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Star Wars Vehicle Design Posters

  • Hand Crafted by Artisan Printers using a tried and true technique to create vivid designs.
  • Liven up your home or office with these sophisticated, hand made, original art pieces.
  • Printed with Non-toxic water based acrylic ink.
  • All prints are made on a 100 lb high quality paper and hand made to order.

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tygermama  asked:

Scandalore - the Clones deciding to keep a close eye on Korkie b/c he's the General's son and b/c who knows what shenanigans he'll get up to if left unattended. Satine hates this b/c 1 - they are warriors & they're hanging around her boy & 2 - when he runs out of shenanigans, they start making suggestions. Obi Wan feels safer b/c Korkie is always with Clones & they won't let anything happen to him. Korkie loves his new friends.

Hahahahaha this is truly the AU that keeps on giving, really. You know the 212th is going to be like “…and this is how you make a homemade grenade, son,” and Satine is going to be like EXCUSE ME WHAT’S GOING ON IN THERE?! (I feel like they’d still be appropriately terrified of her wrath though, as everyone is, so they’re constantly coming up with bad cover stories about how oh no, they would never teach the boy about anything violent your highness…)

Satine has to admit that it’s not quite as distressing as when Korkie hangs out out with Uncle Anakin and the twins all day, though. Somehow setting up a small lemonade stand for fun once turned into a system-wide turf war. 

Near Tay Ninh, Vietnam, November 4, 1966: A soldier stands amid swirling dust from a helicopter arriving to evacuate the wounded after the 1st Battalion, 27th Infantry, 25th Infantry Division came under heavy Viet Cong fire during Operation Attleboro. KIM KI SAM/STARS AND STRIPES

Part of my friend’s collection. Last time I went to visit him he put me to work helping him set up this display. I had no idea he was going to do that but even though we were two, 42 year old men, playing with toys, it was like we were 10 again.