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I have to post this video about what i just reblogged, translations are as the follow:

Q: Many viewers said that there are lots of chemical reactions going on between Chirrut and Baze, what do you think?

Jiang Wen: I’ve got chemical reactions with all the characters, what kind of “reaction” are you suggesting?

Donnie Yen: Friendship is a thing that both men and women can have, there doesn’t have to be a romantic relationship between every pair of man and woman. Same for the relationship between two men, it’s not always friendship, it could be…

Jiang Wen: *cough*

Donnie Yen: I think they are very good brothers.

The Thrawn Crisis Regency AU 

for @operaticspacestrash 

Welcome to Myrkr estate, Sir Luke…

After being set upon by Imperial agents and left in the woods to die, Luke Skywalker, the secret son of late and unlamented Lord Vader, is rescued by Captain Karrde, a notorious smuggler, and the mysterious Miss Mara Jade. He soon discovers that Miss Jade was once the ward of the former Emperor, and that she desires nothing more than to see him dead. Meanwhile, Admiral Thrawn’s fleet gathers off the coast and no one knows which way the tide of war will turn…


…you know, Quinn, if that captaining thing doesn’t work out you could always become a professional Sabacc player. You clearly have the face for it.

I don’t need luck, I have you.

I ship these two so hard.

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