Man said, man done

Ten years old Anakin Skywalker:

“I’m going to marry you,“ the boy [Anakin] said suddenly.

There was a moment of silence, and she [Padme] began laughing again, a sweet musical sound he didn’t mind at all. The creature who accompanied her rolled his eyes.

"I mean it,” he insisted.

“You are an odd one,” she said, her laughter dying away. “Why do you say that?”

He hesitated. “I guess because it’s what I believe…”

Her smile was dazzling.

“Well, I’m afraid I can’t marry you…” She paused, searching her memory for his name.

“Anakin,” he said.

 "Anakin.“ She cocked her head. "You’re just a little boy.”

His gaze was intense as he faced her.

“I won’t always be,” he said quietly.“

(Star Wars: The Phantom Menace novelization by Terry Brooks)

Twenty years old Anakin Skywalker:

“He had only been ten year s old at that time, but from the moment he had first laid eyes on Padme, young Anakin had known that she was the woman he would marry.

Never mind that Padme was several years older than he was. Never mind that he was just a boy when he had known her, when she had known him. Never mind that Jedi were not allowed to marry.

Anakin had simply known, without question.”

(Star Wars: Attack of the Clones novelization by Robert Salvatore)


For @whatshernamemaria…Modern AU. Enjoy! (I couldn’t resist the jokes!)

Obi Wan held out his arm as he came to a corner in order to signal for Anakin to slow down. They watched from the side of the restaurant as ebony HumVees drove toward the desert road.

“Do you feel that?” Anakin whispered.
Obi Wan nodded. “Yes. There’s a Force signature in there.”
“What should we do?”

The blue-eyed man thought a moment. He knew the two of them couldn’t leave the person with those dreaded HumVees. Anakin and he knew just how dangerous those people were. The only thing they hadn’t figured out was where they were stationed (despite the internet).

“I can’t believe we’re not the only ones,” Anakin muttered moments later.

Obi Wan nodded in agreement. As far as the pair knew, he and Anakin were the only ones in the States who were sensitive to the Force. Not many believed the Force was real, but it was a popular conspiracy. In fact, Hollywood had created a whole movie franchise based on the Force and space, as if it were something to come.

“We need to rescue whomever is in that vehicle,” the bearded man stated, “There’s so few of us, we ought to stick together.”
Anakin nodded in agreement. “I agree. But, how are we going to get there without being detected?”
Obi Wan rolled his eyes. “Is that honestly a question of yours?”
Anakin stood his ground. “If they were able to find someone with a Force signature faster than we could, how are we to know whether they can detect it or not?”

Obi Wan thought a moment, considering the younger man’s words. He nodded.

“That is a good point.” He clapped Anakin on the back. “Something to cross when we’ve come to it. For now, we can’t lose the feeling of that Force signature.”
“Oh my gosh,” a girl screamed, “You’re a fan of Star Wars too?”

Anakin and Obi Wan shared a brief annoyed look. They really hated that movie.

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Ahsoka spending time with her adoptive father. Knight Anakin and King Obi-Wan adopted her after the great Mer-War with the Sith.

Based of my Obikin Merfolk AU [Idea Post Here]

@poplitealqueen another of my AUs

Fairytale Obitine

Satine is a noble passing through the main city of Coruscant. Obi-Wan is a knight of the city’s Jedi Order.  He is not aloud to love, lets he fall from the ‘divine’ path he walks. But he cannot help think that maybe, in another time perhaps, things could have been different and they could have been together.

Made with THIS doll-maker on Doll Divine (Yes, I could have drawn it myself but this is more fun. and it looks somewhat better than my art)


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