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Reylo Fic Recommendations

If you’re looking for some good Reylo fics, I have a list of four that are currently in progress.

Your Reclamation, Then by Greenfire87

Synopsis Luke sends Rey to turn Kylo Ren back to the Light, lots of lemon-y goodness, well-written and an intriguing plot. 

Rated E

Word Count 45K+

Updates Currently multiple updates daily, will be going down when author goes on vacation

Forms by Trebia

Synopsis Kylo Ren and Rey’s Force bond causes trouble for the two of them. Well written and has a lot of neat stuff from the now uncanon EU. 

Rated E

Word Count 25K+

Updates Every few days

Interstellar Transmissions by ricca_riot

Synopsis One day, during training, Rey feels things that aren’t her own. Well written, lots of drama, naughty fun.

Rated E

Word Count 23K+

Updates Daily or every other day

The Edge of Uncertainty by  writingramblr

Synopsis In this AU, Rey is a student waging a political protest war against a big oil law firm where Kylo Ren works, the two meet before the two know and sparks fly. 

Rated M

Word Count 13K+

Updates Daily

I kinda suck at describing things without giving anything away, so I tried to keep the synopses brief.