star wars office

Scene - A dinner party between members of the Jedi Council and the Galactic Senate days after Padmé told Anakin about her pregnancy

Anakin: It’s so nice to finally have us all together, especially when we have so few opportunities to enjoy each other’s company. *fondly smiles down at his secret wife*

Padmé: *smiles but looks slightly worried while everyone else looks mildly impressed*

Anakin: I would like to propose a toast. So if you’d all raise your glasses–not Padmé, for obvious reasons–

Padmé: ….

Anakin: –but everyone else, if you would raise your glasses–

Obi-Wan: What’s obvious? Why can’t Senator Amidala drink?

Anakin: Padmé can’t drink?

Padmé: ….

Anakin: Who–I didn’t–I shouldn’t have said that. I don’t know why I did. She can do whatever she wants. Though she shouldn’t.


Mon Montha:

Bail Organa:

The entire Jedi Council:

Anakin: She’s an alcoholic. Padmé is an alcoholic.


Rae Sloane

They are pioneers in this space. They are the first outside the charted limits of the galaxy.
She realized: It can be mine, if only I am willing to take it.
Soon, they will be at their destination.
And soon, it will be hers to take.

~from Aftermath: Empire’s End by Chuck Wendig

(Inspired by this!)

BARACK: “Sooo…..ummmmm…..
TRUMP: ”……“
BARACK: ”……did you see ‘Suicide Squad’?“
TRUMP: "Um…uh, no. I’m not really a 'Star Wars’ fan.”
BARACK “………….Jesus Christ–”