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Updated: April 17th, 2017

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Rare Celtic “Rainbow Cup” Gold Stater, 2nd-1st Century BC

What appears to be a cup on the reverse of this coin is actually an upside down torc, often worn by wealthy Celts. Inside the torc are 6 pellets whose meaning is not well known. Additionally, the symbolism of the obverse side can only be guessed at due to its abstract nature. Other designs on similar coins include stars, crosses, birds’ heads, wreaths and coiled serpents or dragons.

These types of coins got the name “Rainbow Cups” from Medieval monks who believed they appeared on the ground at the spot where the end of a rainbow touched the earth, as they were often found after a heavy rainfall had washed away the topsoil. They have been found in Western Europe from France to Germany.

Vampire Hunter D Ficlet

Just a little ficlet with D thinking thoughts. Mostly me trying to get into his head when he’s on La’ Shevare in my au. (Explanation Link)  Some of the details may change, I’m trying to figure out the logic of La’ Shevare being a moon orbiting a planet, and hey the atmosphere probs wouldn’t be that color with oxygen so how the hell can D breath IDK but i’ll figure that out waaay later in the worldbuilding process.  Anyway enjoy my Saturday night ramble-

D sat idly, the book in his hand forgotten as he looked out over the balcony lost in thought. 25 years he’d spent on Le’ Shevare so far, and yet the sky was still strange to him. The gas giant the moon orbited hung in the night sky far larger than Earth’s moon, making the colors of the night all wrong. Night never came pitch black dotted with stars, but wreathed in shades of pinks and purples, as though caught at Earth’s dusk. Only the brightest stars could shine in Le’ Shevare’s strange twilight night. There was little to miss about Earth and it’s violent frontier, and he’d be returning soon enough, once he’d learned enough to defeat Him. It was useless to feel homesick and D wasn’t a man who let himself feel such things- it would destroy him if he did. Nevertheless he felt something he couldn’t deny- a longing for the familiar, if lonely night of Earth. He even found himself missing the frequent battles against vicious creatures bent on devouring him.

Idleness didn’t suit him well, it made him restless. He’d only survived so long by being constantly on edge and the frontier suited him well because of it. He’d long ago given up the illusion he could have a peaceful life, the kind where he could sit for hours and read. Yet there was little else to do on Le’ Shevare when he wasn’t sparing with Avaleara. There was no denying he needed the study though. Le’ Shevare was a country whose recent history spanned several million years and it would take far more than 25 short years to catch up on the cultural norms. As such, D found himself in the place of an outsider. Normally that wouldn’t bother him- it was his entire existence. But here he was surrounded by a population whose average citizen was as powerful as one of the greater nobility, to say nothing of the power of those who actually trained. Even more disturbing was the fact that he was cut off from Earth, in an entirely different universe, reliant on them to get home, effectively stranded on a small moon whose surface was a fraction of the frontier. If he made a mistake and pissed someone off, there would be nowhere to run and too many to fight. He wasn’t afraid of death, but he had a mission to complete before he died, so he would tread carefully. So far the people had been kind, welcoming, and forgiving of his nature, but D hadn’t survived this long relying on the kindness of strangers. If he wanted to survive this world long enough to learn from a woman who could make Him retreat, he’d need to play by their rules.

Of course that’s easier said than done in a world that smashed together so many different species and cultures. Coming from a world where Two species couldn’t coexist, D was lost in a way he hadn’t been in millenia. A traitorous part of him thought he could learn to love it here, could be happy here amongst these people who seemed so accepting. There were even humans and “Demons” from another Earth here, who seemed to have made a home here, a welcome and included part of the population despite being so obviously different. D could barely stand to be around Takashi, a half breed who nevertheless seemed perfectly at ease in his skin, as though the two halves of him had never been at war.D concealed his discomfort around him, since Takashi seemed to be the only one who could come close to understanding how different this world was to any Earth, and who answered D’s questions with seemingly endless patience.

So many things in this world seemed idyllic, and D found himself fighting himself. Against his will he was becoming comfortable, a deadly mistake in his world. He fought to remind himself this was only a temporary stop, and that nothing could be as good as it seemed. It would only be a matter of time before the ugly truth surfaced, and if he had gotten comfortable, it would kill him.

So D sat outside in an unfamiliar night, trying to forget or reason away Takashi’s patience, welcoming strangers, and, above all, the smile Avaleara only seemed to give him.

Solstice Punk?

Anyone want to share their solarpunk/lunarpunk plans for the winter solstice? Twinkling lights, mulled cider, snow cream, tree decorating? Star gazing, night hiking, wreath making? Gift exchanges with friends? Fire pits and marshmallows?

It might be a comforting symbol to start seedlings indoors on the longest night as a reminder that things will begin growing again.

Some Christmas Traditions with Monsta X


  • Decorate the tree while dancing to Christmas songs
  • Christmas play, he might even star in one
  • Make a wreath together

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  • Make advent calendars for each other
  • Cheesy Christmas movie marathon
  • Pick the ugliest Christmas tree for your place

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  • Sledding every chance you get
  • Matching Christmas PJs
  • Going out and caroling, sometimes making the other boys come

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  • Going to Christmas markets
  • Baking and decorating lots of cookies
  • Decorating every inch of your place together

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  • So many ugly sweaters
  • Take some ridiculous Christmas theme photo together and use it as a Christmas card
  • Build a snowman, possibly a whole family

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  • Build a gingerbread house
  • Scare him at least once by telling him a story about Krampus
  • Rapping Christmas carols when decorating

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  • Putting up Christmas lights everywhere
  • Snowball fights which can get really intense
  • Decorating Christmas stockings

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Should’ve been that the Doctor fell for her. Dazzled by her courage and intelligence, he adored her. He idolised her. And because of what happened last time, he recognised it, and he acted on it. That’s what Martha fall for: a beautiful, mysterious aliens who shows her the wonders of the universe and looks at her like she’s made of gold and diamonds.

Speaking of which, in this version she actually gets the wonders of the universe, as opposed to slums, slums, crashing spaceship, stuck in 1913, stuck in 1969 and the end of the universe when everything dies. They run across the universe saving planets and writing themselves into legend. It’s a beautiful universe, but harsh too, dangerous. There’s no room for uncertainty in the face of danger, for carelessness, for having a bad mood because you’re wet, cold, hungry and completely exhausted.

The first real sign something is wrong is 1913, when John Smith is afraid of her, not because he’s in love with a black woman, but because he dreams her turning the central axle of the universe, and when he draws she appears, wreathed in stars. (Not just ‘when he draws her’, but that he idly doodles and finds Freema Agyeman emerge.) Because the Doctor idolises Martha.

Slowly she comes to realise that she cannot be herself and live this life. She needs her thick books, late night moans to Tish, the space to make mistakes and cry and not be perfect. So she leaves. Agonisingly, beautifully, radiating the intelligence  and self-knowledge that is always hers, she leaves because she is certain of who she want to be. She has gained many things from travelling with him: a broader perspective on the universe, certain knowledge of her capabilities, and above all the realisation that who she is is not perfect. And that’s fine.

There’s a dream I can never quite remember
but I know it always starts with your chapped lips
and ends with a ragged rift
between my ribs.

In the dream,
my fingertips
are rubbed raw red 
and the air echoes
in the winter breeze.
The trees sing
to make the earth hurt.
The cicadas scream
for what they can’t be.

In the dream,
your laugh is somehow flowers,
lilies spilling from your open mouth
and into the black dirt
falling from my barren hands.
They’ll never grow in this, I say
but you plant the blooming buds anyway.
You laugh some more. You tell me
It’s okay. It’ll be okay.

Sometimes, in the dream,
you love me. Isn’t that strange?
That the gods of night and sleep
should give this gift to me?
You hold my heart like a precious thing
and cup my ice cold cheek.
The sun sets 
on our shadows entwined,
a star-wreathed silhouette.

But usually, in the dream,
you leave me 
and it’s never a surprise.
Just a self-fulfilling prophecy.
You walk away and I
(I like the ones where you stay more, though.
I don’t know if that makes me weak.)

In the dream,
you never look me in the eyes.
Not once.

—  the land of lost dreamers, Amrita C.
Save it for the Swayze Moments

Prompt:  Baking Christmas cookies with Phil. All solid adorable fluff. Because that would be beautiful and I would love you forever. (I mean, I already do, but still) (Also known as the fic where I literally couldn’t come up with a title so you’re just sort of stuck with that one)

Pairing: Reader x Phil

Warnings: None! Just lots of fluff. (Although, now thinking about it, I wrote this at like midnight, so just keep that in mind)

A/N: Love you too anon :) (Also, I used a Delia Smith recipe bc I’m a sad little American who knows nothing about British baking)

“Do I need to preheat the oven?”

“You always need to preheat the oven when you’re baking.”

“Right. Totally knew that.”

“Of course you did,” You grinned. “It’s supposed to be preheated to 180 degrees.”

Phil followed what you said, turning the little knob on the oven up to the right mark.

“Now what?”

You scrolled through the recipe on your phone, reading the first steps.

“Um, we need to mix the flour, sugar, and butter in a mixer.”

“Yeah… except we don’t have a mixer.”

“Crap,” You stared down at the ingredients lined up on the counter.

“Wait,” Phil said, pawing through one of the kitchen cupboards. “We do have these,” He proudly held up two mixing spoons, causing you to laugh.

“Alright, let’s try it.”


You let out a yelp as flower went down your shirt, surely the result of both you and Phil trying to stir at the same time. You’d already had to push up the sleeves of your sweaters, learning the hard way how clumsy you both could be when it came to baking.

“Well good news is I think it’s mixed enough. Bad news is I think we’re going to have to power wash these things to get them clean again,” Phil said, gesturing to his top.

“Yeah, and the next step is,” You paused as you read off your phone, and then groaned. “We have to mix in the eggs and water.” Then it was Phil’s turn to groan.


Phil spread a bit of flour on to the counter and you laughed as it puffed back at him, falling on his cheeks and nose.

“You look like the very epitome of Christmas now, Philly,” You said, grinning at his black hair, which he had somehow managed to get the powdery substance into as well.

“Yeah, yeah,” He dusted his hands off on his pants, leaving two, white hand-prints on his butt. “You look a bit like you’ve been snowed on too, you know,” He said with a smile, brushing a bit of flower off your nose with the pad of his thumb.


You flattened out the dough on top of the floured spot on the counter, and Phil grabbed the pack of cookie cutters you had picked up in the store earlier that week.

“Looks like we’ve got a Christmas tree, a candy cane, a wreathe, a star, and a tiny reindeer,” Phil said, opening up the packaging and scattering them out on the counter.

“Uh-oh. Looks like I’ve got some competition,” He said, the reindeer still in his hands.

You shook your head, grinning at your boyfriend, as you pushed the Christmas tree-shaped cutter into the dough.


“It’s like sending our children away to boarding school or something,” Phil said as he stood with his arm around you, patiently waiting for the cookies to finish baking.

“Well if you’re this emotional over cookies, then remind me to never send our actual children to boarding school.”

“Our actual children, huh?” Phil asked, smiling as he looked down at you. 

You shrugged, resting your head on his shoulder.  

“I mean, far, far in the future of course.” 

“Yeah, there’s no way we’re ever sending our kids to boarding school,” He said quietly, a smile still on his lips. “Future or not.”


“They’re done!” Phil yelled over the sound of Santa, Baby playing on your speakers. 

“Awesome! And now, we decorate!” You replied, brandishing multiple containers of icing and sprinkles in your hands like swords. 

Phil shook his head.

“Sometimes I really wonder which of us is the bigger nerd.” 


“Y/N,” Phil said, hovering over you. “You’re icing them wrong.”

“What do you mean I’m icing them wrong?” You laughed. “That’s not possible.”

Phil shook his head, moving so that his chest was pressed to your back and his arms circled around you. He placed his hand over yours, helping you squeeze a messy star on top of your tree.

“See? Like that.”

“You are so full of it,” You said with a smile.

Phil grinned, pressing a kiss to the top of your head.

“Yeah I know, I just really wanted to do the Patrick Swayze thing.”

“Patrick Swayze thing?”

“Yeah, like from the movie Ghost?”

“I love you,” You said with a laugh, leaning up so that you could kiss him properly. “But you’re a massive dork.”