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Ok, but imagine that there is this joke within the FO where they call Hux ‘The Fox’ and whenever someone is supposed to deliver a message from the General they say: What does the fox say?

and then they burst into song.

Thanisson also tried to make Hux say things like ‘hatee-ho’ and ‘dingeringeding’ and record it so someone could put a music video with Hux’ voice together.

The song has also been played through the speakers of Starkiller once instead of one of Hux’ speeches. accidentally of course.

Kylo did it. Who else, right? Hux hates everything at this point.


Rae Sloane

They are pioneers in this space. They are the first outside the charted limits of the galaxy.
She realized: It can be mine, if only I am willing to take it.
Soon, they will be at their destination.
And soon, it will be hers to take.

~from Aftermath: Empire’s End by Chuck Wendig

(Inspired by this!)

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‘Hidden Figures’ beat 'Star Wars’ at the box office this weekend

  • It was a close race that looked deadlocked Sunday, but Monday morning brought good news for Hidden Figures
  • The film won the box office this weekend and is officially the no. 1 movie in the country.  
  • This is the win that will make Hidden Figures a success not just at the box office, but also with the Oscars. 
  • And most of all, as star Taraji P. Henson noted on Instagram, it again proves movies about women and people of color make money. Read more

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Lothal Imperials - Dusk Patrol

Drew this a while back and never posted it, I am so excited that Star Wars Rebels is getting canonical loth-wolves in the next season (even though the look a bit different from my design now LOL)!

This was going to be the first picture of a little scene of the Ghost rebels being hunted by a loth-wolf mounted scout patrol, led by Lieutenant Lyste.