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1K Comeback - Have Your Say!

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Hi everyone! I know it’s been a long while since I’ve posted and I’m going to explain why in a following post for those interested, but long story short: I’m ready to come back to this blog for good and having discovered that, even while this blog was inactive I have accumulated 912 followers - nearly 1,000 beautiful people - I am ready to fully come back.

But - I want to do it in a way that makes this blog more personal and more inviting. I want to have my original identity returned, as the one I came to be known as before I transferred my stories to this blog instead.

Therefore, I am going to be making a comeback on a new blog, which you can find at @the-girl-who-lives-in-her-head. It’s already created, but it won’t be up and running for a few weeks now - why? That’s what this post is going to explain!

I want a fresh start - to put myself into this new blog and have it be friendly and welcoming and truly personal. This blog? It’s a bit clinical and only full of fics with no… personality. My new blog is going to be a sort of do-over for me, and I was seriously considering just moving there and wiping these old stories. But, at the same time, I know that these stories are the ones that earned me all of you guys and I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of them.

So - I’m going to ask all 912 of you to help me out! I will be asking you to send in votes for two different things: which fics and headcanons you would like me to transfer AND what you want me to write my comeback story for!

Votes will be close until 12:00PM (GMT+1) on the 20th of July and the process is simple:

  1. Send me an ask that tells me the title of your favourite fic or headcanon. A reason would be appreciated but just the title will do.
  2. Send me an ask  with the name of the Voltage Inc man you’d like me to write about along with the preferred genre (e.g. fluff, angst, smut etc.)
  3. You can vote as often as you like, and while I will count both anonymous and non-anonymous votes, I would prefer it if these were not anonymous. None of the votes will be publicly responded to and only I will see them anyway.
  4. For the favourite fics, I would like it if you could include a reason why you like that fic in particular - you never know, if the reasons compel me enough then I might just transfer that fic even if it loses out on votes!

All asks will be counted and tallied and the Top 5 Fics/Headcanons will be moved to my blog, and the Most Popular Man will be the main focus for my comeback fic!

Again, votes will close at 12:00PM (GMT+1) on the 20th of July and the results will be revealed at 12:00PM (GMT+1) on the 21st of July, ready for my official comeback and the beginning of my new blog on the 22nd of July, which just so happens to be my 18th birthday! I thought it would be fitting  - having the birthday of my blog be the birthday of me!

I won’t delete this blog straight away after the transfer (this is only a side-blog so deleting is easy enough) to give people time to re-follow me if that’s what you want to do, I’ll probably delete this blog towards the end of July, but this will be dependent on you guys. 

I hope you all welcome me back, I’m happy to return and I hope that while my transition might not be smooth, that I can eventually work myself back up to be respected and - hopefully - liked by you all once more!

cozy-stars  asked:

What would the Matsus bros do if there s/o was sick? (°_°) (also I love your blog!)

(thank you! <3)

Osomatsu: so like, he puts way more effort into helping his s/o when they’re sick than he does for any of his brothers lol. i can imagine him asking his mama to make soup, and him taking that soup to you when he finds out that you’re sick. he might try to pretend that he made it himself, but let’s be real here okay, Oso is an abhorrent cook and everybody knows it, even Oso knows this, so you know he didn’t make it. but the sentiment is still there and still much appreciated. for the most part, he just doesn’t really leave your side. you have your soup and he’ll just stick with you while you’re bedridden and find ways to keep you entertained and give you company. it’s nice. <3

Karamatsu: remember how in the episode where his brothers are sick, he tries to do like, everything for them? goes into the fucking mountains like an idiot to try and get them fresh water? more or less the same deal here. he’d travel to the ends of the earth to find something that would make you feel better because he cares about you and you deserve the best. the only real difference here is that his s/o would hopefully actually give a shit about him and try to deter him from going all the way up to the mountains and potentially getting hurt or sick just for water. so as to not worry you any further, he just goes out and buys shit for you instead. expensive shit, because Kara cannot be stopped, but at least he cares.

Choromatsu: i think he’d honestly be the most practical. he’d make soup and/or tea for you, he’d have cold soaked towels to put on your head if you have a fever, he’d bring you medicine and remind you how much to take and when, etc. he’s your own personal nurse. he’d even hold your hair for you (if necessary) if you threw up. he would only leave your side if you had to sleep or if he thinks you’ll be alright, but otherwise, he’s still on call 24/7. if you’re feeling particularly awful at 2 a.m., give him a call, and he’ll come. he’ll be sleepy, but he’ll still do what he can.

Ichimatsu: he’s also not a bad caregiver. once again, like in the episode where his bros were sick, he clearly knows what he’s doing and knows how to take good care of you. but unlike with his brothers, maybe he holds off on the humiliation and obedience training lmao. it’s only because he cares about you, not that he’ll admit it. if you were to mention it in any way, he’d just chastise you about how this is convenient for him and he doesn’t want to get sick himself, so shut up and eat your congee. he can be a real tsundere at times, but you and him both know that he cares, a lot.

Jyushimatsu: let’s uh, let’s ignore the whole multiplying himself down to atom-size and entering your bloodstream to fight the virus thing, shall we? instead, i’ll say he does his best to take care of you. he isn’t the best nurse, let’s all be real, but omg he tries. he’s just kinda clumsy and a little too aggressive when trying to treat you, that sometimes one of his brothers might need to actually step in and help this poor baby out. he’s that guy who thinks, “well, a few ounces of medication every four hours is supposed to make you better in a weeks time… sO NATURALLY DRINKING THE WHOLE BOTTLE WILL MAKE YOU FEEL BETTER IN 4 SECONDS OK FUCKIN CHUG S/O.” he’s trying.

Todomatsu: actually gives a fuck about you so he DOESN’T try to light the room on fucking fire, this little shit. however, he’s still a little grossed out and turned away by sick people because he doesn’t want to get sick himself. so he might be a little arm’s length with you, not wanting to get too close. it can come off as rude, but it isn’t that he doesn’t care or anything. he’ll still try to help you if he can, but um. maybe he’ll go sleep in another room or something. and wear a mouth mask and disposable gloves when around you at all times. and burn the bed sheets when you’re healthy again. yeah.

Reminder for Tumblr Nerds Group Chat!

Hi everybody! 

Here’s a second reminder that you have less than a week to turn in your applications for the group chat!

If you would like to be involved, please look at the application requirements here

The Tumblr Nerds Group Chat is designed to help fellow fans unite and be exposed to more and more fandoms. We’re still waiting on a few more applicants: You could be one of the lucky 15! 

Thank you for reading this, and I hope you apply! 

- Echo Nox

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Person: They’re a fictional character, it’s not like you can ever date them anyway 


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