Wedding Bells—A Genderbend Starco Fanfic


Marcia screamed as she sat up in her bed in the royal bridal chambers.  Dragonfly Castle had two chambers for betrothed couples to sleep in separately.  Royal tradition strictly dictated that the bride and groom must sleep in separate beds at least two weeks before the wedding.  Of course, nothing said that the all four bridesmaids and the mother of the bride and of the groom could not rudely awaken the bride-to-be on the very morning of the ceremony.

Tammy Lucitor, newly-crowned queen of the Underworld and the maid of honor, grabbed Marcia by her wrists and dragged her towards the vanity.  “Come on, we’ve gotta get started!”, she said, seating Marcia before the mirror and running a brush through her tangled dark hair.  She started barking orders to the other bridesmaids.  “Alison, get the hair products!  Sensei, grab the makeup!  Felicia, take as many pictures as possible and post them to Instagram, ASAP!”

Marcia winced in pain as Tammy’s brush yanked at the knots in her hair.  There was a clicking sound, and she turned to Felicia, who held up the picture she had just taken of the bride, mid-wince.  “Hashtag no filter."  Marcia frowned as she jumped to her feet and snatched the phone away.  "You are not posting that!”, she said as she deleted the photo.  Felicia frowned as she took back her phone.  “Looks like Bridezilla’s arrived.  Just in time.”

“You nervous?”, Sensei Brenda asked as she set the makeup on the vanity desk.  Marcia plastered a huge smile on her face.  “Nervous?  Of course I’m not nervous?!  I mean, I’m only marrying the King of Mewni!  Who would be nervous about THAT?!"  Her words were accompanied by uncomfortable laughter, which quickly turned into apprehensive sobbing as she collapsed before the vanity and buried her face in her hands.

Angie shook her head as she approached her daughter and patted her on the shoulder.  "There, there.  I remember how scared I was on my wedding day.  I had let my cousin did my hair, and it was an absolute disaster.  It looked like a giant birds’ nest.  I was certain that it was a sign that my marriage was doomed.  I was a nervous wreck."  Marcia looked up at her mother.  "What snapped you out of it?”

“Your dad.”, Angie explained, smiling.  “He was looking for the bathroom, and accidentally came into the back room where I was getting ready.  Being the superstitious one, he covered his eyes and ran out, bumping into his groomsmen along the way."  She chuckled at the memory.  "I laughed so hard.  And I realized, here I was, marrying this boy I loved with all my heart.  It didn’t matter what I looked like.  All that mattered was that he was here, and I was here.”

“I had a crisis on my wedding day, too.”, Rivera recounted, sitting in a chair nearby as she told the tale.  “My mother-in-law insisted my bridal bouquet be these huge purple irises.  I didn’t want to upset her, so I agreed.  But on the morning of the wedding, one of the dogs that belonged to my family completely chewed it up, and I was in tears about it.  When Lunar heard, he zapped up a bouquet of my favorite flowers and had it delivered to my bridal chamber.  That turned the tears to happy ones.”

Marcia smiled at the stories, her state of panic quickly evaporating into thin air.  “Thanks.  That helped."  Rivera smiled at her soon-to-be daughter-in-law.  "I know its scary.  You’re not only getting a life partner, you’re also getting a kingdom to help run.  But Marcia, if anyone is qualified to help my boy rule, its you."  "You’ll be a great Queen of Mewni, Mar!”, Tammy agreed, arranging everything on the vanity.  “I mean, you have helped save it a bunch of times, so…”

Marcia laughed, her nervous heart settling at peace.  “Thanks, guys.  I feel so much better."  Rivera clasped her hands together as she rose to her feet.  "Well!  We need to start preparing you!"  She and Angie began ushering Marcia towards the bathroom installed in the bridal chambers.  "Do you need any help getting washed?"  Marcia was quick to say no.

“Seriously, D-Fly!  How much longer you gonna be in there?”, called Pony Head.  The King of the Cloud Kingdom and the best man—er, or pony head, whichever sounds better to you—knocked on the bathroom door with his horn while he, the three other groomsmen, and the fathers of the happy couple were gathered in the groom’s suite, serenaded by the sounds of the lucky man’s puking.

“Come on, Storm!  Your hair ain’t gonna do itself!"  Jonah shook his head.  "Let him take his time.  We don’t want to risk him barfing on his suit after he’s put it on."  Rafeal gave a happy sigh.  "Those sounds remind me of the time he and Marcia had a nacho-eating contest while he was living with us.  Storm won, of course…but not without a price."  He shook his head.  "Feels so recent…where did the time go?”

“I know just how you feel.”, Lunar said.  “It seems as if only yesterday, he was hijacking the royal coach at the tender age of six…and now he’s King!"  Their happy recollections were accompanied by the retching sounds from the bathroom.  Jackson’s brow furrowed in worry.  "Maybe we should get him some medicine or something?"  "Don’t worry.”, Lunar assured him.  “I vomited twice as much on my wedding day.”

At last, the door swung open to reveal the new King standing there, shirtless and messy-haired, wiping his mouth on his bare sleeves.  “I’m fine…”, he panted, holding his arms up.  “I’m fine…"  ”‘Bout time!“, Pony Head cried, floating behind his best friend and pushing him towards the vanity mirror.  "Took you long enough!"  He plopped Storm down in the styling chair and used the magic from his horn to levitate the comb and hair products.

"I don’t know what’s wrong with me.”, Storm thought aloud as his friends began to comb, gel and spray his flaxen gold locks.  “You’d think I’d have been more nervous being crowned King.  I mean, Marcia and I love each other!  I should be excited!  And yet…"  He was stopped by a comforting hand on his shoulder.  "Its normal.  I felt the same on the morn of my wedding.”

“Really?”, Storm asked, looking up at Lunar with hope in his big blue eyes.  The former King of Mewni nodded his head.  “The coronation was for your kingdom.  But this…this is for you.  You and the one you love the most.  That’s why you’re more nervous.  You just need to remember that."  Storm smiled as his friends finished his hair.  "Thanks, Dad.”

“Done!"  Storm looked in the mirror.  His normally wild and messy blond hair had been combed neatly and slicked back, showing off all of his face.  Not one strand was out of place.  "One more touch."  Lunar placed the King’s crown on top of his head.  The gold and jewels had been polished until they shone like the sun for the occasion.  Storm smiled at his reflection before he rose to his feet.

"I wonder how Marcia’s doing.”, he wondered aloud as his friends got the outfit together.  “I wish I could see her.  It’d make me feel a lot better."  "Sorry, D-Fly, you know the rules.”, Pony Head said as he got the jacket.  “Ya cant’t see Earth Turdina before the ceremony."  "Relax, dude.”, Jonah told the King as he helped Storm onto his dress shirt and buttoned it all the way up.  “Tammy and the other girls got that.  You just focus on you right now.”
“I’m telling you, girl, more lipstick!” Brenda held the golden tube to her former student’s lips. “C'mon, pucker up!” “If I put on anymore, I’ll look like I escaped the circus!”, Marcia protested. She sighed in exhaustion as her bridesmaid fussed all over her; curling her hair with the hot iron and putting it in rollers, coating her face in makeup, smoothing out the wrinkles in the gown she wore.

All four of her bridesmaids wore halter dresses of scarlet red, with tiny pearls sewn at the high waist, each with their hair in a different style. It was a much more relaxed style than any past royal bridesmaids had worn, but Storm and Marcia were not the traditional type. If it were up to them, they would get married in her parents’ house on Earth, him in a T-shirt and red devil-horned baseball cap, and her in her trusty red hoodie.

Right now, Marcia was really wishing that they had that option. “Hold still!”, Angie ordered as her gentle hands began to undo the hair curlers in her daughter’s dark tresses. “Your hair has to look perfect! I did not spend the past three months studying Mewman hairstyling for nothing!"  "Storm doesn’t care what my hair looks like!”, Marcia said.  “But the royal court and the rest of the Dragonfly family will, dear.”, Rivera reminded her.  “This wedding isn’t just for you two.”

Marcia sighed as her mother swept the curls off her face and pinned them back with diamond-tipped hairpins.  “I know.  I’m just not enjoying all the fuss."  She looked at her reflection in the mirror, with her ruby-red painted lips and silvery eyeshadow, and waited until her mother finished pinning up her hair.  "And now, for the finishing touch.”

She took a long, thin box from under the vanity desk and opened it.  Inside was an antique heirloom bridal veil that had belonged to Marcia’s grandmother.  Traditionally, the veil was passed down to the first daughter in the family to be wed, to be used for their “something old”.  But since Abuela Diaz never had any daughters, she passed the veil to her eldest son, Rafeal, and told him to save it for his daughter.

Marcia felt a joy that was indescribable as her mother draped the veil so that it fell past her shoulders.  She admired the tiny little seed pearls sewn into the swirls and twists of the intricate lace patterns.  As Angie secured the veil in place with bobby pins, Marcia felt a sort of calmness overtake her, as if her beloved grandmother were still here with her, giving her blessings for the marriage of her granddaughter.

“Done!”, Angie cried with satisfaction as she put in the last pin. “Ready to see yourself?” Marcia nodded as she slowly rose to her feet, being careful not to damage her dress, and walked over to the full-length mirror across the room. Once she stood before it, she was amazed at the sight before her.

She wore a gown of ivory satin, with long bell sleeves that almost reached her elbows, and tiny pearls and crystals sewn into pretty patterns on the bodice. Thanks to the crinoline she donned, the skirt of the gown poofed out a bit and fell around her legs smoothly, forming somewhat of a train in the back. She had on white satin evening gloves that covered the rest of her arms, and a double strand of pearls encircled her neck.

Her dark brown hair had been curled into soft ringlets and put into a half up, half down hairstyle, with half of her hair pinned into a small bun at the back of her head, secured by diamond-tipped hairpins that sparkled under the lights, while the other half of her hair fell freely, the curls floating around her shoulders. Her earlobes were adorned with tiny drop earrings, each pearl dangling from them in the shape of a teardrop.

As most brides, Marcia had the four wedding good luck charms—something old, her grandmother’s veil; something new, the dress that had been hand-sewn from scratch by the royal seamstresses; something borrowed, the earrings from her mother; and for her something blue, she had forget-me-not flowers in her bridal bouquet among the white orchids. The good luck charm collection was complete with a Mewni penny hidden under her foot in her left shoe.

Marcia stared at her reflection in awe as the others fawned over her, telling her how beautiful she looked. Angie slowly walked to face her daughter and draped the other half of the veil over her face, hiding her features behind the web of lace. “Let’s get you married.”
Storm rocked back and forth on the balls of his feet as he stood at the decorated altar in the Grand Hall of Dragonfly Castle. He had arrived a half hour ago after his father and groomsmen had finished dressing him. He wore a royal blue military jacket with golden buttons that had been polished until they gleamed. Aligned over his shoulder was a pinkish-red sash that was adorned with medals he had earned for his courage, good heart, and accomplishments for his people and the royal family. He wore white britches, high black boots, and, of course, his royal crown.

He looked out into the crowd of wedding guests. His father sat on a throne positioned in front of the groom’s side of pews, smiling proudly at his son. The throne beside him was empty, reserved for Rivera, who was still helping behind the scenes. The rest of the Dragonfly family murmured amongst themselves their displeasure over having to attend this ceremony, but as close relatives of the groom, they knew they were obligated to stay. On the bride’s side, Marcia’s giddy extended family took in the majesty of Dragonfly Castle.

Scattered among the rest of the guests were other friends or people that Storm and Marcia had helped in the past—Ludo Avaris and his younger brother, Dennis; Buff Frog and his thirteen children; StormFan13, who was obsessively taking in every detail of the sights before him (while drooling a little bit); Princess Penelope Spiderbite and her new fiancé, Slime; other monsters, who, by the order of King Storm, had been made equal to Mewmans; even Eclipse, former King of Mewni, and his monster wife, Globgore, who was sitting in the back with her husband so that they wouldn’t block the view of the other guests.

Storm glanced at the far end of the hall, at the great double doors across from where he stood, and wished he knew what was happening behind them.
“No way!” “Dude! You’re the best man! You have to enter with the maid of honor!” “And get my mane all frizzy in her hot business? Nuh-uh!” Rivera groaned as she tried to manage both the bride’s and the groom’s parties. In only a few minutes, it would be time for the ceremony to begin. Unfortunately, there was a disagreement over the wedding processional.

“I’m the best man! I don’t need no one to walk with me!”, Pony Head protested, flipping his coiffed mane, in that signature dramatic Pony Head style. Tammy frowned as she gripped her bridesmaid’s bouquet of white peonies in her clawed hands. “And who am I supposed to enter with? Felicia’s got Jonah, Alison’s got Jackson, even Kelly’s got Sensei!”

“You’re just gonna have to go in by yourself!” Now Tammy was getting mad. That was something she had been trying not to do for years, and she had gotten quite good at it. But if anyone could break her winning streak of serenity, it was Pony Head. “I’m sorry, whose wedding are we in again? 'Cause last I checked, it wasn’t yours!” “Its my best friend’s, so close enough!” “They’re my best friends, too!”

Their argument was cut short by a sharp whistle from Angie, who was making some minor last minute adjustments to Marcia’s appearance. “Thank you, Angelica.”, said Rivera, before she turned back to the best man and maid of honor. “Pony Head, Tamara is right. If you will not go with her into the hall, I will tell Storm, and he’ll make Jonah his best man instead.”

“What?! D-Fly would never do that to me!”, cried Pony Head. Tammy smirked at him. “Are you willing to count on that?”, she asked with a sadistic tone and a raised eyebrow. The King of the Cloud Kingdom was silent for a moment before he sighed in defeat. “Fine. But not too close! It took me for-evah to look this good.”

Moments later, music was heard from the other side of the door. “Its starting!” Angie kissed her daughter on the cheek before following Rivera out into the pews. The double doors opened, and the best man and the maid of honor entered the Grand Hall side-by-side to the harmony of the Royal Mewni Children’s Choir.

Rafeal looked over at his daughter, all decked out to be married, his big brown eyes shining, as the groomsman-bridesmaid pairs one by one each stepped into the Grand Hall arm-in-arm.  “You look beautiful, mija."  "Thanks, Daddy."  Rafeal swallowed hard.  "Are you sure its him?"  Marcia looked straight ahead, as Marcia Jr., the flower girl, and little Meteor, the ring bearer, walked into the Hall.  "Positive.  Its always been him.”

At last, the key of the music changed.  Rafeal linked his arm with his eldest daughter as the grand double doors opened one more time.  Her heart leaping, Marcia stepped through the doorway into the Hall, greeted almost immediately by bright light and great sound and a thousand pairs of eyes, all on her.
Storm’s heart stopped for a beat when he saw Marcia enter the Grand Hall. He could not believe how beautiful she looked. Sure, she was always beautiful, but they had highlighted every aspect of that to perfection. Now, with her white gown and veil, the light being cast upon her from the tall windows that made her look like an angel with a halo, she looked so stunning that all other thoughts numbed in his brain.

Two of his little cousins carried the fifteen-foot train of Marcia’s bridal gown as they stepped in perfect time down the aisle. Marcia Jr. carefully spread red rose petals as she went along in front, so that her father and her big sister stepped on flowers when they reached further towards the altar. All eyes were on them, all ears filled with children’s voices crooning like angels.

At last, Marcia and her father arrived at where Storm stood. Rafeal faced his daughter, tears in his eyes as he looked at her in her wedding dress, looking like a well-bred lady. His mind flashed back to that first day in the delivery room, him holding a sweet baby girl, with chubby cheeks and shiny brown eyes, all wrapped up in pink, for the first time. It seemed like only yesterday, and now, here she was, standing before him, all grown up and ready to be married.

His lips touched her veil as he kissed her forehead. Keeping one of her hands in his, he turned to Storm and took one of the king’s hands. Placing his daughter’s hands with that of her love, he looked firmly at Storm. “She’s yours now. Care for her.” Storm shook his head as Marcia passed her bouquet to her maid of honor. “I think we both know Marcia doesn’t need anyone taking care of her.”

As Rafeal went to sit beside his wife, Storm took Marcia’s other hand and pulled her a little closer as he drank in her beauty. “There are no words that can describe how beautiful you look.”, he whispered to her. Marcia smiled, her blush hidden under her veil. “Thank you.” Smiling from ear to ear, he helped her ascend the podium, still holding her hands securely in his own.

Awaiting the couple on the podium was Sir Glossaryck of Terms, former keeper the Book of Spells and magic tutor to the then young Storm Dragonfly. As they faced one another with joined hands, Glossaryck cleared his throat and spoke in a clear voice, one that he made certain reached the very back of the Grand Hall. “Friends, family, people of Mewni, as you all know, we are gathered here today to bear witness to the marriage of our own benevolent King, Storm Dragonfly, and his beloved, Lady Marcia Diaz of Earth…”
The ceremony seemed to drag on forever, with Glossaryck reciting ancient Mewman blessings and recounting the weddings and receptions of past Dragonfly Kings that he was fond of in his memories to the wedding guests gathered today. Not only that, the wedding ceremony of the King required speeches from his parents, should they still be alive. Storm managed to catch a glimpse of the wedding program Glossaryck held and breathed a sigh of relief upon seeing that they were finally nearing the end.

“And now, the bride and groom have chosen to write their own vows to one another.”, Glossaryck announced to the audience. He turned to the young King. “Storm, you may go first.” Storm took a deep breath as Glossaryck bowed and exited for a moment, giving the floor to the King and his bride. Keeping her hands secure in his own, he smiled as he stared lovingly at her veiled face.

“I don’t think I have to tell everybody that when you’re born the heir to the throne of Mewni, people expect a lot from you.”, he began. “While I was growing up, everyone tried to tell me who I should be. They all wanted me to be this perfect little prince, who always did the right thing. My whole life—my friends, who I dated, my entire future—all stemmed back to my social standing. Being the future King controlled every part of my life.”

He started tearing up. “But then…I met you, Marcia. And everything changed. We met because I was sent to Earth to learn to be a better prince. But that was where the intervention of my status ended. You didn’t have to become my friend, but you did. And you didn’t do it because we were both royalty, or because it made sense that we hung out together, like with my other friends. You became my friend because you liked me for who I was.  You not only accepted me with all my flaws, you loved me even more with them.  And it was those intentions that helped you become closer to me than anyone else before.”

He couldn’t stop smiling. “You showed me your world, you taught me so many important lessons about love and life, you helped me become not just a better prince, but a better person. You’ve been there for me at my best and my worst times.  You’ve stood by me even when I didn’t want to stand by me.  Even when I’m at my absolute worst…you still stay by my side. I would’ve been completely lost with you, Marcia. I really should thank my parents for sending me to Earth. If it weren’t for them, I would’ve never met the love of my life.”

He took a step closer. “With your permission, m'lady, this man would like to take you as his wife. He would like to wake up to you every morning, to share every dance with you, to rule alongside you, to spend everyday trying to make you smile, to love you with everything inside of him, but most importantly…to continue being your best friend, for the rest of our lives together. And maybe, one day, I’ll see the man that you see everyday, through your eyes, and love that man as much as you do. But until then, I’ll just continue loving the woman who hold those eyes.”

When he was finished, Storm could hear sniffling from under Marcia’s veil. Tammy tapped her shoulder and offered her a lace handkerchief. Accepting it gratefully, Marcia dabbed her eyes, careful not to ruin her carefully applied makeup. She wasn’t the only one. Several wedding guests were in tears. Most of them were monsters, proving that their kind was much more sensitive than old legends claimed. Queen Rivera was on the verge of all-out bawling.

Now it was Marcia’s turn.  She took a slow, deep breath before beginning.  “Its hard to believe that about eight years ago, I led a pretty mundane life.  It was just me, my mom and dad, maybe a new foreign exchange student every now and again.  Everyday looked almost exactly the same.  I’d put myself in a safe box, and I didn’t know how to get myself out.”

“And then, this boy with lightning bolts on his cheeks and more energy than a dozen toddlers crashed into my life.  He pushed me way outside my comfort zone, taught me how to take chances and get messy, showed me things that I would’ve never dreamed existed.  He helped me accept the things about myself that I couldn’t change, reach my full potential, and discover just how strong I really am.”

She started tearing up again.  “Storm, I don’t know what I would’ve done had we never met.  "Without you, I would’ve been nothing.  Nothing but the safe kid until the day I died.  You helped me find out who I really was, showed me I was capable of so much more than I realized.  It really shouldn’t come as a surprise that I fell for you.  Frankly, I kicked myself for taking so long to realize it.”

Now the audience was getting sniffly again as Marcia continued.  “You’re so much more than my best friend, Storm.  You’re my home.  My heart is wherever you are, may it be Earth, Mewni, or whatever one of the infinite dimensions.  I promise that wherever you go, I will be there whenever you need me.  Because I need you. I need to be next to you. You’re the shoulder I cry on, the eyes I get lost in, the heartbeat that calms me down. I can only hope that I can make you ha,f as happy as you’ve made me over the years.”

Now Storm and half the church were crying softly, and Queen Rivera was all out bawling. “That…That was beautiful.”, said Glossaryck, wiping the tears from his own eyes as he ascended the podium once again. “The rings, please.” Little Meteor stepped forward and presented the wedding bands to the couple on a white silk pillow. They were made of Mewman gold and had ancient symbols that loosely translated to “eternal love” carved in. Glossaryck himself retrieved another silk pillow, that carried the Queen’s crown. Made of gold and adorned with a purple diamond in the center, it was very similar to the crown that Storm wore on his own head.

“Do you, Storm Dragonfly, King of Mewni, leader of the land, keeper of peace, benevolent monarch, patriarch of the Dragonfly family, hereby take Lady Marcia Diaz to be your wife and Queen, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, for better or for worse, from this day forth, till death and only death parts you?” Storm smiled as he slipped the ring on her finger. “I do.” He then raised her fingers to his lips for a quick peck, making her blush.

“And do you, Lady Marcia Diaz, Knight of Mewni, lady of Earth, protector of truth, bringer of justice, take Storm Dragonfly to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for richer or for for poorer, for better or for worse, from this day forth, until death and only death parts you?” “I do.”, said Marcia, slipping the wedding babd on Storm’s finger.

Now it came time for the Queen’s coronation. Storm lifted the veil from Marcia’s face, his heart skipping a beat when he saw how stunningly beautiful she was underneath. Even with her eye makeup smudged a bit, she was still gorgeous. Pulling her veil to the back, he smiled at her. She smiled back before making a little curtsey, keeping her legs bent a little as she knelt before him.

Storm took the Queen’s crown from Glossaryck. As he slowly lowered it onto Marcia’s head, he recited his vow. “I, King Storm Comet Dragonfly, hereby make you, Lady Marcia Ulberta Diaz, my wife and Queen. To rule by my side in times of peace, and of danger. To go clubbing with me, even when she’s too tired. To share her late night nachos. But most importantly…to be my best friend, so long as we both shall live.” Marcia raised her eyes to look at him, and they shared a secret smile at the source of his vow as he placed the crown in her hair.

She rose to her feet and grasped his hands one more time as Glossaryck finished the ceremony. “By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife, and King and Queen of Mewni, beloved sovereigns of the land. You may now kiss the—” He didn’t even get to finish before Storm and Marcia jumped at each other, their lips almost crashing together as they met one another in a passionate embrace.

The guests roared with applause and shouts of congratulations. Most of them jumped to their feet, clapping enthusiastically for the new couple. Storm and Marcia separated for air at long last just in time to see Eclipse be presented on his monster’s wife very large extended hand. Clearing his throat loudly to get everyone’s attention, he then bowed and said, “Long live King Storm and Queen Marcia.” Everyone took his cue and bowed or curtsied to their ruler and his new wife. “Long live the King and Queen.”

Storm and Marcia looked at one another, each with stars in their eyes. “We did it.”, he whispered to her happily, almost like a little squeal. She smiled back as she nodded before they went in for another kiss.
“More champagne, Your Majesties?” A butler carrying a green tinted bottle stood by the bride and groom, offering to refill their glasses. Storm and Marcia now sat at a large table at the head of the Grand Ballroom in Dragonfly Castle, the main one, with their respective parents and the wedding party. The best man sat next to the groom, and the maid of honor next to the bride, with two parents at the far end of each side.

At the other tables were the rest of the wedding guests, eating roasted meats and rich corn from the royal fields as they shared small talk.  Everyone couldn’t stop talking about how beautiful the ceremony had been.  Other topics included Mewman politics and how the corn fields were faring this year.  It had taken weeks to arrange the seating chart for the reception, but at the end, they could be proud they seated everyone correctly.

Marcia chuckled a bit nervously as the butler refilled her champagne flute.  “I think I still need to get used to being called that."  Storm just smiled and kissed her cheek.  Just then, Lunar stood on his feet, clinking his glass with his fork, demanding silence from the masses.  "If I may have your attention, please.”, said the former king.  The voice that had many so many proclamations still sounded clear and regal.

“It is time for speeches from those closest to my son, and his beautiful bride.  I will go first."  Holding his glass to his chin level, he smiled at his son and daughter-in-law as they joined hands.  "From the moment he was born, I knew that Storm was special.  Not because he was the Prince of Mewni, but because he was him.  He refused to conform to the standards of a proper prince.  He refused to accept things the way they were.  He was not the sit-still-on-a-throne-and-fiddle-with-minor-affairs type.  He liked to take action.”

“When he met Marcia, he started realizing that he could convert his energy and electric personality into becoming a better prince, leader and future king.  I knew there was something special between these two when I had to force him to leave Earth to escape Toffee.  He couldn’t leave without telling her how he felt.  He was so devastated over having to leave her, he had to steal one of her hoodies to carry with him.”

There was some laughing from the crowds as Storm turned a little pink from embarrassment.  Lunar continued.  “Marcia, you are a wonderful young lady.  You’ve done so much for our family, accomplished so much at such a young age, been there through thick and thin for Storm.  Today, I am proud to officially call you my daughter-in-law.  Welcome into the family."  Everyone applauded as Storm kissed Marcia on the cheek.

"Next up, the father of the bride."  Rafeal stood up, holding up his glass of bubbly golden liquid.  "We got a lot of foreign exchange students living with us.”, he began.  “But none of them prepared us for Storm.  He was unlike anyone we’d ever met.  He was bold, he was full of energy, he wasn’t afraid of anything—the opposite of our dear Marcia.”

“But there is a reason they say 'opposites attract’.  Storm and Marcia balance each other out perfectly.  She calms him down, he fires her up.  She helps him stay organized, he helps her let loose every once in a while.  She shows him her world, he shows her his.  Their bond is so strong, they would both do anything for each other, including face off great threats like evil masterminds or uncertain situations.

"Storm, Angie and I always felt like you were the son that we never had.  And now, in a way, I can really say you are!  Take care of my baby girl.  And make sure to keep your bathroom neat!"  Everyone clapped at the end of Rafeal’s speech.  "And now, we hear from the best man."  Everyone turned to the seat next to Storm, only to see that it was empty.  "Where’s Pony Head?”, whispered Storm with wide eyes.  “I think he went to the bathroom.”, said Kelly.

There was a few beats of awkward silence.  Suddenly, Rivera jumped up.  “But first, let’s have a few words from the maid of honor!"  Taken by surprise, Tammy reluctantly rose to her feet and took her crystal champagne flute.  Sitting a nearby table for the last generation of Mewman monarchs, Dave Lucitor got out the video camera to record his daughter’s speech, while Wrathmelior gave Tammy an encouraging smile.

"As all of you might know, Marcia and I didn’t exactly get off on the right foot.”, she started.  “I saw her as a threat.  I thought she was the only thing getting in between me and Storm.  But after certain events, I discovered that she wasn’t all that bad.  She’s really nice, has great taste in music, and she always forgave me whenever I lost my temper. I could talk to her about things that I could never talk to Storm about.”

“Storm…he’s so inspiring. Not just as a King, but as a person. Seeing him try to become better, made me want to try to be better, too. I wanted to be better for him, but I was going about it all wrong. I needed to become better for myself and no one else. And I needed to want what was best for the boy and girl I cared for most.”

She turned to the spellbound bride and groom. They were stunned by the surprisingly heartfelt words coming from their usually sarcastic and cynical demon friend. “Storm, Marcia…you two are the greatest friends anyone could ask for. You stuck by my side, even at my worst. You inspired me to become better than I was. I can never thank you enough for that.”

She held her champagne high above her head. “So let’s all raise our glasses to Storm and Marcia! To the dawning of a new era of Mewni!” Everyone followed her lead. “To Storm and Marcia! To the dawning of a new era!” Tammy sat back in her seat. Marcia squeezed her shoulder with a fond smile. “That was beautiful.” “Yeah, Tam!”, Storm said with a smirk. “When did you get so sentimental?” Tammy shrugged. “I learned from the best.”, she said with a wink.

Just then, there was a loud clatter of metal from the far end of the ballroom. All heads turned to the source of the sound to see King Pony Head floating lazily towards the main table, his mane a mess and his crown tilted to the side. He burped, and bubbles came out of his mouth. Storm facepalmed. “I knew open bar was a bad idea.”

Pony Head plopped into the chair next to his best friend with a goofy smile on his face. Jonah leaned in, jabbing the creature with his elbow. “Psst! Dude! You need to make your best man speech!” Pony Head looked around at all the awaiting faces,looking like he just now remembered one of his most important duties of the wedding. “Huh? Oh, right!”

He floated up out of his chair and cleared his throat. “Storm loves Marcia, Marcia loves Storm, we all love them, so let’s all just shuddup and eat already!” He plopped into his chair, seemingly unaware of the awkward silence his less-than-meaningful speech had caused.  There were a few reluctant claps from some guests who were trying to be polite.

King Lunar rose to his feet slowly.  “Well…wasn’t that…interesting.  But now I think its time for the first dance."  Storm smiled as he rose to his feet and offered his hand to his bride.  "Shall we dance, Queen Dragonfly?”, he asked with a small bow.  She smiled back and gratefully accepted as she stood.  “Of course, King Dragonfly.”, she replied with a curtsey.

All eyes were on them as they walked to the center of the dance floor hand-in-hand.  They got into the correct positions, with his right hand on her hip, her left hand on his shoulder, their free hands intertwined.  Ruberiot started up the song, the same eerie melody the bride and groom had waltzed to at the Blood Moon Ball.  The songstrel had offered to write an original song specifically in their honor, but remembering the Song Day disaster, the couple were quick to shut him down.
Tammy watched her two best friends spin around the dance floor in each other’s arms, their gazes locked intensely, eyes all aglow as they shared their first dance as husband and wife.  She put on a genuine, yet somehow forced smile on her face.  While she was happy for Storm and Marcia, she couldn’t help but feel sad and little jealous.  Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

“You okay?” She looked up to see Jackson, sliding into the seat next to hers. She nodded swiftly. “Yeah! Yeah, I’m fine!” She grabbed a server by his frilly shirt. “Get me a bottle of Chardonnay and a tall glass to put it in.” “A whole bottle, m'lady?” “I said, get me a bottle!” Jackson looked back and forth between the demon queen and the nervous caterer. “Make that two glasses.”

Tammy sighed as the waiter hurried off to fill the order. “Okay, so maybe I’m a little on edge.”, she said. “Its just…my own love life hasn’t panned out so well.” Jackson’s brow furrowed as the waiter arrived with their order, pouring the bottle’s contents into two tall crystal goblets. “Oh, yeah…didn’t you used to go out with Storm?” “For six months, when we were twelve.”, she told him as she took her glass. “Then we got back together two years later, and dated for almost another two years.” She looked at her goblet. “Welp! Bottoms up!” She reared her head back and downed the champagne.

“What happened?”, asked Jackson, taking the other goblet, filled to the brim. “If you don’t mind me asking.” “The first time, or the second time?” “Both, I guess.” Tammy sighed as she refilled her glass. “Well, the first time we broke up was because I had anger issues. Massive anger issues. I wanted everything to go my way, all the time. The tiniest little thing could send me over the edge. And when a demon with fire powers goes over the edge…well, you get the picture.” Jackson nodded as they each sipped their drinks at the same time. “I do indeed.”

Tammy wiped her mouth on the end of her sleeve. “Anyway, Storm decided he didn’t want to deal with all that heat, so he broke up up with me. I spent years working on my anger management and trying to win him back. I was so determined, I even tried to fry Marcia a couple times because she interfered with my plans. But during an anger management test that I had set up, I found out she was actually really cool, and we became friends.”

“Then, I went to Storm’s Song Day. You know, the one when the singer sang about how Storm was in love with Marcia?” Jackson nodded. He had heard the story of Song Day, or, as it was commonly referred to by the young King, “The Most Humiliating Day of Storm’s Whole Entire Life.” “After that, I decided to throw in the towel. Sure, I missed him, but it was clear to me that I had no chance with him anymore.”

“So, what changed?” Tammy took a long, slow sip of Chardonnay before continuing. “Well, things got complicated after Toffee’s defeat. I guess Storm was a little lonely after Marcia went back home, and I needed some support to work out my issues and become a better princess. I was inspired by Storm and his new drive to become a better prince and future King. One thing led to another, and something between us just…clicked again. Or so I thought.”

“I mean, we were happy with each other. We had tons of fun. I supported him in his fight for monster equality. I joined the battle against Meteor when he stormed the castle, even offering Storm and Marcia a new home in the underworld when it looked like the fight was hopeless. But…something was off. He never went to me first when he had a problem, or was feeling sad or lonely. He never confided his secrets in me, never shared any of his hopes and dreams. All that stuff, he did with Marcia. When all was said and done, he would always pick her first.”

“When I saw what they had, I wanted to have it. I wanted to be to Storm what Marcia was to him. I thought if I tried to be more like her, it would help my relationship with Storm grow stronger. I made a lot of my own decisions on other matters of life, but whenever it involved Storm, I would always ask myself first, what would Marcia do?  Because he seemed to respond better to that, y'know?"  Jackson nodded to show that he understood.

"But the more I tried to be like her, the more I just fell flat on my face.”, Tammy sighed, finishing the last drop of champagne in her glass.  “Because I wasn’t her.  And eventually, I figured that out.  But that’s when it hit me.  If I didn’t think that being myself was good enough to hold onto Storm, what was the point of holding onto him at all?  As much as I wanted to be with him, I couldn’t spend the rest of my life trying to keep up with Marcia.  It wasn’t good for any of us.”

She grabbed the bottle and dumped the last of Chardonnay into her crystal goblet.  “I must sound like such a loser right now."  She was taken by surprise by a kind, tanned hand on her own pale, cold one.  "Not at all.”, said Jackson warmly.  “In fact, you couldn’t be speaking to a better audience.”

Tammy blinked all three of her eyes a few times.  Although he saw the gang a lot, it was easy to forget that he had once been in a relationship with Marcia.  He was always so casual around her and Storm, and didn’t even flinch when “Storcia”, as StormFan13 so charmingly (or perhaps it was creepily) referred to them, shared a cute or romantic moment.  He acted like his relationship with Marcia had always been nothing more than a mutual friendship.

Tammy stared into her glass.  “You know….there’s something I always wanted to ask you."  He glanced over at her as she swished her glass around.  "At that summer party…didn’t it bug you when Storm confessed his feelings to Marcia, while you were dating her, in front of everybody?"  Jackson was silent for a few beats, and for a moment, Tammy regretted her question.”

Finally, Jackson responded with a shrug of the shoulders.  “I guess I was a little bit miffed.”, he replied casually.  “Who wouldn’t be?"  "But aren’t you mad at him?”, Tammy asked before taking a small sip.  Jackson glanced back at her with a puzzled look on his freckled face.  “For what?"  "For messing up your relationship with Marcia.”, said Tammy as one of the caterers served them another bottle of Chardonnay.  “I mean, isn’t that he kinda the reason you two broke up in the first place?”

Jackson was quick to shake his head no.  “Of course not!  I mean, yeah, maybe he had a little bit to do with it, but the rest of it was entirely on me and Marcia.  The truth is…everything you went through with Storm…I went through the same thing with Marcia."  Tammy stared at him as he took a long sip of his drink.  "You did?”

“Yeah. I mean, we did like each other a whole lot. We hung out, cuddled, kissed, held hands. But that’s only half of what a relationship should be. The other half, she shared with Storm. Whenever she needed a shoulder to cry on, or advice on a problem, she went to him. All of her hopes and dreams and secrets, she shared with him. When it came down to it, she’d always choose him.”

“I admit it, I was jealous of their connection. So I tried to recreate it. I noticed that Marcia could instantly tell what Storm was thinking and what he wanted just by looking at his facial expressions. So I tried to recreate that between Marcia and me. I tried to teach her to do the same thing with me. You know, read my mind. But it didn’t work.”

“When she came back from fighting for Mewni and all she could talk about was saving it, I felt like our already flimsy relationship was thinning even more. Finally, when I found out she’d been keeping her cape in her bag during our beach date, I realized I couldn’t deny the inevitable any longer. I couldn’t keep pretending that I was as important to Marcia as Storm was…is. I couldn’t keep trying to hold onto something that wasn’t there.”

Tammy nodded in understanding. “Its tough being here, ain’t it?” “A little bit.”, said Jackson as he finished off the last of the Chardonnay. “But we still see each other all the time, and they’re both awesome friends. As long as they’re happy…” “I’m happy.”, he said at the same time as Tammy. They gasped softly as their heads turned sharply to meet one another’s gaze.

There was a pause of silence before Tammy broke it. “Hey…this may seem a bit forward, but…any chance you want to grab a cornshake after this is all over?” Jackson waited a beat before he smiled warmly at her. “Sure. How does tomorrow at one sound?” “Sounds perfect.” They shared a smile as the music in the background finally faded to an end.
Cameras flashed as the bride and groom cut the first slice of wedding cake. The cake itself was impressive, as a cake had to be to feed at least a hundred hungry wedding guests. It had ten different layers, each one perched atop pillars made of hard sugar, each smaller the closer it was to the top. The cake was a rich fudgy chocolate flavor, coated in marshmallow frosting, and decorated with red buttercream roses and tiny sparkling sugar snowflakes

The newlyweds fed each other the first bites as their guests captured the moment with their cameras.  Marcia laughed when she saw Storm get a little frosting on his nose, wiping it off with a kiss.  They continued to cut the cake, passing the slices on fine china plates, down in a line of friends of family and friends.

As everyone was finishing off the last of their pieces, Rivera got everyone’s attention toward the podium in the ballroom, where she now stood beside Marcia, who was clutching her bridal bouquet to her chest.  “And now, we shall partake in an honored Earth tradition.”, the former queen announced.  “All unwed ladies, please gather below the podium."  "Why?”, asked one of her husbands’s snooty cousins.

Rivera smirked.  “My daughter-in-law shall turn around, and on the count of three, she will throw her bouquet into the crowd of single women, and whosoever catches it, folklore dictates that they shall be the next to be married."  At that, almost every young woman in the ballroom, even the ladies of the court who were jealous of Marcia and looked down on her for being human, jumped to their feet and gathered below the podium.

Smiling, Marcia slowly turned around.  "Count of three!”, Angie cried.  “One…  Two…  Three!"  At "three”, Marcia tossed her bouquet over her shoulder, quickly spinning around to see where it landed.  It flew in an upside-down J, like a basketball, and bounced on the hands of other women before a pair of pale hands managed to clasp it between it’s clutches.

“And the winner is Queen Tamara Lucitor of the Underworld!"  There were cheers, and a few upset whines from the losers as they sulked back to their seats.  Tammy just stared at the white and blue flowers she now held in her claws.  "Wow!"  She looked back up at Marcia, who gave her a small wink from up on the podium.

"And now, another Earth tradition.”, said Lunar, taking the stage with Storm. “My son will remove the bridal garter and toss it into a crowd of unmarried gentlemen. Whosoever catches it shall also be next to wed.” Marcia sat on a chair and lifted her many skirts so that Storm could reach her garter easily. He knelt before his beautiful bride and reached to take it off, as every bachelor in the ballroom gathered under the podium.

“Take it off!”, King Pony Head shouted. “With your teeth!” Storm spun his head to stare at his “best man”, who was looking away, smiling while biting down on his bottom lip. “I knew I shoulda picked Jonah.”
There was the click of the lock as the door to the honeymoon suite of the Intergalactic Plaza opened. In walked King Storm Dragonfly, carrying his new Queen, in the traditional bridal style, over the threshold. Marcia blushed furiously, burying her face in his shoulder. Storm chuckled and kissed the top of her head. How he loved her nervous tics. How he loved her.

He closed the door behind them with his foot and walked over to the queen-sized bed in the center of the room, sprinkled with red rose petals and framed by scented candles. Gently, he lowered her onto the bed, his eyes never once leaving hers. He climbed into bed with her, staring down at her as she lay on her back. Leaning closer, he went to kiss her, when he was stopped by a finger to his lips. “Wait here.”, Marcia said, getting up and walking over to the silk folding screen in the corner of the room.

Storm listened to the sound of rustling petticoats from where she stood. A minute later, she emerged, and his jaw fell. She now had on a black silk babydoll nightgown, trimmed with lace and adorned with a little red bow right in the center of the bra part. The skirt was made of sheer black material, seeing through to the lacy black panties she wore underneath. Her eyes shone as she undid her hairdo, letting the curls fall freely around her shoulders.

She climbed back onto the bed, smiling at Storm’s awestruck expression. He drank in her allure and beauty as she undid the golden buttons on Storm’s uniform jacket, and then his dress shirt. She gasped softly seeing his muscled chest, toned and strong from years of military training and experience in battle. Tracing her finger over the lines, she looked up at him with shining brown eyes.

He locked gazes with her, his own baby blues shimmering with love and desire. For that moment, time itself seemed to stop cold. At last, the silence between them was broken. “I love you, Storm Dragonfly.”, she whispered.  He smiled at her affectionately.  “I love you, too, Marcia Dragonfly.  Forever and always.”

And with those words spoken between them, he grabbed both sides of her head and captured her lips in his own.  She ran her fingers through his thick buttery gold locks as they fell back together on the bed, a tangle of arms and legs.  So lost were they in the moment and in the moment, neither one of them noticed the Blood Moon shining it’s crimson light through the window upon them, as Storm and Marcia shared their first night together as husband and wife.

And that’s the end!   I’m thinking of doing a proposal fanfic.  Or coronation, or even first pregnancy!  The possibilities are endless!  I do not own SVTFOE.

Sleeping with the Harem

Marco / Star: Star curled up in Marco’s arms with her face pressed against his chest.

Marco / Jackie: Marco is the big spoon as Jackie holds one of Marco’s hands.

Marco / Tom: Tom is holding Marco like a teddy bear and whimpers everytime Marco tries to break free from his intense body heat.

Marco / Janna: Cuddled up, face to face, with Janna occasionally grabbing Marco’s butt and Marco bringing Janna’s hands above his waist.

Marco / Hekapoo: Marco curling up to Hekapoo while Hekapoo sleeps on her back, holding Marco close with one arm.

Marco / Kelly: Accidentally getting trapped in Kelly’s hair because “she likes being the little spoon”.

Marco / Higgs: Facing away from each other because Higgs is too shy for asking to cuddle with Marco. However she just barely touches his foot with hers to feel that he’s still there.


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