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college!namjoon au

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a/n: this idea popped up in my head over my vacation and basically aspiring rapper!namjoon can set my ass on fire

  • Okay so namjoon majors in something dealing with lots of thought process like philosophy, psychology, or the like and minors in music
  •  Namjoon is usually known as that lanky studious kid on campus who is always awake and probably muttering under his breath the day before a big exam
  •  But like??? He’s so smart lol he aces every test so no one knows why he still gets nervous
  •  Namjoon likes to psychoanalyze his friends including his lazy roommate Yoongi
  • He says Yoongi may be suffering from some early signs of depression or something with how much Yoongi sleeps and stays to himself and barely ever shows emotion but Yoongi is like “dude I’ve had three exams in the last week and I’m currently halfway through writing up a presentation due at lunch, of course I’m depressed”
  •  Anywho Yoongi is also the campus DJ
  •  He has serious music skills so he’s perfect for it but it’s also perfect for namjoon because when Yoongi isn’t on air namjoon is using his equipment to record parts of a mixtape he’s working on
  •  "It’s nothing serious" namjoon says seriously, already on hour four of nonstop lyric writing
  •  Yoongi thinks namjoon is really good and has always offered to let namjoon play a finished song or two on the radio if namjoon ever wanted
  •  But namjoon is soooo bashful he’s like “no no no no no no no no” and safeguards the files with his life
  •  But anywho Yoongi decides to hire an assistant for the station bc it’s tough doin all the work on top of making playlists and q&a’s for the nosy people who wanna get a glimpse into the life of a secluded music major
  •  He hired you because you’re pretty hardworking and all you have to do is some errands and things for Yoongi
  •  In the spare time he has, he teaches you how to work the equipment too in case it was ever needed
  •  One night, Yoongi is feeling a lil under the weather so he takes off the night and leaves you to play the last bits of the playlist before the broadcast ends
  •  Namjoon doesn’t know this of course
  •  Yoongi forgets to mention that namjoon comes by on Thursdays to record, so namjoon is pleasantly surprised when he enters the studio, yelling something unintelligible only for you to swing around in Yoongi’s big, comfy chair, eyes wide like you’ve been caught doing something bad
  •  Namjoon’s nervous bc “oh my god… she’s beautiful”
  •  You’re nervous bc “oh my god… He’s beautiful”
  •  You both don’t say anything for a bit until namjoon holds up a plastic bag, and you can see the outline of a NyQuil bottle at the bottom
  •  "Yoongi is sick so I thought I’d… Where is he by the way??“ 
  •  ”… He went home early because he wasn’t feeling any better. I’m his new assistant"
  •  Now namjoon is mad
  •  Not at you but at Yoongi like?? He didn’t tell namjoon he had a hot assistant and let him make a fool of himself in a Star Wars tee shirt and jorts with his hair uncombed 
  •  You shyly stand, feeling like you’re intruding when the next song starts playing through the speakers
  •  It’s Half Moon by Dean, and it sounds far too romantic as you and Namjoon stare each other down
  • Suddenly namjoon is coughing into his hand and awkwardly looking away, he won’t even try to make eye contact, not that you’d be able to hold it 
  •  "I’ll just… Bring it to him on my way home. Nice to meet you-“ 
  •  You cut him off with your name so quick you want to bang your head against the table, but thankfully you refrain
  •  He blushes hard because fuck… Now he can put a name to a face and it only makes his budding crush stronger
  •  "I’m namjoon, Yoongi’s roommate. I can lock up for you if you want, I won’t rat you out”
  •  You nod quickly, wanting to get away as soon as possible because you feel soooo awkward and he’s soooo cute what the heck 
  •  You drop the keys in his hands and when your fingers brush his you swear your skin tingles
  •  He must notice too because he winces and then coughs again, “see you" 
  •  The thought of seeing each other again is exciting, but you simply murmur "you too” and dart out before you can embarrass yourself anymore
  •  Which doesn’t happen because you trip on the rug walking past him, your head destined for the doorframe and you swear this is the worst way to die, in front of a cute boy who’ll probably have to carry your lifeless body out of the studio and the blood stains will never leave the carpet-
  •  Then two very strong arms wrap around your body and yank you backwards, until your back is against their chest and your impending doom vanishes
  •  You feel a warm breath on the back of your neck and blink, refusing to look anywhere but forward, the song still playing softly in the background
  •  "You okay?“ His voice is deep and rumbles against you back and in your bones, making you shiver against him and God was it this hot in here a few minutes ago haha 
  •  "Yeah…” You breathe, his arms gently loosening around you before you’re released completely, and you’re sure if he didn’t keep a gentle hand on your elbow you’d melt to the ground
  •  "I should go" you tell him, cheeks hot
  •  "Be careful, I’m not always gonna be around to catch you when you fall" 
  •  Namjoon has no idea where the fuck that came from but it makes you smile shyly and he thinks it’s a win no matter what
  •  He can’t keep the shaky giggle from rising up out of his throat bc he’s found someone just as clumsy as him, and he’s secretly glad you embarrassed yourself first bc had it been himself, he would have died from humiliation
  •  You shuffle much slower out of the studio this time, playing with your fingers as you spare a glance back at Namjoon, only to see he’s not watching you anymore, but has braced himself up against the wall whispering just loud enough that you can hear “god, she’s gorgeous”
  •  So it goes on for weeks
  •  Yoongi notices namjoon stops by more often, brings Yoongi food or just to talk, but Yoongi isn’t sure why bc?? They see each other all the time at home?? Why would namjoon want to spend more time with him
  •  And then you walk in, namjoon leaning over the counter Yoongi works at, and set down a steaming cup of coffee for the DJ
  •  Your eyes flit over to Namjoon’s as soon as his eyes flit to yours
  •  The warmth in his roommate’s eyes can’t be imagined, nor can the sudden pinkness in his cheeks and oh shit
  •  Yoongi smirks to himself and quickly busied himself with the q&a, while Namjoon is still blushing and leaves not three minutes later
  •  Yoongi is good tho, he won’t tell you how namjoon feels and won’t tell namjoon how you feel, he rather enjoys the longing stares and awkward smiles
  • Yoongi is looking through the files on his computer when he comes across a recent one, made yesterday
  •  Curious, he checks to see if it’s his copy of the show from the night before, because it’s not titled or anything
  •  And then namjoon’s voice floods through the speakers and it clicks
  •  Namjoon’s done a rap about you, sounding completely in love and it’s the sweetest thing. It’s obviously not done because there are little whispered “shits” in between, long bouts of silence before namjoon starts up again, and little hums
  •  It’s a confession, he figures, and feels pretty bad for listening in bc hey that’s private stuff, he’d hate for namjoon to come across something like that of his
  •  And then Yoongi sees that the on air button is still red, it’s still on and has been the whole time he was playing Namjoon’s rap
  •  He knows for sure everyone who tuned in had heard it because it’s a few minutes later that Namjoon bursts through the front doors, looking desperately for Yoongi with eyes blazing in fury
  •  He’s also scared, looking for you, wondering if you had heard
  •  Of course you would have heard, everyone who tuned into Yoongi’s show hears
  •  He runs into the studio and thankfully hasn’t seen you yet
  •  "Yoongi!“ Namjoon yells, his anger getting the best of him
  •  The older DJ quickly locks the door to the recording room, looking through the little glass window on the door to see Namjoon banging on it, his cheeks flushed
  •  "It was an accident!” “Bullshit!” “I’m sorry, Namjoon!”
  •  Namjoon bangs on it a little longer before he feels a hand on his back, small, warm, right over his spine
  • His eyes shut softly, stilling against the door as Yoongi watches with wide eyes bc he really really doesn’t want to watch his best friend get heartbroken right in front of him, in case he had misread your feelings altogether
  • “Did I hear you say you liked the color of my eyes up close?” You spoke, and namjoon turned and expected you to look angry, disgusted even
  • But he turns to see the biggest grin on your face and all of those terrible feelings melt away
  • He nods slowly
  • “Me too” you whisper, grabbing the back of his neck and pulling him in, because God knows the boy was too mesmerized to do it himself
  • Yoongi turns with slightly red cheeks himself, chuckling as he plops down into his office chair. “One for love master Yoongi”
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Study Buddy Stiles

Stiles Stilinski Fan Fic

A/N: Lately my Scott McCall fic Study Buddy has been getting a lot of notes so I have decided to write something similar with Stiles but from his POV not the reader. I hope you enjoy!

Stiles P.O.V

As if waking up late this morning wasn’t bad enough I ended up spilling coffee on my pants while driving down the road and had nothing to change into. Hopefully I have some spare track pants in my locker because this looks so wrong. I quickly threw the jeep into park and made it just in time for my 1st period class. At least I wasn’t too late. Hurrying to my seat beside of Scott I accidentally bumped into her. The most beautiful girl at Beacon Hills. Y/N Y/L/N. She apologized before I could even form a proper sentence. My face blushed as I became more embarrassed by the second. I couldn’t help but notice her shirt was extremely low cut and from my position above her I had a great view. 
“No no don’t apologize its my fault. I should watch where I’m going.” I mumbled. She giggled and replied 
“Stiles its fine really. You were just in a hurry as usual. ” I smiled back and finally took my seat. Scott tapped me on the shoulder and I turned to see him whisper 
“I don’t even need my werewolf senses to smell the chemo signals falling off of you. Calm down dude. ” I rolled my eyes and looked down. I whispered back low enough just for Scott’s ears only. 
“Have you seen her shirt? Its killing me. I was looking right down at upper main street. ” My best friend laughed at my torture. 
“Well looks like someone will be having some great dreams tonight. ” Scott said while laughing and giving me a rough pat. I growled at him causing him to laugh louder. 
“Mr. McCall, Mr. Stilinski care to share with the class what is so comical? We could all use a good laugh. ” Mr. Kiser said as he entered the room. 
“No its nothing. Sorry. ” Scott said in our defense. 
“Good now I can get started with today’s lesson. ” He went straight to writing instructions up on the board and we worked silently for the majority of the class until he spoke up one last time. 
“Before the bells rings I am going to assign you partners for our next project. They were randomly generated so don’t complain because you can’t switch. This is to help you work better around people you aren’t so comfortable with. Also I have noticed when you choose partners nothing gets accomplished or one person does all the work. So listen up the pairs are…” He went on naming partners until he reached my name. 
“Stilinski and Y/L/N.” My eyes almost popped out of my head. Scott flashed his usually smile and winked. I was going to die. Or make a complete fool out of myself hell probably both. She turned around and gave me the most beautiful and innocent smile I had ever seen. 
“I know you wanted Scott but I promise I’ll be a team player! Biology is my best subject. ” She spoke so sweetly, I just melted into her words. 
“Oh no its fine really! I hang with Scott all the time so its cool. Really I am honored to be your partner. ” Fuck that sounded so lame. Stiles you are the worst. I mentally beat myself up. 
“Well I’m honored too. So you wanna knock this thing out early and come by my house after school? My parents work late so we will have peace and quiet until 8. ” She gave a small smile at the end for persuasion. As if I could say no.  
“That sounds great, awesome actually. I don’t have lacrosse practice today so yes. I’ll be there around 4:30? ” Damn I sound way too eager. 
“4:30 is fine. I’ll have us a pizza and some snacks ready. See ya Stiles.” She waved me off and the bell had just chimed to release us. I turned to Scott for reassurance. 
“So how terrible was that? Did I sound dorky as hell?” My best friend stood there like a stone statue. Oh no it was bad. He finally spoke and laughed 
“Dude you were calm. I mean a little jumpy at the offer but not as bad as I thought you would be. I think she likes you. I was picking up on some of her scents and they smelled very interesting. ” I grabbed Scotts arm out of shock. 
“What do you mean interesting? Does she like me?” I screamed a little too loud. 
“Yeah I think so. I mean thats what it smelled like to me. Either that or she just really likes biology. ” He walked away with a smirk. 
“Yeah don’t toy at my emotions McCall! You know I’m gullible!” He kept on walking. Now all I have to do is make it through the rest of the day and then I get to spend more time with her. 
The rest of my classes were so slow, I finished all my assignments within in minutes and found it impossible to sit completely still. This was my last period so I needed to contain myself before getting to Y/n’s house. I slipped my phone out and sent Scott a text. I needed some advice. The final bell rang and I shot up and flew out the door. My werewolf friend was of course already waiting at my locker for me. 
“Okay dude what do you need advice on?” Scott asked calmly. 
“So how do I know if she. Likes me. Like as more than a friend. You said you picked up on some strong signals earlier. So what if she does? How will I know?” I blurted my question out. Scott has been in a long term relationship before. But me? Not so much. I haven’t even made it to 2nd base so I am screwed in this department. 
“Listen Stiles you will just know okay? The mood and feeling will all be there giving you hints. Her body language will say it all. Just relax and don’t rush or push yourself dude. ” I exhaled loudly. He gave such a right but unhelpful answer. But I knew what he meant. 
“Okay man I catch your drift. I just need to calm down and go with the flow. ” Scott smiled and gave me a nod of reassurance. 
After getting my books together I climbed into the jeep and looked at my phone. Y/n lived about 15 minutes from the school so I had just enough time to get there. It was already 10 minutes after. I took out my cologne and sprayed some on my shirt just to freshen up a little. Then I realized it was too strong so I rolled the windows down in hopes it wouldn’t be so bad by the time I got there. God I’m such a klutz. I sprayed way too much, messing up as usual. I pulled out and drove faster than normal. I was still nervous but more eager now. Her car was already in the drive way so I pulled in behind her and gathered my stuff. I took a deep breath and rang the door bell. I heard the pitter patter of her feet and then she opened the door. I immediately noticed she had changed. She had ditched her school clothes for a Star Wars tee shirt and shorts. She looked amazing. 
“Hey, come on in! Make yourself at home. ” I smiled and entered her house. Slipping my shoes off I followed her like a lost puppy into the kitchen. 
“If you don’t mind, grab those cans of soda and follow me upstairs. ” I obeyed and trailed behind her. I couldn’t stop my eyes from locking onto her ass. Those shorts were killing me. The way it bounced as she went up the steps. Okay Stiles enough. We made it to her room, as I walked in I took in the sight of movie posters, album art and books everywhere. She was a closet nerd. That made her even more attractive. 
“Whoa your room is awesome.” I said while still gazing around. 
“Really? Most people I have over tease me because its like a geek domain. But I can’t help what I like.” She replied with a blush. Even when embarrassed she was still breathtaking. 
“Well I think its awesome. You have great taste. To me you are far from a “geek”. I said with a genuine smile. She blushed even more then thanked me. I couldn’t believe the effect I was having on her. A guy like me was making a girl like her blush and feel embarrassed it didn’t feel real. 
“Well I guess we should get started. I have a few ideas for our project. ” She began talking while getting her notebook out. I sat content watching her go over some potential projects and I started picking up on some extreme eye contact and body language. She was flirting, I think? I took out a pen and began writing down some notes. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Y/n was biting down on her bottom lip and her eyes were locked on my hands. I thought maybe I was seeing things but no. She was dead on staring. 
“Stiles you have huge hands. ” She blurted out. Her voice was strained. My face heated instantly. I had honestly never noticed. 
“Oh…uh really? Th..they feel average to me. ” I stuttered out. She looked at me shaking her head no. 
“Far from average. I bet you could do a lot of great things with them. ” Okay now she was definitely going somewhere. She picked up my hand and ran her tiny one over my fingers. Her eyes scanned and admired my palm. I couldn’t stop watching. She brought my index finger up and slid it into her mouth. I could feel her hot wet tongue sliding along the bottom and my dick instantly hardened. 
“Do you like that Stiles?” Y/n asked as my finger left her lips. 
“Y…yes. A lot.” I croaked. 
“Do you want me to stop? ” She questioned sweetly. I couldn’t form actual words because now her hands were on my belt buckle, slowly undoing it along with my button and zipper. I simply shook my head no. She then grinned wickedly. I pushed my chair out and away from the table giving her easier access. Her hands tugged my jeans down along with my boxers. I immediately felt self conscious. Y/n could tell. 
“Don’t be shy Stilinski you’re hot. Relax and let me take care of you. ” She winked and a small smirk formed on her perfect lips. I gave her a reassuring smile. I suddenly gasped out when she took my length into her grip. Her hands were so small but she knew how to use them. Her mouth followed quickly behind her hand. She was now taking me all the way in. I let me head fall back against the chair. A moan left my throat, but It felt more like a growl. Her mouth pulled back as my dick popped out and she kept it in her hand as she looked up at me.
“Fuck I can’t take it anymore. I want you inside of me Stiles. I wanted to take it slow but I can’t. I need you now.” Y/n jumped up and began stripping her clothes off in a frenzy. I followed along by removing my shirt. She then stradled my lap and the contact of her heat against my dick made me grow even harder. And I didn’t think that was possible. My eyes were glued to her perfect breasts that were now eye level and on display begging for me to touch them. Y/n grazed her fingers teasingly over her hard nipples. 
“Use your mouth Stiles. Don’t be scared .” She coaxed me along. I brought my mouth to her breast and licked softly over her right nipple. This caused her to hum in pleasure. I then started to suck a little as I pinched her other nipple between my fingers. She moaned loudly. 
“Fuck… yes Stiles that feels so good. ” I continued working on them, she lifted herself up just enough to slide my dick inside of her dripping core. I couldn’t help but to buck my hips up in order to feel her even more. It wasn’t long before her hips began and thrust and grind onto me. Not even staring off slow and gently. She was riding me like a cowgirl in no time. I could easily tell she really really wanted this. And I was honored to give it to her.
“Y/n you feel so amazing. But I don’t think I can hold it back much longer. ” I admitted. This was all too much for me to hold back. 
“Its fine baby just please promise me aftwards you’ll finish me off with those million dollar hands? ” she begged. I could never say no to her. 
“Of course beautiful. ” I replied trying to sound sexy. Apparently I succeeded because her pace picked up and I let my hands grip onto her hips to help keep her steady. She rolled her body in a hypnotic rhythm that made me cum in no time. I buried my face into her neck and she bite down on mine in return. I felt like I hurt, I was pushing her down onto me with such force. After catching my breath I spoke up. 
“Are you okay? I hope I didn’t hurt you?” But she just giggled and replied 
“ Of course not. Your size was just way more than I expected so I had to relieve the tension somehow. The real question is are you okay? You look a little out of it. ” She giggled again this time at my now wrecked state.
“I am more than okay. Amazing actually. I can’t believe this just happened? I better not be dreaming. ” I replied. 
“Glad I could make you feel like that. And I hope you aren’t either because now its your turn to play with me. I am dying for those fingers Stiles. Come on.” She stood up and bounced over to her bed. I watched as she splayed herself out on the sheets with her legs slightly spread open. She didn’t even need words to beckon me over. I could see it written on her face and her body. It all just called to me. I climbed onto the bed next to her and decided to tease her a little. I flicked my tongue all around her left nipple and slowly rolled the other around between my fingers. Then I gave it a hard pinch. Her head flew back into the pillow. 
“Fuck Stiles please finger me. Please.” I ignored her pleas and continued playing with her breasts. I turned my licking into nibbles. She moaned loudly and tried to take my free hand and move it further down to her heat. I fought back and heard a groan of anger. She was getting more on edge now.
“Stiles please. I want your fingers. Do something. ” she was more stern this time. Deciding that was enough I took my index finger and slowly eased inside of her dripping core. She was so wet and turned on I could feel the heat before I even entered her. This girl was beyond ready. Working my finger in and out she hummed and bit her lip so hard I thought blood would appear when she let it go. I added my middle finger and started moving faster. Curling my digits ever so slightly until I found her favorite spot. 
“Yes right there Stiles. I love it.” She purred out in pleasure. I let my thumb move up and over her clit. This caused a string of profanities to fall from those precious lips of hers. I slowly rubbed circles there. Making sure I didn’t jump into it. I really wanted to make her feel as good as I did just moments ago. My free hand went to play with her nipple again to add to the sensation that I could tell was already pooling in the pit of her stomach. Her breathing became sporadic. I circled smaller and faster figure eights onto her bundle of nerves and pinched slightly harder on her nipple. Her eyes were now screwed shut and she chased her release, riding my fingers and shaking beneath my touch. I watched in awe as she rode out her orgasm. Soaking my hand with her juices. When she finally came back down from her high I kissed her softly. 
“Was that as good as you hoped for? ” I asked in hopes I fulfilled her fantasy about my hands. 
“Fuck yes Stilinski it was even better. You are skilled with those things. I honestly can’t feel my legs. ” She admitted. Her eyes were now barely open. I could tell she was beyond spent. 
“Well you are extremely sleepy now so I guess I should go and let you rest. ” I spoke up. 
“No! Stay. My parents aren’t going to be back until later. I already locked the door and can sneak you out before they even get here. I don’t want you to leave. Unless you really have to ” I noticed she sounded almost like a kid in the way that she begged with her puppy eyes and frown.
“Of course I’ll stay. I could lay with you for hours Y/n. You are the most amazing girl I have ever met.” She smiled at my words.
“And you are the most amazing boy I’ve ever met. Now let’s nap. You really wore me out. ” I nodded and climbed back into her warm bed. This was something I could definitely get used to.

Unnamed Pilot Chapter to an Unnamed BumbleBY Fanfiction...

Blake enjoyed these times. The times when she and her girlfriend, Yang, would be in Blake’s room. Blake would be reading or doing homework, and Yang would be cuddled up against her, more than likely asleep. Blake looked to the sleeping blonde, letting out a soft chuckle, shaking her head. She swore Yang was narcoleptic sometimes. Falling asleep in the class. The weird thing was that the teachers never seemed to mind it.  She was new to the school this year, and Yang did seem to have a friendship with most of her teachers. So maybe Yang was always like this and they kinda just gave up on trying to keep Yang awake. She did manage to get good grades even without doing the homework. Something that always baffled Blake.

Yang kept swearing that the sleeping issue was because she would stay up until the ass end hours of the morning playing video games. Which also wouldn’t surprise Blake. Yang doesn’t really broadcast it, but she is in fact a very geeky individual. Having a large collection of video games and comic books. And on more than one occasion, Blake had ended up wearing one of Yang’s Star Wars tee shirts to bed after she would leave them at her house because it smelt like Yang.

Blake looked over to the clock, sighing when she saw the time. She would have to be sending Yang home here in a few minutes. They had school the next morning and it was already almost midnight. She marked the page of her book, putting it on her nightstand before poking Yang’s cheek. “Hey, sleeping beauty… wake up.” Yang grumbled something incoherent before pulling herself closer to the faunus. Blake rolled her eyes, poking the blonde’s cheek again. “Yang, get up. We have school tomorrow. You gotta go home.”

“Can’t I just stay here?” Yang manages to mumble out, tightening her hold on Blake. Opening one eye to her girlfriend, a hopeful look on her face.

Rolling her eyes again, Blake gave the girl a small smile. “As much as I’d love that, Yang, we can’t. You know how we are. We’d get… distracted.”

This causing Yang to smile, letting out a small giggle. “Damn right we would.”

Shaking her head again, the faunus runs her fingers through Yang’s golden locks. “We need sleep. You need sleep.”

“I just slept,” Yang grumbles out.

“You need real sleep, Yang. Not just a nap.”

The blonde sighs, moving into a sitting position. “Alright, fine.”

“You know I don’t think staying up late and playing games is the reason you’re so tired Yang, I think it may be part of the reason, but most people would be used to it by now,” Blake states, watching as a nervous look appears in Yang’s lilac eyes.

“I’m fine, Blake. Don’t worry yourself over me…”

“But I do worry. I’m your girlfriend, Yang.” she reaches a hand forward, caressing Yang’s cheek. “You can tell me anything.”

The blonde sighs, smiling as she leans into Blake’s touch. “I know, and everything is fine, Blake. Nothing is wrong. In fact things are perfect.”

She didn’t buy the girl’s words but reluctantly decided to accept it for now. Blake knew that Yang would tell her when she was ready. It’s clear it was a sensitive topic to the blonde. “Okay, it’s fine.” she gives Yang a small smile before getting up to her feet. Yang following suit. She walked her girlfriend to the door, giving her a quick kiss before sending Yang on her way. She watched as Yang climbed into her old beat up truck. The vehicle making a loud rumble upon starting, getting louder as she began to accelerate. The sound diminished soon though as Yang drove off.

Walking back inside, Blake looked to her mother who was smiling at her. “What?” Blake asked, confused by her mother’s expression.

Her mother looked back to her book. “Oh nothing sweetie, you two are just cute.”

Blake turned a light shade of pink, pulling up the collar of the hoodie she stole from Yang up to her nose. Trying to hide her blush.  “T-thanks mom…” she stuttered out, embarrassed before walking back to her room. Her mom giggling as she walks off.


The next morning was strange. Normally Yang would have messaged her to ask her who was driving today and give her a good morning. Blake let out a sigh and sat on the armrest of the couch, waiting for Yang to message her. She started to worry when she started calling Yang’s phone and there was no answer.

Fed up, Blake grabbed her bag and threw it in her car, driving over the Yang’s house. Once there, she saw her girlfriend’s truck was still parked in the driveway. She grumbled to herself about Yang staying up late as she got out of her car. Blake made her way up to the house and began pounding on the front door, yelling out Yang’s name. “Yang! Get your ass out of bed! I told you not to stay up late!” No answer. After a few more attempts, the faunus gave up, stalking back to her car, still grumbling. Getting in her car, she relaxed into the seat.

“Maybe she caught a ride with Weiss and Ruby.” She lifted her phone, looking at her last message from Yang that was from yesterday about hanging out. “No. That makes no sense. She would have said something to me.” her worry began to grow, but she quickly tried to squash it. “She’s probably at school. Maybe she woke up in pissy mood. Had car troubles. Something…” Blake groaned as she started up her car, pulling out of the driveway and heading off to school.

Once at school, she was concerned to find Yang absent from their first class. Goodwitch didn’t seem to concerned by it though. She just let out a small sigh and marked Yang absent. Normally when a student was absent or late she would grumble something about them being lazy. Maybe it had to do with the fact that Yang always slept in class and that she just didn’t care or wasn’t surprised by it.

As the day wore on slowly, Blake could hardly stay focused. She figured she would’ve heard something by now. Walking down the hall to lunch, she was pulled from her thoughts by someone calling her from behind. She turned her head to see Ruby jogging over to her. Finally. Maybe she could finally get some answers. Turning the rest of the way she didn’t even wait for Ruby to stop before asking about Yang. “Ruby, where the hell is your sister?”

When Ruby stopped, she caught her breath for half a second before speaking. “That’s why I’m here, Blake.” Blake raised an eyebrow, concern still on her face. Ruby began to nervously gnaw on her lip. “It’s Yang, Blake. She’s in the hospital.”

Blake’s eye widened in terror. “What? W-what do you mean?”

“Dad had to take her there really really early this morning. She’s really sick, Blake. Well, she has been really sick.” Ruby played with the hem of her shirt, not wanting to make eye contact with her sister’s girlfriend.  

Blake’s thoughts were racing. What did Ruby mean by sick? What was wrong with her? But most importantly… “is she okay?”

Ruby shook her head. “I dunno… I haven’t heard from dad yet…” Ruby began to gnaw on her lip again. “She never told you then, did she?” Blake shook her head. “Makes sense. She doesn’t even like to admit to herself.”

“Ruby, what do you…” Ruby cut her off.

“I bet she told you it’s because She’s up late playing games all night… why she tired all the time. Am I right?” Blake nods, trying to say something only to be cut off again. “That’s half the truth. She does do that sometimes. Really it’s because her body is trying to fight it.”

“Ruby!” Blake exclaimed a bit of desperation in her voice. “Please tell me. What the hell are you talking about?! What’s wrong with Yang?!”

Ruby let out another sigh, biting hard into her lip before speaking. Her voice cracking as she does. “Blake… Yang is dying.”

- Damn… I really enjoy making the bees hurt… and breaking Yang. But as Francis once said, ti make an omelet, you gotta break a few eggs. or something like that… 

As stated in the title, this is a pilot chapter. Where it goes, I do not know. Kinda depends on the reception of it.. And yeah… I suck at titles so never expect much from me in the realm of titles. -

I Promise You (Twelve Days of Christmas Day Six)//A Stiles Stilinski Imagine

Day Six: Stiles Stilinski (Teen Wolf)


Title: I Promise You

Character/Celebrity: Stiles Stilinski (Teen Wolf)

Word Count: (unknown bc mobile)

Rating: T

Warnings: language as always/sexual things


Stiles hasn’t been the same since his fight with Scott.

His nightmares have gotten worse, he’s sleeping less and less to avoid them, and, on top of it all, he’s pretending like he’s fine.

Stiles never lies to you, especially about things like this, so when he tells you he’s totally fine, to say you’re irritated is an understatement.

You’ve been there through it all, the day they met, the day they became best friends, and the day they fought. It was brutal, and Stiles hasn’t slept quite the same since.

“What do you want to do for Christmas?” You ask. You and Stiles are sitting on the couch at his house. He has his head in your lap, and up until your question, the two of you had been sitting in comfortable silence as you ran your fingers through his hair.

“Christmas?” He asks, opening his eyes and looking up at you. “Oh shit, that’s in like three days, isn’t it?” You nod and he pulls a hand down his face, sighing. You guys haven’t even decorated and you can already feel the stress radiating off of him.

“We should visit your dad.” You suggest. The sheriff is still in the hospital, drifting in and out of consciousness every few days or so. Luckily, he still seems to be himself when he is awake, joking around with Stiles and you. “He’d be upset if he woke up on Christmas and we hadn’t been there.”

“Yeah, you’re right.” He says, sitting up. You take a deep breath.

“How’re you doing?” You ask him. You see a flash of pain across those eyes you love so much, before the facade takes over again.

“Fine.” He promises, leaning over to kiss your cheek. “You want to head to bed?” You can’t help it, the kiss makes you smile.


And that’s another thing. You and Stiles haven’t had sex in almost three weeks which is the most uncharacteristic thing thus far. You guys haven’t gone that long since you took that cruise last summer with your family.

You’re honestly starting to worry that all of this is making him question his feelings for you.


Christmas morning, you wake up to an empty bed.

Sitting up, you hear noises in the living room. You get up and pull on sweatpants and one of Stiles’s shirts before heading into the room.

“Babe?” You ask, rubbing one of your tired eyes. A second later, both of them are wide.

The living room is covered in decorations. Snowflakes, lights, two trees. You can’t believe your eyes.

“Stiles?” You look around the room.

“Surprise!” He yells, throwing his arms around you from behind. You laugh and turn to see him with a Santa hat practically falling off of his head.

“Someone’s surprisingly festive.” You say. “When did you even have time to do all of this?” You look around at the lights. The bigger tree in the corner has presents under it. “And where did those come from?” Stiles breathes out and leans his forehead against yours.

“I know I’ve been disconnected lately, babe.” He says. “This thing with Scott has me stressed out.”

“He’ll come around, Stiles. He always does.” He nods against you.

“I know. And I’ve been letting it get in the way of our relationship.” He says. “And, God, Y/N, I am so fucking sorry for that. You deserve so much better than me.” You shake your head.

“Shut up, Stilinski.” You say, kissing him. He smiles against your lips and picks you up, carrying you to the couch.

“Present time.”


Twenty minutes later, you’ve both got stacks of gifts next to you (he’d found his at the back of your closet, luckily you’d managed to wrap them before he got his mitts on them).

You’d given him a few tee shirts, the Star Wars blu-ray box set, and a few other cute nerdy gifts you’d seen throughout the last few months. He’d given you a stack of his old hoodies (which you love because each of them will have his scent imprinted in them for weeks), a few journals to replace the ones you’d filled up this year and a Sephora gift card (with a signed promise that he would suffer through a trip to the store as long as he could go to the comic store he liked three stores down from it).

“There’s one more.” He tells you. You raise an eyebrow when he disappears behind the tree and reappears with a small box.

“Stiles, no.” You say, pulling your knees up under yourself as if you can escape what he’s about to do.

“Don’t panic.” He says, coming over to sit, cross-legged in front of you on the floor. “I’m not doing what you think.”

“Oh thank Jesus.” You mutter.

“Here’s the thing, Y/N. One day, I am going to give you the best damn proposal the universe has ever seen. It’ll make every woman jealous, every man feel like an idiot, and it’ll get shared a million times on Facebook by a bunch of old white women.” You roll your eyes, but smile. “But today isn’t that day. Today is a day for something else.”

“The suspense is killing me, Stilinski.” You say, smiling down at him.

“This is a promise ring.” He says, opening the box. “I’m not really at a point in my life where promises come easily to me, but this one does. I promise that one day you’ll get that proposal. I promise that you’ll be mine forever.”

“Am I crying?” You ask. “Are these tears?” He laughs and reaches up, wiping his thumbs under your eyes and nodding.

“Yeah, I think so.” He answers, kissing you. “Good tears?” You nod to confirm as he slips the ring on your finger.

“Good tears.”


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like real people do

an: merry christmas to my darling @imhookedonadarkswan! I’m your csn secret santa!! I know we didn’t message back and forth much, but that was because I was fairly certain my identity would slip if we did haha 

Anyway, you asked for: “We both stayed in the dorms for winter break and basically have the whole building to ourselves so maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to hang out” and I really hope you enjoy this! It was lots of fun to write!! <3 

(special thanks to @swans-and-pirates for reading it and crying at me!!)

word count: ~4700

rating: l for lots of christmas, lots of snow, and lots of flirting. (and also love)

Emma Swan wakes with a start to loud music that certainly isn’t coming from inside of her apartment.

She bolts upright, narrowing her eyes at her alarm clock. It’s only seven on Saturday morning, the first Saturday of winter break, and she’s quite frankly pissed.

She had been under the assumption that no one else would be here over break, which is understandable because most people have families to go home to, or at least friends to tag along with. Emma’s different. Emma doesn’t have either.

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