Star Trek Beyond (2016)



The USS Enterprise crew explores the furthest reaches of uncharted space, where they encounter a mysterious new enemy who puts them and everything the Federation stands for to the test.

Top 10 Movies of 2016: Your Watching List.

➲ Deadpool

➲ Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

➲ Captain America: Civil war

➲ Rogue One: Star Wars Story

➲ X-Men: Apocalypse

➲ Independence Day: Resurgence

➲ Assassin Creed

➲ Warcraft

➲ Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

➲ Star Trek: Beyond

Follow Along

I love these guys so much. And I’d been having the fun thought of if one of them had ended up running into the wrong shuttle and had been taken home with the returning crew.

Ezra would think he wasn’t too bad, even if Zeb would snark that it was too old to do anything useful. He’d then take his new anxious-y droid aside and would fix him up, and Sabine would give him a fun new paint job.

Open cluster M41

Open cluster M41 in Canis Major is a large bright cluster (magnitude 4.5) which is visible with the naked eye under dark skies. It has been estimated to be approximately 190 to 240 million old and characteristically includes a few yellow giants as indicated by the image. This cluster lies at a distance of 2300 light-years away and spans another 25 light-years in diameter.

Credit: Anthony Ayiomamitis


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I have a headcanon

And anyone who religiously reads my tags on everything may have found me rambling about this now and then on my main blog. But here is the idea, laid out clearly.

That somewhere in the Galaxy after the war, that there is a group of B1 Battle Droids running a Caff shop. They’re not the best at it, and get yelled at pretty often by mean people, but they make enough credits to keep their little shop open, and to their loyal customers, it’s a fun novelty. Even if the caff isn’t always the greatest. Especially at first.

To curb this issue with them being unable to taste anything, they bring on one biological. A girl, since she applied first! They like that. At first she’s pretty much a taste tester who’s paid to smile at the customers, but over time they begin to settle in with one another and find their groove together.

It’s around then she begins to ask them for simple advice, and they begin to learn tiny bits more about her personal life, which she keeps pretty guarded and to herself. It is afterwards that the droids begin to slowly piece together that she either doesn’t have a good home life, or is maybe not in a good relationship.

So the droids start trying to do their best after work hours with trying to figure out how to best help her, and what advice they can give her on things, because they’ve started caring about her well being and they want to help make things better.

It would totally be a slice of life story, with little dramatic moments happening here and there.

But that’s it. Last night’s episode is possibly the last time I’ll be seeing these guys in any real number interacting with one another (since Roger from the Freemaker’s is on his own), and I wanted to finally write this down.