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what's the difference between the ghost company and the 212th?

Hello Anon!

The Ghost Company is a part of the 212th battalion.

How it works is that you have companies like the Ghost Company that consists of the ground infantry unit. Each company will have a captain who leads them.

Companies are a military unit and act as a measurement to tell you how large the group is (which is a really basic way of describing it lol). For example, companies are divided into platoons, which are divided into squads.

For a visual, consider examples and think of their numbers for these groups:

Torrent Company

Slick’s Platoon

Domino Squad

You’ll also notice that some of the troopers we know who are part of Ghost Company will be sporting their yellow marks to showcase they are part of the 212th (i.e. Boil and Waxer).

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Here's a interesting scenario. What if Anakin was blamed for the Jedi Temple bombing rather than Ahsoka?

I feel that Anakin would react against that accusation very strongly. He already has a shaky relationship with the Jedi Order, but this would make things even more difficult. 

Obi wan would probably try to talk sense into him – that even though he believes Anakin didn’t do it, he urges Anakin to restrain his emotions and put his trust in the Jedi Order to see the trial through. And…I feel like Anakin would listen to him. Even if he has hesitations about that notion, he will try and take his word because, in the end, he trusts Obi wan’s word a lot (even if he is growing to feel conflicted about that).

He is still apprehensive about it all, but when Obi wan speaks to Anakin about thinking about things logically, Anakin tries really hard to grasp that. He is a passionate person, but he understands that if he were to try and break out and run away, that will incriminate him. 

I feel that the events of the Trial might go a little differently because Anakin doesn’t attempt to run away. Tarkin might not even be as harsh on his judgement, and Palpatine would maybe even be the main cause of that influence – turning scales in his favor. 

You have to remember that Palpatine wants to prepare and manipulate Anakin into becoming his apprentice. He doesn’t want Anakin to be banished from the Order if it means he will be out of his reach. 

So, the trial will go smoothly and with Padme still offering to support and defend him, and with very little to incriminate Anakin, he will not be found guilty.

However, I have no doubt that Palpatine would off-handedly mention the incident again and how the Jedi Order had so very little faith in him that they thought he was even capable of such a thing.

Anakin basically has a lot of things working for him. 

His downfall will not come at the hands of the Jedi Order, but the Jedi Order will unintentionally deliver him to the one who will.

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(for the headcanon meme) 7. Kissing headcanon for Dogma?



Dogma’s got a weird relationship with kissing because he’s got almost no practice kissing or being kissed. I maintain that he, Tup and Hardcase are the Sole Survivors of their previous unit, which was otherwise decimated by Krell.  Dogma was his previous Unit’s Whipping Boy.  Krell made him a commander becuase he was so easy to manipulate.

So AFTER Krell magically drops dead before any more awful things can happen, Dogma gets to expiriment with some of his brothers and others, and learn a lot about himself.  Specifically:

He doesn’t care for mouth kisses so much- he’s too sensitive to odd tastes these days- but he loves being kissed all over his neck and shoulders, and up along his back.  He also likes chaste mouth kisses that turn into soft bites on his lips.  His favorite to receive are forehead kisses, mostly because they come right after really terrific sex.  They make him feel safe.

As for giving- Dogma LOVES giving people kisses, wherever he is asked.  Lips? Ok, but no tongue.  Neck? mmm snuggly!  Chest and Abdomen?  Fun!  Lower..?  Oh!  Yes, yes PLEASE!

He tends to not initiate, but he likes it when his partners sneak up on him with a quick peck.  He’s also fond of having them sneak up on him with a pleasant nibble.  

Calling in the Storm

Welp. Beyond the Sea now has magic. I added to the masterpost which can be seen here, if you would like a little background. Huge shout out to @thebisexualmandalorian who was sooo so fun to headcanon all the magic with, and who basically co-wrote this with me. Loudmouth belongs to Jesse <3
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Loudmouth, Rabble, Wolffe and Kix were standing knee deep in the ocean calling in a storm. It was their first attempt, and so far, they were doing well.

The closest thing that one could compare what they were doing to, would be a haka; but it was different. Hakas were used for warning, warding and sending off. This? This was calling something in. Something huge, dark, and dangerous; but also beautiful.

Dark, ominous clouds started to roll in, bringing with it; rains, strong winds and rumbles of thunder.

Jesse, with Cody and Rex flanking him, were out in front of the others by about a dozen feet. They were redirecting the waves, to keep them from getting knocked over.

Rabble and Loudmouth were holding hands with huge smiles on their faces. They were moving in even closer tandem than the rest of the group. If anyone could hear anything over the winds, they would have heard both of them laughing maniacally.

Wolffe with a snarl on his face, focused on the deeper seas, currents and deeper forces. Warning the wildlife of what they were bringing.

Ruckus stepped up behind Kix and placed his hand flat, in between Kix’s shoulder blades, head bowed in concentration. Kix’s hands were in the air, as he was chanting. He pulled them down, hard. Flashes of lightning coming down on either side and behind them on the beach. A very real representation of the tattoo crawling down his arm.

Up on the beach, just at the edge of the water, was Tup. Sarong and loose strands of hair being blown around in the wind. He looked like a conductor, pulling all the pieces, and energy, that the rest of them were putting out there, and weaving, blending them together, to call in the storm.

It was a beautiful sight.

Jango was proud of his adopted family. He was there, sitting in the sand a ways back, in case things went awry. He should have known it wouldn’t have been necessary. They all worked so perfectly together, a cohesive team.

Jango leaned back on his hands, smiled, as he closed his eyes and faced up, feeling the rain pour down.

This was going to be a glorious day.

So as Luminara’s Corpse was housed by the Empire...

It appeared there were a few Jedi that fell for the trap, but I’m quite sure that there were long chasms of time where the Grand Inquisitor had to wait for any prey.

Grand Inquisitor: Another day… another dollar. it used to be so busy back then. I’m sorry we’re not getting a lot of action here.

Luminara: …

Grand Inquisitor: (Whistles for a few hours sitting down)

Luminara: …

Grand Inquisitor: You know, I never got to tell you, I am so sorry with what happened with Baris Offee. If my apprentice betrayed me, I would be broken too… I was the one who apprehended her with that Anakin Skywalker. You recall Skywalker, he’s kind of my employer now, though under a new name. 

Luminara: …

Grand Inquisitor: It’s sooooo funny. I pined so much for my own apprentice to teach and bicker with. But now I’m my boss’s apprentice, the apprentice of Vader… It can be a lonely profession. Anyway, I know it’s not lunch hour yet, but I’m gonna grab myself a caf. You want anything?

Luminara: …

Grand Inquisitor: More caf for me.

Being Yoda’s Padawan

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> He saw a great potential within you. One day he came to see you and said : ”Strong, the force is with you. Mmm. Potential to do good, you have.“ He seemed to get lost in thought for an instant then went on his way. A week later, you were his padawan.

> When he chose you, everyone looked at you with admiration because most believed he was done teaching padawan. 

> He’s an interesting and understanding teacher. He can be quite moralizing but he’s not insensible. He comforts you when you feel down and always finds the words to make you feel better.

>  But he does have a particular sense of humor. At the beginning you were intimated by the great master Jedi but you soon learned that he was far less serious than he looked.

> You’re so used to the way he talks than you sometimes tend to do it when you’re tired. Funny, your friends find it is. But fortunately that doesn’t happen too often.

> But you once did it in front of Yoda. You apologized directly, afraid he’d thought you were mocking him. He looked amused for the rest of the training session.

> Being able to talk to him about what bothers you. He will often listen at your arguments before explaining to you what he believes. Most of the time, you’ll learn an important life lesson. But sometimes you can’t bring yourself to see things his way. He knows it but believes you’re clever enough to understand by yourself. Or to make your own choices.

> Him helping you get more confidence in your skills and in yourself. But still often reminding you that “Do or do not, there’s no try”.

> Him being protective of you. He won’t ever show it but he does use your padawan-teacher bond to make sure you’re alright when you’re on solo mission.

> Basically, being his padawan his a very interesting journey. There is always something to learn and you feel like every instant makes you grow as a person.

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Sleeping headcanon for Dogma? For the meme. Thank you~!

In the cartoon, we see him sleeping and resting on his stomach, or curled into a tight ball.  I headcanon this as a defensive behavior, to protect his internal organs from surprise attack (regretably, not always from the ‘enemy’), and because it muffles the sound of everyone but him getting laid.

Once things get better for him, he has the option of controlling his bedding/sleeping arrangments. He was sleeping in a nest of bedding for a while, until he finally worked up the nerve to join the Clone Cuddlepile and found out that commanders and ARCS make unexpectedly good pillows and brothers make great blankets and thereafter refuses to sleep alone.

Don’t think about the fact that Obi-Wan lost everyone he cared about. Don’t think about the fact that he watched Satine and Qui-Gon die in his arms. Don’t think about the fact that he watched Siri’s ship crash, and watched Padmé’s life run out. Don’t think about the fact that Cody ordered him shot down, and that he never found out if Ahsoka survived. Don’t think about the fact that he and Yoda were the only ones to venture into the Temple after Order 66 and see all his friends and family killed. Don’t think about the fact that he couldn’t bring himself to kill Anakin, but he lost him anyway. Don’t think about the fact that he spent nineteen years in the desert, never being allowed to talk to Luke, and he never got to tell him about his adventures. Don’t think about the fact that he never got to meet Leia or see her grow up. Don’t think about any of those things.

Okay, but seriously, if you like Star Wars, but are not obsessed with it, and would like to KEEP IT THAT WAY… 

Do NOT, I  repeat do NOT start watching The Clone Wars. 

There will be no hope for you. 

It is the path to the dark side, do not underestimate the power of the dark side. there is no escape.

Obsession, you will have.

 Am I the only one who is 90% sure Bo Katan (from TCW) is going to take the Dark Saber and rule Mandalore? Disney did say the character would be returning, along with the original voice actress, and I can’t see any other reason why she would be brought back in.