I am so conflicted about the Jocasta Nu library scene in AotC. On the one hand, it perfectly captures everything that’s wrong with the Jedi Order. if we don’t have the answer, it’s because you and your question are wrong. On the other hand, THAT IS NOT HOW YOU REFERENCE. Damn it, woman, where did you get your MLS and can they take their degree back?


Hi I’m back with my obitine scribbles! and my shitty laptop camera!

100 Euphemisms for...

…and in reference to Obi-Wan Kenobi’s dick.

Inspired by a conversation that @resistancepilots posted between theirself and @albaparthenicevelut.

Also tagging @markwatnae and @prfury since they both waited for this monstrosity in some kind of anticipation.

  1. The Saber-Staff
  2. The Junior Negotiator
  3. The Big Negotiator
  4. The Ginger Menace
  5. “If you go down on it, it’ll come back twice as powerful”
  6. Elephant-sized Love
  7. “Where there’s Kenobi, there’s Skywalker”
  8. The Pad-aaaahh-wan
  9. Return of the Jedick
  10. “Who needs blue-milk when you can have this instead”
  11. A Jedick Master
  12. “No woman left behind”
  13. “No man left behind”
  14. “No senator left behind”
  15. “No clone left behind”
  16. “No duchess left behind”
  17. “No Jedi left behind”
  18. “No any-behind left behind”
  19. Property of Satine
  20. The “Duke” of Mandalore
  21. A long saber
  22. And erect Jedick Knight
  23. A shiny saber
  24. My gift is my dong
  25. Obi-Wan’s Kenodick
  26. “The reason that celibacy can’t exist”
  27. The Stewjonian Skewer
  28. Secret Weapon
  29. The making of A New Hoe
  30. The Big Ben
  31. Old Ben
  32. Obi Junior
  33. Ken- “Oh baby”
  34. Duel of Dicks
  35. “When I split you in half, I should have aimed for your neck”
  36. The Sore- “OooooaaaANNN” -…su. Soresu.
  37. Way of the Mycock
  38. The Jedi Lay
  39. “This is the dick you’re looking for”
  40. Rising Malevodick
  41. “They scare easily, but they’ll be back for it… and in greater numbers”
  42. Voyage of Temptation
  43. A Clones’ of Kamino Wet-Dream
  44. The Bantha
  45. “The only protection you need”
  46. The General
  47. “Get it on with this Stewjon-dong all night long”
  48. Attack of the Bones
  49. A Sith-in-need-of-sheathing
  50. Cargo of Doom
  51. “Come to the Lightside. We have cockies”
  52. The Sith Killer
  53. The Hard War
  54. “Hello There”
  55. Master Kenodick
  56. Ogas-Wan
  57. “The Unifying Force”
  58. Monster
  59. The Keno-baby Maker
  60. “Does that make him a dick-tator or a poli-dick-tion?”
  61. “The tree that grows from the lush, red underbrush”
  62. A gift for Anacock
  63. For a Senator named Padlay
  64. Made for Mace Windick
  65. Property of Cody
  66. “In the custody of the 212th”
  67. “In join-custody with the 501st”
  68. The Rex-needs-some-destressing in his life
  69. A Dick [in property] of the Clones
  70. “This food tastes terrible… maybe you taste better”
  71. The Impossible
  72. “It’s either a saber in his pocket, he’s happy to see you, or both”
  73. Rako Hardick
  74. “Obi-Wan’s second lightsaber”
  75. The Big Bang
  76. “You can’t win, but there are alternatives to fighting”
  77. A Jedi Holoporn
  78. “It’s over, Anakin! I have the high pound!”
  79. Stewjon Dong
  80. “Doesn’t need a lightsaber to split you in half”
  81. Big Fish
  82. Obi-Wans Red Lightsaber
  83. The Lustside of the Force
  84. “He’s finally tall somewhere”
  85. The Maverdick
  86. A Force Awakened
  87. “He doesn’t like flying, but it’ll make you see the stars anyway”
  88. “You like his mouth and brains? Should see what his other head offers”
  89. Short-doesn’t-mean-small
  90. “He doesn’t need four-lightsabers to feel competent. Unlike Grevious”
  91. Obi’s McDicker
  92. Dickspotting
  93. “Not for beginners”
  94. The Serpent’s Kiss
  95. “Would make any politician wanna cause a scandal”
  96. “A tree made by the Living Force itself”
  97. General Kenobi’s personal varactyl
  98. “He’s why Jedi are required to wear so many layers of loose clothes”
  99. The Kenobi Kinky-Creator
  100. “You’ll have a good feeling about this”

This took me about 6ish or so hours. If I ever think up more, I’ll reblog with more. I’m gonna go be ashamed of myself for a little bit now. x’D


Some photos of my Riyo Chuchi cosplay that nearly killed me :p I’ll be making some improvements soon but for the shoot I’m happy with how it turned out :) 

Riyo Chuchi- Me

Satine Kryze- @the-living-duchess

Kanan Jarrus- @spectre-one

Ezra Bridger- @theofficial-wandamaximoff

Sabine, Boba Fett, Hera, and Obi Wan don’t have Tumblr :( 

Photographer- Santiago Photography