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It’s raining in Hollywood and a soaking wet, off-brand Chewbacca just tried to get me to take a picture with him in front of Madam Tussaud’s, and yet amidst the chaos of bumbling tourists and soggy cartoon characters, Carrie Fisher’s star is wreathed in fresh flowers and positively covered in glitter, just the way she would have wanted it.

Some Christmas Traditions with Monsta X


  • Decorate the tree while dancing to Christmas songs
  • Christmas play, he might even star in one
  • Make a wreath together

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  • Make advent calendars for each other
  • Cheesy Christmas movie marathon
  • Pick the ugliest Christmas tree for your place

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  • Sledding every chance you get
  • Matching Christmas PJs
  • Going out and caroling, sometimes making the other boys come

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  • Going to Christmas markets
  • Baking and decorating lots of cookies
  • Decorating every inch of your place together

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  • So many ugly sweaters
  • Take some ridiculous Christmas theme photo together and use it as a Christmas card
  • Build a snowman, possibly a whole family

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  • Build a gingerbread house
  • Scare him at least once by telling him a story about Krampus
  • Rapping Christmas carols when decorating

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  • Putting up Christmas lights everywhere
  • Snowball fights which can get really intense
  • Decorating Christmas stockings

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Solstice Punk?

Anyone want to share their solarpunk/lunarpunk plans for the winter solstice? Twinkling lights, mulled cider, snow cream, tree decorating? Star gazing, night hiking, wreath making? Gift exchanges with friends? Fire pits and marshmallows?

It might be a comforting symbol to start seedlings indoors on the longest night as a reminder that things will begin growing again.

There’s a dream I can never quite remember
but I know it always starts with your chapped lips
and ends with a ragged rift
between my ribs.

In the dream,
my fingertips
are rubbed raw red 
and the air echoes
in the winter breeze.
The trees sing
to make the earth hurt.
The cicadas scream
for what they can’t be.

In the dream,
your laugh is somehow flowers,
lilies spilling from your open mouth
and into the black dirt
falling from my barren hands.
They’ll never grow in this, I say
but you plant the blooming buds anyway.
You laugh some more. You tell me
It’s okay. It’ll be okay.

Sometimes, in the dream,
you love me. Isn’t that strange?
That the gods of night and sleep
should give this gift to me?
You hold my heart like a precious thing
and cup my ice cold cheek.
The sun sets 
on our shadows entwined,
a star-wreathed silhouette.

But usually, in the dream,
you leave me 
and it’s never a surprise.
Just a self-fulfilling prophecy.
You walk away and I
(I like the ones where you stay more, though.
I don’t know if that makes me weak.)

In the dream,
you never look me in the eyes.
Not once.

—  the land of lost dreamers, Amrita C.

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Tetradrachm of Mithradates VI Eupator (Mithradates the Great 120-63 BC), Kingdom of Pontus, struck in September of 73 BC

The coin shows the wonderully detailed head of Mithradates VI facing right, wearing a diadem. The reverse has the inscription BAΣIΛEΩΣ / MIΘPAΔATOY / EYΠATOPOΣ , a stag grazing to the left, a star in crescent above a monogram on left,  the date ΔKΣ (year 224) on right, IB in exergue, all within a Dionysiac wreath of ivy and fruit.

The Kingdom of Pontus or Pontic Empire was a state of Greek and Persian origin. It was founded by Mithradates I in 281 BC and lasted until its conquest by the Roman Republic in 63 BC. The kingdom grew to its largest extent under Mithradates VI Eupator (Mithradates the Great). Mithradates VI was the last of the Hellenistic kings to fend off the Romans. He conquered Colchis, Cappadocia, Bithynia, the Greek colonies of the Tauric Chersonesos and for a brief time the Roman province of Asia. After a long struggle with Rome in the Mithridatic Wars, Pontus was defeated. Part of Pontus was incorporated into the Roman Republic as the province Bithynia et Pontus and the eastern half survived as a client kingdom.

Mithradates VI is remembered as one of the Roman Republic’s most formidable and successful enemies, who engaged three of the prominent generals from the late Roman Republic in the Mithridatic Wars: Lucius Cornelius Sulla, Lucullus and Pompey. He was also the greatest ruler of the Kingdom of Pontus, a prince of Persian and Greek ancestry. He claimed descent from Cyrus the Great, from the family of Darius the Great. On the Greek side he was descended from Antigonus I Monophthalmus and Seleucus I Nicator, who were generals of Alexander the Great. After Alexander’s death, they became kings of parts of Alexander’s divided empire.

Mithradates VI issued this coin during his temporarily successful military campaign to free Greece from Roman rule. Like others before him, Mithradates purposely adopted the tousled hair and fierce gaze of the young Macedonian king Alexander the Great (example). However, at the time this coin was struck, Mithradates VI was 50 years old, demonstrating that well over two centuries after Alexander’s death, his portrait was still the archetypal image for kings.