star wormwood

Fiend Trumpeter

One of the seven angels in Christian lore who will blow trumpets at the end of the world, when the seventh of the seven seals has been broken. When the first trumpet plays, a rain of hail, fire and blood will fall to the earth, burning a third of the trees in the world and all the grass that had existed. The second trumpet sounding will send a object like a burning mountain crashing into the sea, where the water will turn to blood, and a third of all its creatures and ships will die.

When the third trumpet rings out, the star named Wormwood will fall and poison a third of all freshwater which will kill all who drink it with it’s bitter taste. The fourth trumpet will block out a third of all the light from the sun, moon and stars. Afterwards, complete darkness will cover the world for a third of the day and night.

Before the fifth trumpet will sound, an angel will warn of their coming with three woes. Then the fifth trumpet comes, that will cause a star to fall from heaven with the key to the bottomless pit. When this pit is opened, Abaddon and his swarm of locusts will be released. The sixth blast will release four angels from their prison in the river of Euphrates, where they will command an army of two hundred million men and their horses that will kill a third of mankind with the plague that they spread.

The last and final ring of the seven trumpets will open the temple of God so that the Ark of the Covenant can appear. When this happens, the world will be ravaged by a thunderstorm, an earthquake and a hailstorm.


Please excuse my quick crappy pen doodles (and yeah my traditional looks p diff from my digital art) but here are some of my dumb ideas I started jotting down for Wormwood’s design. Kinda wanna make them a high and mighty austere and mysterious kind of figure, but then I thought of making them wear like a bunch of different layers of clothes to hide something probably, and emulate the whole “conman side show” thing, and be able to dress for whatever occasion is at hand. I also liked this bc of the whole tent thing and tents really aren’t permanent buildings and so I thought of them as a meandering “always ready to be on the go and find someone else to do their dirty work” kind of person. Or maybe not i dont know?? I also really liked the idea of a star-shaped scar on their face, and I think I might keep that. Anyway, sorry for writing so much, these are just some lame ideas I worked on this morning :///


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