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Inktober OTP Prompt List

So Inktober starts tomorrow or today depending on where you live. I decided to create my own list that I’m going to attempt to follow or if anyone wants to try. Here:

1. Forehead touch
2. Kiss
3. Hug
4. Lazy morning
5. Snow
6. Bridal Carry
7. Rain
8. Selfie
9. Harry Potter AU

10. Outfit Switch
11. Mermaid AU
12. Royalty AU
13. Sleeping
14. Date
15. DeAged
16. 50’s
17. Roman/Greek AU
18. Genderswap
19. Pirate AU
20. 20’s AU
21. Fairy Tale AU
22. Ugly Sweaters
23. Flowers
24. School Uniform
25. Cooking
26. Chibi
27. Them with Pets
28. With an Adopt Child
29. Fandom Costume Switch
30. Halloween
31. Marriage

  • Me: I feel like my blog is really lacking something
  • Me:
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  • Me: oh yeah. followers.

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memory magazine: STAR WARS EDITION

#anyone else missing this lady lately

#this SW time of year is not the same

Thaaaat Last Jedi trailer, eh?  The giddy yell of surprise I made at this scene was probably embarrassing, but I have no shame.  Also, I know these are probably two different scenes, but I wanted to draw it anyway, hah. Poor Kylo, gotta work on that welcoming “I’m not freaking out inside” smile.