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Some more of my favorite costumes from Katsucon! I apologize for being in so many of these photos, myself haha. Oops. But all of their costumes were amazing!

Winter Belle: disneyprincessnia
Art Nouveau Zelda group (part of our friend Shauna’s group ahh): lettelle, mangosirene, and melvinopolis
Sailor Neptune: aureliancosplay
Darling Charming: phantasmalfawn
Snow White is me!

At some point(s) in time(s), Link becomes friends with a young woman, Cremia, and her younger sister Romani. If you spend some time alone with Romani, she’ll happily confide to you that her big sister is letting her drink a whole bottle of Chateau Romani, a potent beverage usually reserved for the rite of passage into adulthood. You have to get into a members-only club in a basement and wear a cow mask to drink it, so you know Chateau Romani’s the stuff they usually reserve for adults and their naked painting parties. But Romani is Link’s age, so it’s a mystery as to why she’s being given free rein to knock back the good stuff … until you realize that her sister is intentionally getting her hammered so she won’t feel any pain when the apocalypse hits.

Cremia knows that the world is probably going to end – the Moon’s death mask of a face keeps getting closer and closer to the ground with every passing minute, so it’s a reasonable assumption to make – but little Romani is blissfully ignorant of this, something that can only be explained by how goddamned smashed she is all of the time.

After a while, Romani will ask Link to help her deal with the little problem of aliens abducting their cows. If, like her sister, you decide not to believe this tiny drunkard’s ramblings, the next day you find Cremia sobbing helplessly, as her sister has been abducted herself. Romani does reappear later, but forevermore, she has a thousand-yard stare, speaks in a flat, zombified tone, and twitches uncontrollably every so often in a violent full-body spasm. All you can do is leave her be and hope she can find some peace at the bottom of a milk jug.

7 Creepy WTF Video Game Moments You Forgot Existed


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ID #43049

Name: Gabby
Age: 17
Country: USA

Hello there!
I’m a simple introverted, kinda shy teenager looking for another person I can connect with without having to worry about being judged or being in any awkward situations. I love the idea of having to share my ideas and interests with someone else, and listen to what that person has to say as well. I am very open minded, and no matter what you believe, what you like, where you come from or what capabilities you have, I will be happy to talk to you!
I ought to say I am a huge geek. I have many interests such as in video games (Final Fantasy, Assassin’s Creed, Legend of Zelda), historical/ fantasy TV shows (Game of Thrones, da Vinci’s Demons, The Borgias, The Tudors), Star Wars and some anime and books as well.
I also like learning history, world cultures, different languages (I can speak some Dutch and German, and I am learning Italian, Spanish and French. I would like to learn Polish, Arabic and Mandarin Chinese as well. If you could help me with any of those, that would be awesome!)
I love classical music and background scores of various things, Imagine Dragons, Woodkid, and some heavy metal too.
I am a transmale attracted to females, so if you have a problem with this, don’t talk to me! I don’t want anyone spewing any hate of any kind towards any group. I just want fun conversation and a chance to write the pen pal I always wanted!

Preferences: I can speak with anyone, but someone around my age (15-21) would be cool! Again, no hate (racists, homophobes, etc.)

A Wand or a Weapon

I’ve noticed something recently that I really like about the Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts universe, and the fandom itself.  In a lot of games, books, and fandoms, you find people who want lightsabers, gunblades, Keyblades, Hidden Blades, etc.  

These items are intrinsic parts of the universes and the stories, and hold personal meaning to each and every player, reader, or participant.  They’re wonderful.  But, you might notice that for the majority of these stories, the main key item is a weapon.

Very few books, games, or movies these days have a central, key item that isn’t meant to be a weapon first, and a tool second.  There are definite exceptions to this (i.e. the sonic screwdriver) but for the most part, a weapon is the most important thing a character can have.

In the world of J.K. Rowling, this isn’t the case.  It’s the wand that’s most important; an item that, although has the ability to do terrible, awful things, can just as equally be used to heal, create, and protect.  This is a tool given to young children and the first things they learn to master are levitation charms and useful functions; not ways to hurt another person or creature.  This item can only be used as a weapon if the wielder themselves decides to.

None of this is to say that other fandoms are in any way wrong for having weapons.  A lightsaber is meant to restore balance.  The Master Sword can only strike down evil.  A Keyblade can be used to save entire worlds and there are so many others that are just as fantastic.  

There’s so much to love about all of our favorite, meaningful items from these other series.  I simply adore the idea of the wand- a tool that can be made to create wonderful, beautiful things, and leave the rest up to the witch or wizard who owns it.


Fandoms that Lost Their Shit in 2016

- Mystic Messenger: hot guys + messenger app = large fanbase

- Yuri!!! on Ice: the level of gay is unprecedented. Everyone is screaming and crying over Victuuri being canon.

- Voltron: ready to watch voltron instead of the US presidential inauguration. People who don’t watch voltron will probably watch anyway, because I don’t want to watch a soggy cheeto make a fool of himself either. Half the fandom is already mourning the death of Shiro despite the fact that he is (probably) alive.

- Pokémon: gatekeeping hell after GO launch, screaming and crying after the end of the xy anime, then unified freakout over sun/moon.

- Legend of Zelda: heard the call of the wild at E3, shaking in the corner with quiet anticipation

- Homestuck: took off their hats and gave thanks for a long and happy life before fading into obscurity once and for all.

- Star Wars: Rogue One holy shit

- Star Wars (plus the rest of the planet): RIP Carrie fisher, we loved you for your charm, wit, and talent. May the force be with you.

- Miraculous Ladybug: The Christmas Special Was A Musical Oh My God

- Overwatch: A third of the fandom is toxic af, probably harassing female players or shitting on someone’s playing style rather than giving constructive criticism. The other two thirds are sad and tired and just want to have fun like p lease let them live

- The Last Guardian: isnt a big fandom even though it’s a beautiful game so PLAY THAT SHIT

- Moana: why the hell does everyone want to fuck the crab ?

- Harry Potter: W E   L I V E