The thing with The Phantom Menace.  It’s the worst Star Wars film, by far, but it still establishes the point of the Jedi.

The doors slide open to reveal Darth Maul looking like an utter fucking demon. I mean, honestly, even as a kid I was stunned by horrifying he looked there. Scarier and more sinister than Vader, almost. 

And Jin and Obi Wan are like: “We’ll handle this.” *take off their cloaks in a suitably dramatic manner*  

And Padme and everyone else fled the other way.  

Because ultimately they all knew: “Yeah, you guys will handle this, won’t you?”

Which they did.


Bad Guy x the Good Girl 

Villain + Heroine = Rey + Kylo / Anakin + Padme 

Hayden Christensen & Natalie Portman-Adam Drive & Daisy Ridley


My love, my love
Remember the cries
When winter died for spring skies
They roared and roared
But we grabbed our seed
And sowed a song
Against their greed  (


Darth Sidious: Tell me, why are the Jedi looking for Master Sifo-Dyas? What trail are they following?

Count Dooku: If there is a trail, it is unknown to me.

Darth Sidious: Retrace your steps!  Find this loose end, and eliminate them.

Count Dooku: Yes, my master.

Darth Sidious: This is not the first time you have proven to be clumsy, Lord Tyranus. You know the price you will pay if you fail. 

“Star Wars: The Clone Wars”


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“Nobody hates Star Wars like a Star Wars fan.”

saw this trailer last night and i’ve gotta repost it here because it’s all i’ve ever wanted from star wars fandom


Attack of the Clones | Tidbit Tuesday | The Galaxy’s Greatest Libraries

The Jedi Archives of the Jedi Temple in Attack of the Clones bear a startling resemblance to the Long Room of the Trinity College Library. The similarities are obvious, from the arched barrel vault running the length of the room to the double height book stacks. Even the busts and statuary of the Jedi Archive mirror the busts of figures from the academic world in the Long Room.


“He won’t want me,” Obi-Wan said in defeat. “He’s seen me fight before, and he did not choose me then. No one will.”

Jedi Apprentice: The Rising Force by Dave Wolverton