star wars space battle

What you think Star Wars Rebels is going to be about: The formation and the early days of the rebelion and how it came to be the one we know from the movies. Seeing them plan strategies to undermine the empire and recruit new members.  + lots of space battles

What Star Wars Rebels is actually about: A snarky human Jedi and badass twi’lek pilot who are actually married. Their adopted Jedi son and and  warrior, explosion-loving, tech-savvy daughter. Plus their grumpy, fight-me brother, as well as an annoying droid pet. They make plans on how to sabotage the empire and then their plan goes to shit so they have to Wing It ™. Somehow this family of rebels manages to give you more feels than any show on Disney Channel should. + lots of space battles.


Behind the Magic: Creating the space battle for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

IMAGINE Thrawn in the middle of a battle and then...


Thrawn: Oh dear, the Emperor is calling me.

Emperor Sidious: Hello, Grand Admiral, I was wondering if you’re available.

Thrawn: Emperor, I’m occupied with Phoenix Squadron at the moment right now.

Emperor Sidious: But Vader has the flu and I need someone to take the Inquisitors out for ice cream.

Thrawn: Emperor, I have a duty to finished here.

Emperor Sidious: You can take them to the museum.

Thrawn: Deal, I’m postponing this battle. I’ll get them next time.

Star Wars: Ambient Music

Dagobah -  Background Ambience

Space Battle Background Ambience

Jedi/Sith Starship (1 hr) - Background Ambience

Death Star - Background Ambience

Coruscant Traffic - Background Ambience

Coruscant Skyrise Apartment - Background Ambience

Hoth Atmospheric Ambience / Snowstorm

Kamino Ocean Storm Background Ambience

Tatooine Desert Background Ambience

Imperial Intelligence Headquarters Ambience

ECHO BASE Background Ambience

Ambient/White Noise Lightsaber Sound Effects

Darth Vader Breathing

Someone posted a Star Trek Ambient Sounds version here,  As much as I love Star Trek, Star Wars has always been my favorite. I immediately tried to find a Star Wars version on tumblr and couldn’t find one, so I had to make my own.