star wars meme

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(the sw meme) 1, 4, 21, 22, 29, 30.

(1, 21, 29 answered)

4. Favorite soundtrack(s)
The Ahsoka Leaves theme is great and sad

22. Worst character(s)
Does that mean character I thought was terribly written or character I like the least? Because there exist both sorts. Palpatine is my absolute least favorite, no doubt about it. Krell is pretty up there. And Lux. Also Clovis. Please delete all of them, thank you

30. Unpopular opinion(s)
I kind of hate when Leia is referred to as a Skywalker. She’s an Organa, by nurture and by choice, and she wants nothing to do with Vader, whoever he might once have been. DNA is irrelevant. But of course it’s the relationship with Vader that people prioritize (both in and out of universe! Just look at Kylo Ren!), and I don’t like it

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11,12,13, 23! and may the force be with you!

11. Favorite droid(s)
Roger from The Freemaker Adventures! He’s so constantly done with everything, but still cares so much for the Freemakers, despite the Star Wars universe’s horrible mistreatment of droids

12. Favorite clone trooper(s)
Now that’s a hard one. Every single one is my son and I love them all. Um. Maybe Rex? Or Wolffe? Or Cody? idk, mention any other clone and they’re probably ALSO my favorite

13. Favorite bounty hunter(s)
Asajj Ventress, no contest. I love her a lot.

23. Jedi, Sith, or Grey Jedi
Grey Jedi, but sort of by default? The regular Jedi are far too attached (hah) to rigid codes with little to no examination of them and their position in the galaxy and their traditions. Basically a mess. The Sith are a mess in a different way, dedicated to personal power, giving no care to murder and collateral damage. Grey Jedi are, hopefully, a middle road between these two extremes, a path that, among other things, allows for the best chance at any sort of emotional and mental health

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15, 19, 29?

15. Favorite line(s)
I am not a quote oriented person, and I’m sure there are all sorts of Serious and Meaningful quotes I could pick, but for whatever reason the only thing that’s coming to mind is Obi-Wan to Maul: “I like your new legs. They make you look taller.”

19. Favorite lightsaber color(s)
I love Mace’s purple lightsaber. A+, best color, would choose again. (The darksaber is also pretty rad, too)

29. Underrated moment(s)
(answered, but I can always come up with more) Every single scene with Bail, okay? They’re all underrated. Every one of them.