star wars: the legacy revealed


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❝ Luke and Leia are, of course, Apollo and Artemis, the divine twins of mythology who come into the world, male and female, to restore it to order.[Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed]

“Of course, he’s got a cape. Who doesn’t want a cape? The swirling cape. That’s a big part of it. He dresses cool. The dark characters always seem to get the cool costumes. Which is to say, there is a dramatic reward, there is an excitement to choosing evil.“

(Star Wars The Legacy Revealed documentary)

Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed is a TV documentary which premiered on The History Channel in May 2007.

This clip discusses Padme’s role within the saga

Anyone who has ever watched enjoyed Star Wars should watch this documentary once in their lives. The special focuses on how Star Wars is relevant today and the history that inspired it, and also makes various connections to Greek mythology. It consists of a number of interviews with well-known politicians, journalists, and critics, along with historical content and clips from all six of the Star Wars movies.