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En vrai les Jedis ils perdent un manteau par combat vu qu’ils le laissent toujours tomber et qu’ils le ramassent jamais, quel gâchis

Je suis contente, j’ai réussi à corriger avant le week-end le chapitre 7 de “Armitage Hux et le Trésor des Hutts” :D Comme à chaque fois, je me dis qu’il faut que j’arrête de faire des chapitres aussi longs et au final… on frôle encore les 10k, ahahaha! Enfin bref, j’espère que ça vous plaira et bonne lecture :

Sur AO3
Sur FFnet

(c’est rigolo d’ailleurs, sur cette fic, je reçois pas mal de commentaires sur FFnet et presque rien sur AO3, alors qu’en général ça s’équivaut. Du coup, je me demande s’il y a des genres de lecteurs différents sur un site par rapport à l’autre, plus sensibles à un certain type de fics etc… Ca me rend curieuse!)

Using Ne

I wrote this to a friend and just… had to share it.

Tragically, there’s this misconception online that ISXJs are not creative and do not “Ne.” I am proof that this is erroneous. Whether Ne is like this in higher Ne users, I cannot say; maybe it’s less erratic or maybe more (they certainly go off on more unrelated tangents, whereas my brainstorming is all connected to the initial object), but mine still works like alphabet soup.

There are days I feel like my Ne explodes and I have NO IDEA what I want to say. Like today.

I must write my monthly editorial, and I want to do something on Star Wars that will be insightful and relevant. I had a notion, a vague idea, that I started in on, but wasn’t sure where I intended to go with it, and by the end of the fourth draft it was a completely different article than when I started. It’s still not finished. I might get up in the morning and rewrite it, taking it in another direction.

I started talking about how skewed perceptions influence our worldviews and how it’s illustrated in the saga through two characters and their differing opinion on Han Solo. That led to thinking about the Creator/Human dynamic going on in the subtext with the Son inevitably wanting to destroy the Father Figure and how it hooks to mythology and our inborn desire for independence from a higher authority. Then I thought about how Kylo Ren’s fanaticism parallels the current state of misguided youths joining up with militant fundamentalists. This took me down a side trail about how villains never think they are villains, and how dangerous humans can be when convinced they are serving a “just” cause that is actually destructive or immoral.

I then thought about how the characters reflect the current state of our culture, and modern youth’s disillusionment with establishments, old moralities, and “myth” (religion), and how the dynamic between the missing Jedi and the distant Sith Lord are parallels for the indecision and leaderless state of our society, as well as possibly hints at our perspective on God – that He doesn’t exist, that He does exist but is a mean old bastard, that He exists but just left us here to fend for ourselves, that He exists but slaps us with a bunch of rules, or He exists and loves us, which leaves us wondering why we suffer? That took me back to an earlier idea I had about how the “gods” we worship may be gods we created, instead of authentic images OF God, which ties into the theological works I’m reading at present suggesting Christianity has had a negatively warped view of God throughout the ages. I became tempted to draw parallels with the Sith Lord, a massive hologram who pushes and punishes without remorse, and the Old Testament God.

Naturally, that leads me to ponder the different spiritual symbolism and ideologies running through the subtext of the film, and think about the different potential explanations for what “the Force” stands for (is it pantheism, does it tie into ancient mythology, how does Christianity fit into it?). None of this is without a dozen other arguments, fan theories, speculations, and theories about the new series and where it is headed running in the background, plus all the thinking I’m doing about the different personality and Enneagram types of the characters. And this has been going on for days. My thoughts are so erratic, so outward building in an ever increasing gleeful mass, so keen to parallel it in a dozen different ways, that I’m winding up with no real ability to put any of it down on paper in a way that makes sense.

Honestly, I don’t know how I ever write anything that makes any sense. =P

- Charity (why yes, Ne is long-winded, thanks for noticing)


So I went to the flea market for the first time in a few months to get some more games. I ended up getting two games that I’d been wanting for a while. NARC and Star Wars. I feel like I got a pretty good deal on them too. It took some negotiating though. My local flea markets have plenty of games but the prices aren’t what they used to be.