylo Ren imagines - Slow Burn

Originally posted by grysamobojcow

Request by @buckysjuicyplums: Hi, can you please write a Ben Solo x Reader imagine where the reader was a survivor in the camp of Jedi’s in training with Luke. And she survived because Ben always had a soft spot for her therefore saved her that night. And they get separated and then reunite years later and she helps try being him to the good side? 

Pairings: Ben Solo x reader, a little Poe x reader

Word count: 1,966

Warnings:  Spoilers about Ben’s past, some violence, 

When you close your eyes you can see what happened with such vividness that you have to open them again just to remember that you aren’t actually there. 

What happened that night was a shock to you. He was the best in class, he was thriving and you thought he’d be the first fully fledged Jedi out of you all. 

Luke Skywalker was a legend, and an amazing teacher but even you couldn’t compete with Ben Solo’s abilities no matter how hard you trained, how much extra work you put in and all those late nights staying up to practise the force. 

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Kylo Imagine #9

Request: can I have a kylo x reader where you and your child are taken by the resistance and you think its because your kylos partner and its his child but they actually had no idea until you tell them? shocked leia would be appreciated thank u!! <3

A/N: Hi everyone! I’m taking requests right now.. Please send one in or let me know what you think of this one! 

Part 2 is now up and you can find it here 


When you regained consciousness, you were in a medical room. Everything was hazy as you tried to remember the past few hours. You looked around in a daze. This equipment was outdated, and these people were not in uniform. You began piecing together that this was not the Starkiller Base. Then, everything came back to you. You sat up quickly as you could and ripped the IVs out of your arm. 

“Where is my son,” you roared. 

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Destined {Poe Dameron x Reader} Soulmate!AU

Could you do a Poe x reader soulmate au where they can hear each other’s thoughts ? Maybe Poe likes to think really cheesy stuff just to make reader blush?

A/N: I actually really enjoyed writing this but I’m having mixed feelings about how it turned out so feedback is certainly welcomed on this! I also feel like I may have strayed from the original ask a little but I hope you like it!

Part Two

Soulmate. That’s what they called it. The voice in your head. You could hear him all the time. Since the age of thirteen he was always a constant presence in your mind. Poe Dameron, that’s what the voice called himself. At first he was so loud and overbearing. The constant chatter of someone else consciousness made it a little hard for the first couple weeks to function properly. After a while you learned to tune him out, turning his presence from a roar to a quiet whisper.

“Your lucky to have a soulmate.” your mother had told you. “Almost everyone does but could you imagine what it feels like for those who don’t? Knowing that there’s no one out there you’re destined to be with?”

Soon you realized he could hear you too. You found yourselves talking to one another regularly and over the years it developed into a close friendship. Poe became your best friend, One that’s with you wherever you go. He knew you better than possibly even yourself, but what could you expect from someone who practically lives in your head.

“You know, I was thinking.” Poe started

“You’re always thinking.” you said picking a fruit off the stand in front of you. The market was always busy at this time of day. People of all sorts of species flocked around you moving from one stand to the next. 

“Did you hear me?” he asked

You turned your attention from the crowd back to the voice in your head. “Sorry, say it again.”

“I was thinking that after all these years you’ve never asked me what I look like.”

It had crossed your mind before but you never bothered to ask. You figured that regardless of what he looked like that wouldn’t change the fact that he’s your soulmate, and with him always in your mind it became easy to forget that the voice was an actual being living an actual life. “You’ve never asked me.” you said throwing his accusation back at him.

You could hear the amusement in his tone “Maybe I want to be surprised.”

“oh you’ll be surprised. I’m actually part lizard.” you teased, glancing around the fruit stand once more before moving off to the vegetable booth.

Poe was silent for a moment but you could faintly hear his train of thought mulling over the possibility of you belonging to a lizard species. “Your Lying.” 

“How do you know that?” You thought, tucking vegetables into your basket. An old woman sat behind the booth counter watching you closely.

“I can feel it.”

You raised your brows. So Poe is a physic now. “Oh yeah, What else can you feel?” 

“If what I’m sensing is accurate,” he began “I would have to say you’re probably the most beautiful girl in the galaxy.”

Warmth spread through your cheeks turning them a shade of pink. You smiled absently down at the food in your hand “Poe Dameron. That is the cheesiest thing you’ve ever said to me.” you placed the vegetable in your basket and looked over at the old woman expecting her to charge you for the food. You were shocked to find her already looking at you with a wide smile. She gestured to your blushed face and tapped lightly at the side of her head. She understood what was going on. You smiled back at her “Hes quite the character.” You said handing the credits in her direction. 

“Your embarrassed, why?” Poe asked.

“Some old lady just caught me blushing like an idiot.”

“I made you blush? You must really like me!” he was teasing you.

You rolled your eyes, trying to navigate your way out of the market “Careful, I might change my mind.”

“No you couldn’t possibly. Were destined for each other.”

You paused. Were you really destined for each other? Your connection says yes but most people you know have met their soulmate by now.

“Whats wrong? I can hear you worrying.”

“its- its nothing.” you continued walking.

“Remember when I said I could feel you lying? I can feel that now.”

The street in this part of town was just as crowded as the market place. You were never one for crowds so you weaved in and out of people tying to get through as quickly as possible. “I just want to meet you. The real you.”

It was Poe’s turn to pause. “Soon.” He said. “Fate will bring us together.”

That was always his excuse “I’m tired of waiting for-” You collided with a man, stopping your train of thought. Your basket nearly slipped from your grip but you caught a good hold just in time. “I’m so sorry!” You apologized, making sure you hadn’t hurt him when you slammed into him. 

The smile he gave you was kind. “No problem ma’m. I should have been watching where I was going.” What a gentleman taking all the blame. 

You smiled back at him awkwardly “Well I’ll just get going.” you said excusing yourself, and you both continued in your respected ways.

“Sorry about that a girl just hit into me what were you saying?” Poe asked.

You laughed at the irony. “Funny because I just ran into a guy. I don’t think he’s from around here. He’s dressed a little to warm for our weather.”

“This girl looked so shaken when she hit me. She almost lost her basket when we crashed.”

You slowed your pace. “A basket?” you said looking down at your own.

“Yeah full of all kinds of food. She probably just came from this market down here.”

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For anon…reader is caretaker of the younglings as requested. Enjoy!

You quietly left the room where you taught the Younglings. With your key, you locked the door. It had been another late night for you. Mostly, you had stretched your time because of a certain Jedi Knight.

Biting your lip, you started treading down the hall. You walked up the staircase and went on your way. After awhile, you stopped at a seemingly pointless spot in the middle of the hallway. It was only a moment before you felt hands wrap around your waist.

You giggled slightly as you felt Obi Wan rest his chin on your shoulders. You could feel his beard gently scratching at your skin.

“Hello love,” he whispered, “How were the Younglings today?”
You spun in his arms. “A little out of sorts, but a brief visit from your pupil seemed to do them some good.”
He arched a brow. “That so? It was probably good for Anakin as well.”

Obi Wan gazed at you as the two of you fell silent. Without so much as a word, the two of you gently kissed in the quiet of the hallway. You hand held his head as you deepened the kiss, his hands traveling to your hips.

“Beautiful night it is.”

The two of you jumped back from each other as you sheepishly faced Yoda. You kept your gaze away as Obi Wan stuttered to explain.

“M-Master Yoda. I can explain.”
The master simply arched a brow. “For a walk I might go. Many who do at night.”

Obi Wan’s eyes widened slightly. He glanced back at you; you answered with a shrug.

“Sir?” the Jedi Knight chanced at asking.
“Be sneakier you must. Might see someone will.”

The two of you watched in confusion as Master Yoda continued to walk past you.

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#1 - When They’re Jealous (TFA)

Kylo Ren:

Kylo Ren is extremely possessive, the pair of you almost inseparable (due to Kylo being so damn protective). But one day on the Finalizer, one of the new recruits clearly hadn’t gotten the message when you told him during lunch break that you simply weren’t interested.

Your boyfriend rarely showing jealousy but only through anger; had noticed the newly recruited commander following you around like a lost puppy and continuously asking for a date. When you finally got to the table; From General Hux’s shouting as he commanded Kylo to let the strangers neck go, the choking of the commander to the feeling of jealousy pouring off of Kylo - you didn’t know what to do.

After the accident, you had followed the clearly jealous and angry Kylo who had stormed out of the canteen and down the halls; catching up to him and assuring him that he didn’t need to get jealous over anyone.

Poe Dameron:

If anyone in the history of jealousy could get as jealous as Poe Dameron then they’d be up for a major competition. When Poe would see you talk to another male who thought it would escalate more than a simple conversation - that’s when Poe shouldn’t be crossed.

He would get himself into fights, messy arguments and sticky situations even if someone made the slightest wrong glance. When Poe would be cooling down, you would find him sitting under his X-Wing and having a one sided conversation with himself, muttering about how you belong to him and not some kriffing nerf-herder.

You would comfort Poe and tell him that it’s just the green monster living inside his head and that the ‘best pilot in the whole damn galaxy’ shouldn’t need to feel jealous at all.

Captain Phasma:

Phasma was more of a self-reserved jealous kind-of person. When she thinks someone is getting too close and personal to you for her liking, despite how intimidating she can be - the Captain would get a little insecure about herself. Along with angry, frustrated and jealous on a side platter.

The troopers shooting range was usually her ‘Number one’ hiding spot when you were aboard Starkiller. You’d find her shooting down droids with her famous chrome blaster rifle, you would pick up a rifle just in time to shoot down her last droid.

Both of you would sit on a bench as you held her hands and told her everything you loved about her and she should never feel jealous or insecure because you’re not going away anytime soon.


Finn is more sensitive and rarely zero chill, he doesn’t precisely get jealous but more insecure and upset - The ex-stormtrooper would think it would be better if you went with the other stranger anyway given his past experiences with the First Order.

All in all when you had noticed that the stranger had been trying to flirt with you the whole time, you would put your guard up and tell them you already have a boyfriend which they almost don’t aknowledge what just came out of your mouth and continued anyway.

Your boyfriend, Finn, who would be close by would be moping at the sidelines, knowing exactly what was going on but you knew he was down in the dumps. Again you interrupt the stranger and would tell them that you were currently needed somewhere else, walking over to Finn and comforting him; telling him there was nothing to worry about and you weren’t going anywhere.

General Hux:

Hux would never admit to being jealous but you would see it in his eyes and there was more mixed emotions than you could ever think of that he held in to himself - he was probably even more menacing than Kylo Ren when it came to those multiple mixed emotions.

You would find that he couldn’t concentrate properly when it came to his work and nearly anyone who walked past was almost too scared to salute him. After confronting your boyfriend he would finally explain why he was so cold to everyone and really moody.

That’s when you had kissed his forehead, cheeks and then lips and told Hux you would never leave him for some jerk face ever and he didn’t have to feel the need to put a blaster to someone’s head and you love him so.


When Rey got jealous she felt a mixture of sadness and loneliness too, almost as if she had the feeling of being back on Jakku - her heart would sink every time she had seen you talking to another person if they were a stranger or not.

Her moods would change, which is something you would notice as soon as you had seen her that evening. Sometimes it felt like the jealousy was radiating off of her like the suns on Tattooine, almost making you want to tease her.

You would sit Rey down, asking her what was wrong for her to reply that she felt like you were going to abandon her which made you chuckle a little - telling her it was just delusions in her head and you would never leave her, the best thing that has ever happened to you. Both of you would cuddle it out and spoon in bed and you tell her everything you loved about you girlfriend, making her feel whole and better.

#45: Kylo Ren x Reader

Thanks for requesting anon ❤ i might do a Part 2 because I would love to flesh out this little story even more. It’s a great idea and I want to see how far I can go with it. 

Request: Hey can I request an imagine where the reader is soon-to-be Mrs. Hux because of an arranged thing but her and Kylo like eachother?? Thanks! ❤️


DISCLAIMER: I just saw the Last Jedi again and I am aware that the plot isn’t how I originally remembered it. I couldn’t remember it very well after only one viewing. Every imagine after this will be much more accurate now I promise

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

The galaxy hadn’t seen the First Order coming. They took hold quicker than anyone could fight back, and your planet was one of the first to go. You were the daughter of the king on your planet, and instead of putting up a fight and joining the Resistance, your father decided that a peaceful solution was the best. Marriage had historically been one of the most effective ways to forge peace, so you were to be married to Snoke’s highest ranking general, Armitage Hux. You met your betrothed the day you were sent to see the finished Starkiller Base with other political leaders in your system. It was also the day that your father had decided was perfect to make your engagement known to the galaxy.

“Soon my daughter, Y/N, will wed the general in command of this base,” he announced. “We back the First Order, and their marriage will ensure our support for years to come.”

General Hux stood at your side, his expression stoic, without saying a word to you. It only took one look to see that he was unfeeling and unrelenting, calculating and dangerous, everything the First Order valued. He frightened you, but you didn’t show it. Instead you stood in silence and looked curiously to Kylo Ren, the Knight of Ren who accompanied your soon to be husband. You had no idea now close you and Kylo would become.

Your father died when the Resistance destroyed Starkiller Base, but your engagement to Hux endured. Instead of returning to your planet, it was decided that you would stay at his side and accompany Hux on whatever ship his command was transferred to. That meant you saw a lot more of Kylo Ren. 

For awhile you were sure the things you were feeling were one sided, fabricated by loneliness on a battleship where everyone ignored you. He scared you to death at first, but after awhile the mystery he shrouded himself in drew you to him. He stalked about the ship with a purpose, his face always hidden by that helmet. Every time you saw him you grew even more curious. One day Hux summoned you to the bridge, and on the way there you saw Kylo, and you decided to try to talk to him.

“Commander Ren,” you called to him. It took him a moment to turn to you, almost as though he was shocked someone had acknowledged him. He waited for you to catch up to him, and he matched your pace as you walked.

“Would you mind guiding me to the bridge?” you asked him. “I’ve been summoned by my fiancé, but I’m afraid I don’t know the way.”

“Of course, Princess,” he said. You noticed the usual veiled anger in his voice was completely absent when he spoke to you, and the fear you previously had around him completely dispelled.

You walked in silence for a bit until you asked him, “Is there a reason for my presence on the bridge? It hardly seems like the place for me.”

“I think it would be best if General Hux shares that with you,” was all he said. It didn’t do anything to help your nervousness. Your relationship with Hux hadn’t gotten any better since that day on Starkiller Base. Your engagement was strictly political, and you weren’t looking forward to your life with him.

“I know my presence on this ship wasn’t expected,” you said. “This is a war ship. Someone like me doesn’t belong here. I hope I haven’t been a burden to your crew.”

“You haven’t been a burden,” he told you. “It’s true that I didn’t expect you to be on this ship, but you’ve become a welcome change from what my life here used to be.”

Had he meant to compliment you? You weren’t sure. Either way, it let you know that you had caught his attention as much as he had caught yours and that he possibly felt the same way. 

Kylo didn’t leave your side until you reached the bridge and had to go to Hux.

“You asked for me,” you said when you approached the general, not sure how to greet him.

“Yes. I wanted to show you something.” He put a hand to your back and guided you down the walkway to the windows at the front of the bridge, and you felt Kylo’s eyes on you and Hux the entire time.

“We’ll soon be transferred to the First Order’s newest ship,” he told you, gesturing to the battleship outside the window. It was bigger than any ship you had ever seen, built for utter destruction.

“The Dreadnought will obliterate the Resistance fleet, and your father’s death will be avenged,” Hux told you.

“It’s a ship deserving of a general such as you,” you said, deciding it was safest to compliment him. Your personal beliefs were better off hidden. If anyone around you knew that you truly wanted to support the Resistance, you would be executed.

“After the Resistance is wiped out we will be married,” he said. “The galaxy will see that the First Order has the support of the people.”

While he was talking you couldn’t stop yourself from looking to Kylo, and Hux noticed.

“I suggest you prepare to leave, Princess,” he told you, taking steps towards the commander. You didn’t want to stay to see what they talked about, so you left without another word.

“Careful, Ren,” Hux said to Kylo Ren. The commander turned to him, his mask hiding any emotion he could have shown. “I don’t think the Supreme Leader would like you developing feelings for a political tool.”

“She’s your betrothed,” Kylo said. “You should be the one practicing caution if you only mean to use her.”

“To see her as anything more than a means to an end would put the First Order at risk,” Hux snapped. “Princess Y/N will come with us to the Dreadnought, but she will be removed from the ship as soon as her usefulness runs out. We don’t need you getting distracted by every girl who captures your interest.”

Kylo stepped dangerously close to Hux, and the bridge fell silent.

“A general has no place commenting on my interests,” Kylo said lowly. “I would be careful, if i were you. Snoke may decide you’re unfit to use political tools and find someone who’s better at it. If he decides that is me, any other usefulness you think yourself to have will dwindle very quickly.” 

With that Kylo left the bridge, off to prepare himself to battle the Resistance once again and possibly see you one last time. 

Kylo Ren x Reader

“You don’t understand”

Note: Master Kylo Ren signmethefuckup


His lightsaber moved towards you in a blinding stream of red sparks. Dodging his blow, you yelled, swinging back at him. He then chased you through the trees of the training area. His long legs carrying him close behind you. Hopping to the side, you interlocked lightsabers. Pushing forward, Kylo fell from your grip and then held the end of his lightsaber by your side. You sighed in defeat, and he twirled his lightsaber steadily in his hand.


“I don’t see why we have to keep-“


Groaning, you took your stance and then lunged at him. Fighting harder than the last, faster-quicker-better. Kylo, however, was better. He beat you again.

Leaning against on of the trees, you tried to catch your breath. The hilt of your lightsaber slick with sweat. Kylo grabbed you by the collar, pulling you away from the tree, and then he pulled your arm up, forcing you into your battle stance. The breeze whipped your hair in front of your eyes, and you brushed it away, clearing your throat.

“You won’t have time to catch your breath during a fight.” He muttered. You swallowed and ignited your lightsaber again.

“Why do you care so much?” You grunted, gripping the hilt of your weapon.

He didn’t answer, instead, the red sparks of his cross blade lightsaber flew up into the air once again, and instead of you, he surged forward. You tried to block him, but he hit the tree behind you.

“FIGHT!” He shouted over the sound of cackling sabers.

“I’m tired-Kylo please.” You cried out, swinging at him. He didn’t relinquish his efforts. Anger built in your stomach, and he felt it because he grinned. You then whipped yourself around, blocking his saber, and then twisting it out of his grip. Kicking him down, you pointed your weapon towards his chest.

With a single click, the hum of your saber died, and you fell onto the ground beside Kylo. After a few moments, Kylo then breathed out, his chest heaving.

“To answer your question…” Kylo sat up. “I care because I don’t want you to lose. I don’t want you to go into a fight unprepared. So, I’m going to push you. I’m going to push you until you break. So that I can glue you back together myself, stronger for when I’m not going to be there.”

Groaning, you grabbed your lightsaber, hooking it onto your belt, and then picking yourself up. Walking away from him with heavy feet… You were tired, your limbs shaking.

Kylo caught up to you, grabbing your arm once he was in reach.

“I thought you wanted me to help you?”

You looked down, afraid that you’d let the real reason you wanted him to train you to slip out into the crisp air. “No… yeah… I got it.”


“What, Kylo?” He bit his bottom lip, sighing. But didn’t say anything. You scoffed and then continued your walk back to your room to clean up. Then, you felt him in your head. Kylo’s words flooded your whole body, and you winced. It always hurt at first, like a dull throb.

Quickly turning around, Kylo still stood where you had left him. Instead of going through your head, he yelled,

You don’t understand, do you?” Within a second, Kylo was only inches from you. “You don’t understand. You can’t see the real reason I agreed to train you, can you…” His words were much more a demand than a question… Hard, thick. You swallowed. Your stomach dropping with the slight ease of his thoughts in your head. Stammering away, you forced him out. He blinked and looked at the ground. “I’m not going to lose you, Y/N.”

“This is a trick.“ Grabbing you by your collar once again, he quickly yanked you against him, slamming his lips against yours. His voice ran through your head again, and you didn’t know if he actually spoke or not.

I want you… And if anyone’s being tricked, it’s me… Can’t you see… Y/N…

“Hmmm…” You let out a small moan. Shocked by your actions, you then pulled away, your face flushed with embarrassment. His fingers still gripped your collar. Holding you firmly against him, his muscles tense against your small frame.

“I agreed to train you… Because I can’t bear to lose you. I won’t lose you like I’ve lost others. I need you to be strong, and I need you to be prepared.”

Squinting up at him, you reached up and cupped his face. Nodding, you then pulled him down. His lips were soft, gentle. Eager, warm against yours. You found yourself wanting more and sensing your desire for him, Kylo wrapped his lengthy arms tightly around your waist. Lifting you up against him, kissing you with such passion that your whole body shivered, you felt the hot sun shining on your back, and with your eyes closed, you may have not understood much, but you did understand one thing: You didn’t want this moment to end.

Imagine: Anakin getting flustered when he sees you

For @holy-chloe… Enjoy! I also made up a name for the reader, I hope that’s okay. The reader is also female.

“The two Jedi sent to protect you are here, m’lady.” One of your handmaidens said, dipping your head towards you and clasping her hands together. 

You smiled. “Thank you, Ditora.” 

The handmaiden looked up in surprise for a moment, as if shocked that you knew her name. She dismissed herself a second later, looking flustered as she joined with the other handmaidens.

Just then, the door to your bedroom opened and in stepped two men, one adorned in beige robes and the other, who was much younger, in black robes. Their eyes widened when they saw you approaching. 

“Princess Annix, it’s an honor.” Said the older one, dipping his head towards you. His golden fair hair fell over his forehead. “Obi Wan Kenobi at your service. This is my padawan, Anakin Skywalker.” 

Anakin, who looked incredibly pale, gave you a tiny smile and bowed, bending rigidly towards you. 

You bit back a laugh. 

“Please, you don’t have to do all of that. Bowing, I mean. I hardly consider myself royalty.” 

Anakin nodded quickly, his pale cheeks flushing red. 

“Sorry.” He muttered, staring at his shoes. 

Obi Wan caught your eye and smiled before leaning over to whisper something in his padawan’s ear. You turned around and got to work folding a few towels on your bed under the disapproving glances of your handmaidens. You couldn’t blame them. They were supposed to do all of the work for you, like straightening your bedsheets and collecting every bit of dust that formed on any surface in your bedroom, much to your dislike. You felt bad for the handmaidens, you truly did. 

“Anyways,” You chirped, looking back at the Jedi, “Where are you guys coming from again?” 

Obi Wan stepped forward, clasping his hands behind his back. 

“Coruscant, m’lady. The Jedi Temple.” 

You smiled, turning around and sitting on the edge of your bed. Anakin stood slightly behind his mentor, his eyes following you. 

“What’s it like? The Jedi Temple, I mean.” You asked. You had always wanted to go to Coruscant but since you were under the strict and watchful eyes of your parents, you were barely allowed out of the palace that you all lived in. It was quite a boring palace. Yes, it was incredibly beautiful and massive, with numerous rooms and gorgeous paints and priceless gifts from other planets. But when you’ve looked at all of that for the past eighteen every single day, it grows dull and boring. You had almost memorized the intricate patterns carved into the walls. 

This time Anakin spoke up. 

“W-well, the Temple is much like this palace. It’s massive and gorgeous, with c-countless rooms a-and several libraries and multitudes of people milling around it a-and, know that I think of it, the Temple is nothing like this palace. No offense.” He finished with a nervous laugh, his face reddening again. 

You smiled, studying the young man. He was about your age, maybe a little older. You couldn’t understand why he was acting so strangely, but yet again, you had only just met him. Maybe he was awkward around everyone.

Obi Wan looked slightly embarrassed with his padawan’s behavior and you saw him mutter something out of the corner of his mouth, but you quickly averted your gaze. Your handmaidens were giggling behind you as they folded towels but you snapped your hand up to silence them, something you had ever done before. The giggling ceased instantly. 

“How long will you be staying?” You asked the two Jedi, noticing how small Anakin now looked. A twinge of sympathy twisted in your chest. 

“About three weeks. Maybe even longer depending on how determined these bounty hunters are.” Obi Wan said, giving you a quick smirk. 

You leaned back on your hands. 

“Well I’ll certainly enjoy the company.” 

General Hux being secretly in love with you would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Woooo General Hux 😏😏Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him slowly letting go of his cold demeanor because of how kind you are and to show you that you have a different place in his heart over his other subordinates

-Him making sure that you work directly under him and only take orders from him to make sure you won’t ever get hurt or overworked

-Him refraining himself from lashing out at you and recollecting his thoughts to be calm as he realized how much he hates the look of fear of him in your eyes

-Him asking you how you feel after you’ve recovered, all while looking away from you and trying to sound as cold as he can, only for you to learn from others that he had personally visited you multiple times

-Him getting you some snacks whenever he realizes you hadn’t eaten yet, as he got worried about you but lying to you that you aren’t that special to him

-Him interrupting your conversations between you and anyone else as he fears you might get attached to them rather than him

-Him telling you to take care of yourself whenever he wants to hint at you that he worries about you

-Him not minding that you’d accidentally touch or hang onto him whenever there’s an incident but pretending to act cold just to hide his feelings

-Him stealing glances over at you whenever you are concentrated at your work as he enjoys looking at your features, only to ask you as to what you’re looking at whenever you’d look up at him

-Him starting to try and hint at his feelings for you, only to for him to tell you straightforwardly that he would like to court you because he sees potential with you rather than just saying that he’s already in love with you

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Hello! Have you seen The Last Jedi? If not delete this and don't read any further because SPOILERS. If you have, may I request a Poe x Reader fic where the reader went with Finn and Rose to find the codebreaker. Would you write the reunion scene (when Poe asks where's my Droid) between Poe and reader? Thank you so much ily!

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Poe Dameron x Reader, Gender Neutral, Established Relationship

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A/N: I’ve only seen The Last Jedi once, so apologizes for the not totally accurate dialogue.

Word Count: 1.1 K

           “We’re coming in hot!” Rose shouted as the ship plunged into Crait’s atmosphere.

           You gripped the co-pilot controls for dear life as Finn held onto his seat behind you.

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Poe Dameron x Reader

Title: On Falling and Flying / AO3
Length: 7k
Rating: T for language
Summary: Pilot Reader has been transferred to D'Qar with high praise from General Organa for her flight skills. And Poe is eager to get her to prove it. But she tries her best to ignore his teasing, certain that he’s only jealous. She has no interest in taking away his precious title as best pilot in the Resistance. But when Reader crashes and almost gets herself killed, she glimpses a side of Poe she hasn’t seen before and she realizes she was wrong about him all along.
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Kylo Ren x Reader

“Please Don’t Leave Me”

Note: I’m now taking Kylo Ren requests so send them in!


It was only supposed to be another day. But you felt it. You felt it in the air, in the way he moved across the room. His thick eyebrows narrow and his dark eyes surrounded by sleepless dark circles. Something was different, and you couldn’t place your finger on it.

Kylo was tense, his shoulders hunched over the table as he looked down at his helmet. His gloved hands grasping at the edge while his pitch black hair fell in front of his eyes. He had been standing there for 20 minutes now. It was still early morning before Kylo would put on the helmet, concealing his identity for the day until he’d see you again. Despite your guys’ usual small conversations in the mornings with hushed voices and soft kisses, he was quiet, not saying a word to you. You knew something was wrong from the second you woke up. He was already up, showered, and dressed, not in his usual spot beside you with his strong arms hooked around your small body… The bed sheets were instead cold around you. Usually, he was the last one ready for the day, lazily moving about the morning after you with heavy steps. Sighing, you grabbed a shirt from the closet, noticing Kylo walk over to the table that had his helmet propped up inside it.  You buttoned the front of your shirt, walking slowly behind him. He could feel you there, nearing him. Your energy seeping out of your heart as you yearned to touch him, to say something. To comfort him. But you didn’t dare. Days like these… He became unpredictable. Even towards you. Fear built up in your stomach. Though he’s never touched you before, you knew how ill-tempered he was.

Pushing your voice out, it came out as a whisper. “Ben…” He only let you call him by his real name. It wasn’t like he could stop you, but somehow, it make his heart squeeze and his breath hitch as a shiver ran down his back. He loved it.

Watching him, you sensed his body only growing colder as the seconds went on, and you swallowed. He had been getting stressed out more easily, more frequently throughout the last two weeks. Ever since Snoke stopped his training. Kylo didn’t understand why, which lead him to ask more and more questions. Too many questions. Snoke would continually say. But Kylo was impatient, arrogant. You knew this, yet, despite your friends’ warnings, you stayed with him.

Striding towards him, you then latched your arms around his waist, pulling his back against your chest. He was much taller than you, bigger, so you had to wrap your arms tightly around him in order to interlock your fingers, but he didn’t mind the feeling. Resting your forehead against the thick fabric of his shirt, you breathed out and felt him relax a little. But that didn’t stop the coldness of his energy making you grit your teeth. “It’s okay.” You murmured. “I know how it may seem-“ Kylo’s head then shot up, and he pulled you off of him.

“No. No, it’s not okay, y/n. You have no fucking idea.” He ran his long fingers through his hair. Burying them deep into the raven waves that fell heavily around his pale face.

“It’s Snoke isn’t it-“

He shot a sharp gaze towards your direction, and you swallowed your words. Hesitantly, you reached out to him. Mistake. As soon as your fingers lightly grazed his chin, Kylo’s hand shot up, and he threw it down. His voice cracking as he shouted at you. His fingers still wrapped tightly around your wrist. Pain shot up your arm and your fingers grew numb.  

“Stop trying to help me! STOP! JUST STOP! YOU CAN’T!” Suddenly you couldn’t move. His booming voice making tears stream down your face. His lips were quivering as he stood only inches from you. Your body was numb, straining under his pressure.

“Ben-“ Your voice was raspy, and you gasped for air. He had you under his grip. Holding you in his anger. The force swirled around you, binding you, choking you. “Ben-“

Suddenly, his face softened and his eyes widened. You felt him release you, and you nearly collapsed to the ground with weakness. But Kylo lunged toward you, grabbing you so that you didn’t fall.

“I’m sorry-Y/n I’m so sorry. Please-Are you okay? Fuck-Oh god-I’m so sorry.” Once you regained your strength, you pressed your hands against his chest, shoving him off of you. Startled by your sudden strength, he tripped back a step. But then moved towards you again. You held up your hands.

“Don’t, touch, me.” Your voice was hard, and it felt like you had just slapped him in the face. Guilt filled your heart, but fear still shook you to your core. Your wrist throbbing-you didn’t look down to examine it, but you could still feel his fingertips digging into your skin.


“I have to go.” Quickly turning around, you rushed for the door. But Kylo beat you there. He then fell to his knees. Before you could do anything, he had wrapped his arms around your small waist, pulling you against him. Burying his face in the fabric of your shirt. You stood there, shutting your eyes. Holding your shaky hands in the air, Kylo’s shoulders shook against you. Looking down, you then pressed your eyebrows together, and gently pushed your fingers through his hair. Moving his head back so he looked up at you. His face was tear-stained with red-rimmed eyes. Big, puffy, chocolate brown eyes. You felt a wave of sadness crash over you.

“Please-I can’t lose you. Please don’t leave me.” His voice wavered against the pressure of his emotions, and you clenched your jaw. Lowering yourself to the ground, he leaned into you, nuzzling his face in the crook of your neck and pulling you tightly against him. You wrapped your arms around his shoulders and held him. Tears streamed down your face and you leaned your head down. “I didn’t mean to… I didn’t mean to… I didn’t-…”

You hushed him, closing your eyes and letting your tears soak into his shirt. “I know. I know.”


For @eman-tahir14…B/N means baby’s name, enjoy!

Kylo: *cooing* Hey there B/N. Have you finished all the yummy food?
Y/N: *looks over* *smiling*
B/N: *giggles*
Kylo: That’s so good! Can you say ‘Thank you, papa’?
B/N: *gurgles*
Kylo: Pa-pa.
Y/N: *arching an amused brow*
B/N: Bububuh
Kylo: *pointing to himself* Papa
B/N: Hummm
Kylo: Papa
B/N: H-Hux *hiccup*
Y/N: *mouth drops open*
Kylo: What just happened?
Y/N: Maybe B/N just hiccuped. Why not try again?
Kylo: One more time, B/N. Say Papa!
B/N: Hux. *bursts into giggles*
Kylo: *clenches jaw* Did my child just say Hux?
Y/N: *holds back laughter*
Kylo: *stands* *grabs lightsaber* I’ll be right back.
Y/N: What are you doing?
Kylo: What should be done. *leaves with unsheathed lightsaber*
Y/N: *sighs* Always dramatic. *grabs B/N* Hey baby.
B/N: *giggles*
Y/N: *smiles* *presses call button*
Hux: Yes Y/N?
Y/N: My husband is on his way to intimidate you…again.
Hux: *deep sigh* And what is it this time?
Kylo: *bursts through door* WHY WAS MY CHILD’S FIRST WORD YOUR NAME?
Y/N: *quickly hangs up* *starts laughing* Alright, B/N. We better get you to learn Papa before Papa destroys something.
B/N: *gurgles then giggles*

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