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Identity - A Star Wars Story - Part One

Request : Hi! Your blog is awesomeness just like you. Could I request you doing a Luke/Leia/ reader fic were Anakin and Padmè had triplets instead of twins? Could you write that the reader somehow ended up in Jyn’s dads care? She’s force sensitive and helps Jyn and Cassian, but gets captured by Vader and Y/N Skywalker’s true identity is revealed. Thank you so much but if I you can’t then it’s totally fine.

I took a spin on this one. It will be a series of I don’t know how many parts yet. I basically follow the main story of Rogue One, but changed with different characters and slightly shortened. There’s a touch of Cassian X Reader cause he’s me space babe and I couldn’t help it.

Thank you kindly my friend who requested this! ;) !!

Part One


“Yes…three of them there are. Separate them we must, protect them from the Dark side.”

“Me and my wife have always wanted a little girl. I shall take her to Alderaan.”

“I will take the boy to Tatooine.”

“Return him to his family you will.”

“The Skywalker’s will be pleased.”

“What of the other child?”

“I know of a brave and smart man, Galen Erso, he has a family. The child will be safe with him.”

“This man, do you trust Senator Organa?”

“Yes, Master Yoda.”

“Very well. It’s settled.”

“May the Force be with us all.”


What was so nice about living near an ocean was that the sunsets seemed to go on forever. The night skies that appeared after were vast and full of stars. You and your family would watch the sunset each evening. Your mother and father would sit in the sand watching you and your sister, Jyn, play in the sand. After a meal on the beach, your papa would tell you about every planet he had been to, listing off the name of each star. You would sit in awe of his knowledge while Jyn and mama would collect shells to make into toys. Those were the nights you looked forward to the most, those evening on the beach.

That was all now a distant memory. As you opened your eyes, the truck bounced with the unruly terrain. Your head shook in time with the wheel’s movements. The restraints binding your hands rubbed, making the skin irritated. It wasn’t just you in the truck either, as you turned your head to look Jyn. Her stare was cold as she observed the other passengers. When she saw that you were done daydreaming, she looked into your eyes with the gaze an older sister would have. You were about to speak, when the truck jolted. The stormtroopers grumbled, getting up to see caused the break in travel. Suddenly, the door to the cargo hold blew open and a flood of rebels entered. The stormtroopers were down before they could even fire a blast. You shrunk back into your seat, but Jyn looked out to the rebels. One of them came up, undoing your restraints, then Jyn’s. He mumbled something to Jyn, and then she pushed him back, fighting her way out of the truck. You quickly followed her, trying to avoid getting hit by the rebels that were running away from your sister. Jyn swiftly jumped out, but with a clunking sound, she fell to the ground. You peered out of the exit and saw a large imperial droid. He looked down at Jyn then to you and said,

“Congratulations! You’re being rescued!”

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Identity - A Star Wars Story - Part Two

Identity Part 2

Thank you all so much for the support on the first part! I’m still in the process of writing all the parts, there will be about five. (Again remember my friends, this is an AU of sorts. Not all details from the movie are in my writing, and a few of the events in my writing never occur in the movie.)I hope you all enjoy!!

Cassian and K2, stood before the entire team, giving the briefing you had heard before. “So everyone get buckled in. We’ll be arriving at the Imperial Base soon.” You made eye contact with the Captain before he returned to his seat. He gave you a small smile, which made you blush like mad. You looked and saw Aben and Bodhi giving you eyes and gesturing towards Cassian, causing you to roll your eyes. Great, Aben had gotten Bodhi into the joke now too.

“We get to see papa again, Jyn. Isn’t this great?” You asked turning towards your sister who gave you a smile. But as you watched her that smile turned to a frown; and despite all the hope around you, you couldn’t help but feel like you were out of place.

“NO! Get farther down! They can track us if we stay above the cliffs!”

“You heard him Kaytoo! Lower!”

“I do not like this. The chance of collision is 50 times greater now that we are closer to the surface! There’s a 60% chance of failure.”

“Not now K!”

“There it is!”

“Bodhi get into a seat! It’s going to be a harsh landing!”

Cassian’s warning caught you off guard and panic surged through your body. You and Jyn were so close at seeing your papa again. Yet so close to having it all in flames, and it’s not fair. The shuttle jolted as it hit the cliffs, causing you to reach for Jyn’s hand and squeeze your eyes shut. The rough ‘landing’ was over quickly and the ship was still in one piece, more less. When Cassian announced that it was safe to get up, you unfastened your seat restraint and released Jyn’s hand from your death grip.

“You alright there Y/n?” You turned a glared at Aben jokingly, which caused her to giggle. You walked over to her and Bodhi, greeting the rogue pilot and thanking him for the news of your father. “It’s no problem! As soon as I knew what the Empire was really planning, Galen contacted me. You should thank him when you see him!”

You smiled at the pilot, “I will. And even though Jyn doesn’t show it she’s grateful for you as well. She’s just nervous about seeing papa again, after so many years.” You and Aben continued to talk to Bodhi until Cassian waved him over. As Bodhi walked away, Aben nudged your arm.

“I’m sticking close to you. The Captain may be hot, but I’m not blinded by that like you are. He’s up to something.”

“How can you tell?” You asked, looking at Aben and seeing a darkness in her mind. She looked back at you, her lips in a hard line. “I never told you how I got into jail.”

“Bodhi and I are going to scout out further ahead. We’ll find a new ship to use since this one is unusable. The rest of you stay here.” The two men disembarked, leaving the rest of you in silence.

“Does he look like a killer?” Chirrut asked after a moment, his unseeing gaze following the path where Cassian had left.

“No.” Baze answered, “He has the face of a friend.” but there was something in his eyes that betrayed his voice. You walked towards the blind man, arms crossed over your chest.

“What do you mean?”

“People get this aura about them, a dark cloud, when they’re about to do something bad.” Chirrut’s words echoed in your head. You turned back to look at Aben, who carried a grave expression on her features. Jyn was already getting her things, picking up her blaster, ready to follow them. You darted over to her as she was about to exit the ship.

“You’re taking me with you!” Jyn just stared at you, with that older sister look, “I’m not putting your life in danger! I did it before, and never again. Stay here with Aben.” She was halfway out the door when the droid spoke up.

“Careful Jyn! Cassian set his rifle in sniper mode.”

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Nutritional info on Obi-Wan Kenobi says he provides 510% of your daily value of salt. (with special guest Siri “FITE ME” Tachi)

True Trans Force Rebel

It is true.  It has happened.  And here it is:

Laura Jane Grace, transgender rocker extraordinaire, was tweeting at the Official Star Wars twitter about getting one of the Star Wars voice changers.  And they replied with this.

Hashtag FOREVER: True Trans Force Rebel!

We here at Transition Transmission cannot tell you how happy this made us!  But I can assure you, we’ve never been happier to be Star Wars fans in all our lives!

May The Force Be With You!

#2 - Characters

Though I do often identify with humans/cis characters in films/cartoons/tv shows, I usually find that I have a stronger connection to the characters who are not human and/or are genderless! (Especially BMO and BB-8, which is why they’re featured in this comic!)

Identity - A Star Wars Story - Part 4

Here we go my friends, send me any feedback you have. This isn’t my best writing by far but I hope you guys will like it! Warning : I did get carried away with writing about Bodhi, you’ll understand.

Those who wished to be tagged : @princeofsassgard @lust-for-pan @po-prostu-fangirl

“It’s not marked. What’s your call sign?”

“Uh….” Bodhi started, looking at you. You raised your eyebrows.

“Say something.” You urged.


“Rogue?” Asked the man over the comm. Bodhi nodded and with a smile added,

“Yes. Rogue One.”

The trip to Scarif was quicker than you thought it would be. The stolen ship just barely made it past the the planet-wide shield, but when it landed a wave of relief flowed over you. You climbed down from the cockpit, to find Jyn giving the whole team a pep-talk.

“We’ll take the next chance, and the next, until we win, or the chances are spent.”

They all nodded in agreement, and you couldn’t help but marvel at how your sister had grown over such a short amount of time. A warm hand on your shoulder broke you from your thoughts.

“Y/N, you remember what you and Aben are doing?” You looked up into Cassian’s eyes and nodded at him. He gave you a small smile, letting his gaze linger on your face. You grabbed his hand squeezed it, pulling him into a tight hug. You pressed your face to his shoulder and wished that time would stop for a little while.

“It’ll be okay, they don’t know we’re coming for the plans. If all goes well, we get out of here in one piece.” You nodded against him, his words soothing your nerves. With everything that had happened, you couldn’t help but feel content in this moment. You looked up into Cassian’s eyes and saw everything that was possible. Defeating the Empire, finding your birth parents, and a lifetime of possibility.

Cassian leaned down, pressing a kiss to your forehead. Not content with that, you pulled his lips to yours. You savored it because despite his words, you felt a pit in your stomach that would not go away.

“This isn’t a goodbye, Y/N.” Cassian whispered as you pulled away from him. You pressed your palm against the side of his face, bringing his forehead to yours. “The Force is with us.”

You knew that Cassian wasn’t all that religious when it came to The Force; but in that moment you saw a flame behind his eyes. Passionate flame, a promise born of fire; that he would see you again.

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Identity - A Star Wars Story - Part 5

This is it my friends, the final part of Identity. I would like to thank my dear friend @miss-skymidala  for requesting this story in the first place! I hope I ended it well and if you want more Star Wars related writings send in some requests! Thanks for sticking with me on this wild ride. Now finally, I give you Identity - A Star Wars Story - Part 5…

Taggeed : @lust-for-pan @princeofsassgard (sorry if I forgot anyone)

“Have hope Y/N, always.” He retracted his hand, sad brown eyes watching you. And as the space closed you shouted, “Cassian I lov-” You were cut off by the clang of metal as the ramp shut completely. You pounded your fists against the metal, screaming for Cassian and Jyn.

Aben pulled you off the floor, but you were to overpowered by anger and pain. You threw yourself on the floor and you could hear the ship break through the atmosphere of Scarif.

“Y/N, if we’re going into the heart of Imperial command, we need to be ready to attack.” Aben’s voice barely broke through to you as you grasped the kyber necklace and closed your eyes. Aben walked away, prepping the weapon you did have. You just sat on the floor, quietly weeping, praying.

“Rogue One; May the Force be with you.”

“We’re approaching the Death Star,” Aben said, her voice cold, “grab your blaster.” You looked up at your friend from your spot on the ground. Her eyebrows were furrowed and her lips were set in a hard line. You didn’t need to use the Force to tell what she was planning. Darkness clouded around her like a swarm of flies. You remembered what Chirrut had said about Cassian on Eadu and felt sick to your stomach. You stood and turned to look out of a window back to Scarif. Hardly anything remained; pieces of the planet flying high above the site where the Death Star’s laser struck. You felt the pain, immense heart ache of a hurting planet, a dead planet. Tears stung at your eyes, but you pushed them down.

“What’s the point?” You murmured, but Aben heard you. Her head spun to face you, her eyes ablaze. She marched towards you, meeting your eyes. “The point!?” She asked, furious. “We take out as many of those monsters as we can and go down fighting. Like Chirrut, like Jyn and Cassian. Like Bodhi. We don’t give up, because they wouldn’t,” she paused, sadness becoming more apparent in her features, “they didn’t.” A loud thump and hissing sound interrupted the moment, causing both you and Aben to turn around.

“We docked.” She whispered, turning back to face you. You nodded at her and picked up your blaster. You and Aben quickly found defensive positions and readied your weapons. The ship door opened and a cold breeze blew into the star cruiser.  Before you or Aben could fire a single shot, both of your blasters flew to the ground. You gasped, but Aben remained composed as she pulled a grenade from her belt. Before she could pull the pin, she was lifted off her feet. She dropped the bomb to the floor and clawed at her neck with her hands. You leapt to her side, pulling her down with the Force. She let out a gasp for air and fell to the ground.

“You.” The voice was robotic, as if it came from a new branding of droid, but when you turned, it was not a droid you saw. A tall figure, dressed in all black, stood in the doorway of the ship. Behind it, the Death Star’s hallway was filled with a multitude of stormtroopers. The Empire knew of your arrival, and felt so compelled by it, they sent troops and a masked creature.

You felt as if you should cry and your head grew muddled with fear; but you felt the warmth of the kyber crystal against your chest and found a renewed strength. You glanced at Aben, who was still on the ground regaining her breath, and closed your eyes. Your hand shot out and with a pull, a cold piece of metal fell into your hand. As if it was an instinct, born into your blood from years ago, you pressed the activator switch. With a buzz, red light flooded your face and the dark creature shouted in anger. “Fire!”

The stormtroopers barged into the ship, unleashing a reign of heavy fire. Using the lightsaber, stolen from the cloaked being, you returned their fire with aimed ricochets. They fell in front of the figure, who remained silent as you sliced through the flood of white armor. What felt like minutes passed, when you had made your way to stand near the creature. With all of his guards slain, he stood quietly. He took a loud breath, “Next time, ask before you take things that do not belong to you.”

You almost laughed at the nerve of the man. You just stared at it’s masked face, and raised the red lightsaber above your head, ready to strike it down.

“Y/N! No!” You heard Aben shout, but it was too late. Before the blade could hit him, the creature raised a gloved hand and everything around you went dark.

“Y/N! Y/N please wake up,” you heard her panicked voice before you saw her face. Your eyelids fluttered open and you were met with a harsh light. You squinted, sitting up to study your surroundings. “Where are we?” Your voice came out more rough than you thought it would sound, but Aben only shook her head. “On the prison deck of the Death Star,” she murmured but she didn’t seem entirely sure, “but all I know for sure is that you went bantha shit on those troopers.”

You rocked off the ledge you were lying on to stand. “What was that thing with them,” you asked, rubbing your aching head. Aben turned to face you, her eyes wide in fear. “Death himself,” she whispered, the terror in her being more apparent than ever. You walked towards her, leading her to sit on the ledge, “Don’t worry Y/N, I’ll get us out of here.” As your friend slept on the ledge, you looked around your cell, seeing only grey walls and a single door. You knew the only chance of escape would come with enemies entering the cell or rebels freeing you. You felt your heart lurch at the thought of the rebels, hoping they got the plans to destroy the Death Star. Now, you and Aben just had to escape before the rebel fleet blew you up.

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Daisy Ridley fires back at everyone who called Rey a Mary-Sue

Some Star Wars fans can’t seem to handle the fact that The Force Awakens and Rogue One both feature female leads. The supposed issue is that that Rey is seemingly flawless, and has thus been labeled as a “Mary Sue.” Daisy Ridley has spoken out against that criticism and explained why the term is sexist.

Here’s a picture of my favourite actor: Liam Neeson. 
I made this one in London at the Madame Toussauds. There was an extra Star Wars part which was actually really cool. 
The reason why I’m posting it is I guess quite obvious, isn’t it?