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What you think Star Wars Rebels is going to be about: The formation and the early days of the rebelion and how it came to be the one we know from the movies. Seeing them plan strategies to undermine the empire and recruit new members.  + lots of space battles

What Star Wars Rebels is actually about: A snarky human Jedi and badass twi’lek pilot who are actually married. Their adopted Jedi son and and  warrior, explosion-loving, tech-savvy daughter. Plus their grumpy, fight-me brother, as well as an annoying droid pet. They make plans on how to sabotage the empire and then their plan goes to shit so they have to Wing It ™. Somehow this family of rebels manages to give you more feels than any show on Disney Channel should. + lots of space battles.

The Thrawn Crisis Regency AU 

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Welcome to Myrkr estate, Sir Luke…

After being set upon by Imperial agents and left in the woods to die, Luke Skywalker, the secret son of late and unlamented Lord Vader, is rescued by Captain Karrde, a notorious smuggler, and the mysterious Miss Mara Jade. He soon discovers that Miss Jade was once the ward of the former Emperor, and that she desires nothing more than to see him dead. Meanwhile, Admiral Thrawn’s fleet gathers off the coast and no one knows which way the tide of war will turn…


A New Hope (1977) Deleted Scene: Luke Watches the Space Battle


Well, the first video met with great response so I thought I’d keep going.

Here’s the first segment to feature Chopper as well as Kanan and Hera.

It’s called “The Machine in the Ghost”.

I’m going to post these under the hashtag #choptalk

Please note: I tried to keep Chopper’s responses within his personality but also with in the PG rating. Maybe later on I’ll the do REDBAND CHOP-TALK. ;)

comments are greatly welcomed and encouraged.


Note: I don’t actually know that much about Star Trek as I only recently started watching it, and have been watching more of TNG than TOS, so I apologize for anything I might of gotten wrong.


Soda Pop Bubbly

Besides Shiro Keith had never really had friends. Had never really tried. His early years had been spent living in the middle of nowhere West Texas being homeschooled by his father. There had been no other kids around. There hadn’t been a lot of other people around period. There had been the waitress at the dinner they went to so his father could watch the news, and the grown sons of the owner of the ranch his father had worked on. The waitress had been nice. She had given him free slices of pie regularly. The rancher’s sons had been dumb, mean, or both. His father had been a conspiracy theorist and an incredibly paranoid one at that, so they hadn’t had Wi-Fi,  smart phones, computers, or a television because his father hadn’t wanted to make it easy for the government to spy on them.

After his father…went away when he was nine Keith had been shipped off to a foster home already filled with six other kids and located in the city of Lubbock. The city had been like another world, and the other kids just as alien. He hadn’t known about Transformers, Batman, or any of the other things they talked about, and they hadn’t known about the Barney and Betty Hill abduction, the Roswell crash, or anything else of importance.

His father had once told him that the majority of humanity were blind men who believed they saw all. He had learned in that first foster home just how true those words were. He also learned just how cruel kids could be. After that first home he didn’t bother with the other kids. With anyone really. They all had their heads in the dirt while he was gazing at the stars.

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Something that fascinates me about the clone wars is the sheer scale of them. 

When the Resistance attacks Starkiller, Poe was leading one squad– one squad– against the whole base.  But even stranger than that is that the First Order didn’t seem to have many more ships than that. Even the OT didn’t see as many cruisers and star fighters involved in their battles as the Separatists and the Republic did in the clone wars, and definitely not so many fight at once; I mean, the republic waged hundreds of fights of the same scale as Rogue one simultaneously.

I’d honestly be delighted to see a fic where the NT trio gets back to the time of the clone wars, just to see them freak out about how huge it was. lbr, Poe “Democracy/Rebellion Nerd” Dameron would flip. out. if he got to see any of it.  Rey would love seeing the ships she spent her whole life scavenging in action, for real.  And Finn!! with the clones!!! And how the Jedi treat them as individual people!!! 

I need it. please.  someone write this.

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Just mute the movie?

(on Star Wars in a vacuum)

Well no, just the space battle scenes. All the inside shots would be loud with the outside effects muffled more, but all shots completely outside a ship would just be dead silent with music

it would be really uncomfortable since the filmmakers designed it without that in mind but I feel like a space-action movie that prepared and incorporated silent vacuum space into warfare would be really interesting