star trek the next generation

So we got an Amazon Echo and we changed the wake word to “Computer” and now I feel like I’m on the Enterprise all the time. Additionally, whenever I watch Star Trek, she only responds to “computer” when Data says it and it’s kind of adorable. Not Picard, not La Forge, not Troi, not Dr. Crusher, not Riker. Not anyone but Data. The other night Data asked his Computer what the time was and my Computer told him it was 10:47. Watching Star Trek is even more fun now

Star Trek: The Next Generation as Vines
because i have too much spare time on my hands:)))

part 2


The Captain’s Chair

It’s Fathers Day so everyone SHUT UP just SHUT THE FUCK UP

I would like all you motherfuckers to remember that Data is the best damn father on the damn Enterprise-D. 

Seen here as the stand-in father at the birth of Troi’s weird-ass child in that weird-ass episode S2 E1 “The Child” and he’s fuckin NAILING IT

And here in S4 E11 “Data’s Day,” being the stand-in father-of-the-bride at Keiko’s wedding and doing a similarly fan-damn-tastic job

And here in S3 E16 “The Offspring” doing an absolutely kick-ass job with his own damn child that he made all by himself like the badass non-motherfucker he is

and here in S7 E19 “Genesis” with his fur-baby Spot that he incessantly refers to as his child so you better believe she’s goin’ in this motherfuckin’ list

and here in S2 E15 “Pen Pals” and S5 E11 “Hero Worship,” being the default dad to every forlorn child that comes on board the damn ship

because he’s the BEST, dammit. He’s the best and everyone knows it. He is gentle and communicative and attentive and sweet and honest and curious and strong and KIND as FUCK and he’s always TRYING HIS BEST, dammit. And that’s the kind of parental action I AGGRESSIVELY ENDORSE. 

Sorry if that was super aggressive, I just really love Data, y’all.


You can’t be Enterprise CMO if you don’t Sit Like This