star wars icons


First off, I want to let y'all know im only a 9th grader! Huge Star Wars fan, I love Anakin and his sith eyes. (Maul too haha) and since my mom wouldn’t let me buy my own contacts, I decided to just, y'know, photoshop things 😂

Hi, im a freelance model, and a campus queen but no, I don’t earn money, yet.
I’ve been wanting to have a Star Wars themed photoshoot but it seems so hard with all the efforts on the costume and an actual good lightsaber.

So I made my own. Out of my little skill in editing.

Transforming a selfie to this,

I was wearing a black shirt, my black leather jacket (I had during my school performance I think I told u guys about) and my mom’s jacket, as my scarf, hihi (the lightsaber is…I think you get it already hahaha)

I imagine myself as Kylo’s apprentice, (don’t ask why Kylo lol) just because I’ve fallen for the characters of the dark side. I picture myself as a strong young fighter, I am in real life.

Well! That’s too much for this image, and finally! Im able to show you guys my face haha

Please be nice to me! Im waaay too young to be discouraged lol wut anywayyyy, have a good day! Keep Slayin 💕