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They went from this (her doing the kick move to him)


Her doing the same kick move but with his help this time.

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He had his own blaster out and fired a cluster of tight shots above her head. Jyn could only guess one of the rebels had been aiming the explosive her way. Cassian had shot one of Saw’s rebels to save her life.


“Tell that to the one who killed our men.”
Jyn looked to Cassian. In her mind’s eye, she saw him fire his blaster in the plaza, felt the grenade explode over her head. She remembered the cold, guiltless sensation that had passed over her then; shame found her now, gripped her heart, and she tore through it with anger.

this is a daily reminder cassian did not shoot galen because 

he looked at galen erso through his scope and saw his daughter’s eyes. 

Episode IX working title “Black Diamond”

I was intrigued by the decision to have black diamond be the working title of the next Star Wars movie and did some research and what I found made me believe that Kylo/Ben represents the black diamond and this will Be about his redemption.

1. Black diamonds are tougher than any other diamond. Their dense structure makes them more difficult to cut and polish than colorless diamonds.

2. In Italian culture, black diamonds represent reconciliation and they believed that touching a black stone would give them good fortune in their marriage and would help them get past any marital issues.

3. Black diamonds are not truly black, but rather contain numerous dark inclusions that give the gems their dark appearance but the inclusions are more grey in appearance by themselves.

4. Black diamonds don’t shine in the traditional sense. Black diamonds actually ABSORB light instead of reflecting it.

“Put me down, Kenobi!”
“It’s Captain Kenobi…”
“Whatever, I can walk from one end of the ship to the other on my own!”

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if you squint you can see slots next to the Hook. He can shoot lil’ darts and stuff with it :D I got impatient with this one but I wanna try and drew alternate version of it… Maybe tomorrow.

@forcearama those are the pirates i was talking about 

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what exactly did luke DO back on tatooine? like, what was his life as a member of the slave rebellion like? you've made it sound pretty wild (vandalism, accessory to grand theft, gunrunning) but I Need To Know More?

Well the “grand theft” charge in fact refers to stealing people. Or it would, if they could ever pin anything on him.

Luke was mostly involved with running people to safety, helping to hide them on his family’s farm, and in particular helping Aunt Beru perform the surgeries to remove transmitters in the hidden room off their garage. By the laws of the Hutts, that makes him guilty of grand theft and accessory to grand theft.

By the time Luke was a teenager, and starting to get pretty heavily involved with the freedom trail, the scanner had spread through most of the underground network. The stories say that Ekkreth stole the secret of the scanner from the Depuran and gave it to the people. And Ekkreth wears a hundred thousand shapes and works with a hundred thousand hands, making modifications, passing the device along, spreading from safe house to safe house and giving the people the tools they need to steal themselves.

Luke himself has made a couple of modifications to the scanner: he’s made the design more streamlined, smaller, easier to hide. And, of course, he’s used it quite a lot himself.

They have a system, Luke and Aunt Beru and Uncle Owen. Aunt Beru is the surgeon. She was Grandmother Shmi’s student and her hands are steady and strong. She teaches Luke, too, and he’s performed a few surgeries himself. But usually his job is to work the scanner, and then to talk the person through the operation, to help them in any way he can. Uncle Owen runs interference and makes sure that everyone is fed and safe, and sometimes he pays off the right people when it has to be done.

And, of course, there’s the farming business to attend to, as well. They all do that.

And okay, maybe sometimes Luke likes to sneak out with his friends, and maybe they’ve tagged a building or ten, and maybe there was one time they almost got caught red-handed by Bib Fortuna himself. But they didn’t. That’s the important thing.

And yeah, all right, maybe Luke’s run guns a few times, but that’s not a big deal. Everyone on Tatooine has run guns at least once. It’s just something people do.

(A few years later, Luke casually mentions some of these things to his new Rebel friends, because really they aren’t a big deal so sometimes they just slip out in conversation.

Wedge stares into the camera like he’s on the Office.)


You: “Oh, how I’d love to see you in handcuffs, Master Kenobi.”
Obi-Wan: [smirks] “Been there, done that.”
You: “Yes, but not with me.”
Obi-Wan: “No, not with you.”
You: “Yet.”
Star Wars Universe
Obi-Wan Kenobi

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   you live in your shackles.   you were born in them.   raised in them.  tainted by the metal that rubs against your skin.   and when,  only when they came loose.   did the shackles fall,  was the monster released.  a monster that drove on the spill of blood,  the hurt,  the pain,  the agony.   ending with an everlasting burn,  and the shackles reattached,   hot,  burning shackles.  that remind you,  for the rest of time.  that you may never be free.  even in death.   //   private anakin skywalker / darth vader. loved by chloe.