star vs the forces of evil


I know some people might not care about this. I know some people think this is to complicated. And I know some people think this won’t affect them. But here’s the thing, IT WILL definantly effect you no matter where you live. It will effect you tumblr user, you reddit users, and you watching youtube.

If this law gets passed then it’s gonna inspire the rest of the world. It was just like how in the USA.

The video is barley sixteen minutes and less if you skip ahead.


Don’t have time to watch? Then just reblog. It takes two seconds on phone and two clicks on a computor

This might be an unusual art dump in my blog but I have wanted to draw Princess Marco since like 2 years ago, the thing is, I wasn’t feeling confident enough. I’m glad now I did it… I’ll draw more Turdinas next time! She’s great!

(.╹◡╹ )♡

Okay I just need to get this out

Holly and Mistletoe are hecking different. Christmas is coming up so I’m sure people are going to draw their ships kissing under holly.


Holly, the plant with broader spiky leaves and red berries. Poisonous.


Mistletoe, this plant with narrower and rounded leaves and white berries. A parasite.

Here are comparison pics I found on Google.

Merry Chirstmas and hope you don’t mistake holly for mistletoe.

Or I will make a comic of a dumbass trying to get a kiss with a clump of holly then the target pointing out that ain’t mistletoe.

My aesthetic? Myyyy aesthetic??? Cartoons that looks all cute and innocent and “fun” until you actually watch them and you come out crying and wondering if just that episode was dark or if it was actually dark the whole time….

Princess Bubblegum’s a scientist 

Sandy’s great at karate 

The Powerpuff Girls fight crime 

The mane six fix friendship problems and teach good life lessons 

The crystal gems are strong and fight back

Starfire and Raven don’t let anyone mess with them 

Kim Possible is intelligent and athletic 

Leela kicked ass and shot guns 

Star is rebellious and does things her own way 

Wendy is cool and badass 

Basically, there are many strong female characters 

And they are an inspiration to us all <3

Fandoms Right Now (11/13/18)

Super Smash Bros.

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Miraculous Ladybug

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Star vs the Forces of Evil

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Steven Universe

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How to Train Your Dragon

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Animal Crossing (I’m like 2 months late, but eh)

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Spyro the Dragon

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Adventure Time (Again, I’m a couple months late)

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Fanfics where other couples simply happened instead of canon or majority preferred ones:

Fanfics where characters who are good people cheat on their lovers or commit adultery and hurt the people they care about: