star wars pocky

anonymous asked:

How many friends do you have? And name 10 things you like. Please!

Are… are you talking about people I’ve met outside the internet?
Because if so, the answer is two.
My sister and my friend, Sammy.
Otherwise, I point at all the google history blogs. You all are my friends now, sorry ‘bout your luck.

And ten things I like?
1) Cats
2) Drawing
3) Hetalia
4) Harry Potter
5) Archery
6) Star Wars
7) CAH
8) Pocky
10) All-you-can-eat buffets


May the Fourth be with you!

I did makeup today! :D My camera does not pick up glitter well but I assure you I am wearing it. It is everywhere, my dudes. The bf is probably going to make a face at me for all this glitter, but I feel like Carrie would approve.

Have a beautiful day, nerds.

Giant Star Wars Pocky.  I saw an ad for it in Shibuya after I saw these in the grocery store. 

I was tempted to buy this but I have allergies so I wasn’t sure if I could eat all of the flavors. 

Also I just realized how much Star Wars merch I saw while in Japan, which was a lot more than I was expecting.  I guess it’s a classic everywhere.