star wars pet

Ravenclaw Headcanon

A group of muggle born Ravenclaws, who were interested in filmmaking, got together and formed a film production club at Hogwarts. One year, the club made a Star Wars remake starring their pet cats. Rumor has it, McGonagall played Princess Leia. 

kylo/poe –“ben solo isn’t here to rescue you…“

kylo’s reconditioning can be cruel….<3 part of the slave princess poe series (x)

//draw every day 2017!!!  thank you for all of the requests! take it easy on him, kylo! beg harder, poe. pull him back to the light!

I haven’t drawn any jedistormpilot fanfiction tropes in a while again, so here’s one for jedistormpilot AUs: 

Mechanic!Rey (working at Han’s garage), nurse!Finn (just finished his studies and started working), chubby little girl!BB (Bonnie Bernice? Barbara Beth? Anyway Poe’s and Jess’ child), dog!Black One and professor!Poe (teaching something flying-related at uni) :)