star wars opening weekend

Everyone who is hyped as hell for The Shape of Water, we NEED to show up to opening weekend. The following weekend is the new Star Wars movie. I absolutely know that TSOW will be crushed under the Star Wars excitement, there’s no way around that. So we need to make as much noise as possible on the opening weekend, because that’s the only chance it has.

Maz Kanata’s smuggler paradise has a giant statue of herself, arms open, perched on top. The thing is, I don’t think Maz has the ego to set it up there herself, so I’m headcanoning that, say 120 years ago or so, a group of smugglers got a bunch of cash together and commissioned this giant sculpture and presented it to her as a joke. “Oh hey, Maz, so none of us can remember a time before you were here and since you’re clearly gonna be the last of us to croak (your personalized brews keep the whole system running, you know; the universe won’t let you die your brews are so important), we want you to have THIS to remember us by!” One of their ships swoops overhead, a cargo hatch opens and Maz’s semblance is slowly lowered to the ground, cheers and laughter rumbling through the audience. 

The last of that crowd died 40 years ago. Maz remembers her final conversations with the last of them, reminiscing over that day, the retired smugglers daring Maz to go first so she can have their drinks waiting for them on the other side. Maz comforts them, subtly guiding the Force to dull the pain of limbs tired from fighting, of hearts exhausted from the thrill of the chase and acting as both predator and prey. She weaves them a peace they so rarely knew in life, these tired friends once so vibrant and full of jokes.

When the First Order bombs her outpost, she knows the exact moment her statue is blasted off its pedestal, feels when the arms crumble and the body collapses in segmented disarray. Memories of laughter and cheers and deathbeds unravel around it as the First Order desecrates her home, the adopted home of hundreds others over the years. Maz Kanata gathers who she can in the aftermath, and she plans.

Putting in over 600 hours of work (!!!!), Andrew DeGraff absolutely KILLED it with this painting for #ArtAwakens.

This map represents all locations and every Jedi Knight and Sith Lord’s path trajectory (as well as every spaceship/vehicle they travel in that is heavily featured) from ALL 6 Star Wars movies. We’re not sure you can see the detail online, but this is truly one of the greatest pieces we have ever shown in the gallery.

I’m sure other galleries will try to have Star Wars shows after this, but I am 100% sure no Star Wars piece can beat this. The exhibit opens THIS WEEKEND, both Saturday and Sunday, from 11 AM - 10 PM at 7308 Melrose Ave. STOP BY and see this in person!!! Trust me.
'Force Awakens' Sets Opening Day Record, Speeds Toward $250 Million Weekend
By Marianne Zumberge

Variety: “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is set to make an opening weekend total of as much as $250 million after setting an opening day box office record with $120.5 million on Friday, according to estimates. The movie would break the $208.4 million opening weekend record currently held by “Jurassic World.”

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles did what Star Wars never did.

All five installments reached #1 on their opening weekends across 24 years. 

Even Turtles in Time and the Imagi animated flick. 

Only six out of seven Star Wars films opened at #1 (Clone Wars opened at #3, and before you say it doesn’t count, trust me, it counts). 

I have to say as a long time fan of the franchise (and a critic of how Nickelodeon is handling the franchise today), I’m pretty proud of how far these boys have come over the decades. 

I just got home from seeing TAB in the theater. I wasn’t sure what to expect crowd-wise, but that theater was as full as it was when I saw Star Wars Friday night of opening weekend. Packed almost completely full. 

Seeing Sherlock on the big screen? What a thrill! The audience response was fascinating: lots of laughter and gasps. When Moriarty first appeared, the woman next me clutched her chest and scooted to the edge of her seat. When the jet first landed, you could feel the collective WHAT THE FUCK.

And at the end, there was applause. I am so glad I went.