star wars leaked photos

Leaky Photos (drip)

“I’m (NOT) fixing a hole where the rain REYLO gets in
And stops my mind from wandering
Where it will go

And it really doesn’t matter if I’m wrong
I’m right
Where I belong I’m right
Where I belong”
- The Beatles

AHHHHHHHHH…….CAPE. It’s like patch-work?? Is it made up of dozens of old Vader capes?? Oh, Ren, that’s so sweet, you’ve been sewing, again! And going through grandpa’s stuff.

I guess I should have got more upset about this the other day:

But with the helmet on, IMO, the cape just looks natural on Kylo Ren. I mean I did see this in the tabloids at Captain McHusbandMan’s office….they said Ren maxed out his First Order credit card on his new look, but its just a rumor.

Henceforth known as Pouty Ren. No, seriously. The *sad* puppy face is back in FULL FORCE.

I’m sure he just needs a walk. Maybe a red frisbee. He’ll be much happier in his new home once Rey chooses him from the First Order puppy adopt-a-thon.

Yeah, Rey, I agree, we’re really reaching with the puppy adoption. I know Snoke has a microchip under Ren’s skin in case he gets lost…so that’d just be a big puppy ownership battle. See it alot on Judge Judy.

And, that’s ok, Snoke. We all got old school photos we’re NOT proud of. But people keep tagging us on Facebook…argh. I traced my medical degree off Captain McHusbandMan’s, but I think Snoke has had some serious trach work in the past. He also cancelled all his derm appointments. Not smart.

In her off time, Phasma loves spear fishing. Best.hobby.ever.

I’m thinking chess pieces. Snoke’s pawns.

Finn, honey, I know you love Poe’s jacket, but it really needs to be dry cleaned.

Lukey Pooh just wants a hug. No Jedi. Just hugs.

And, apparently, he really, really missed Yoda’s snakes, so he whittled up a snake cane. He probably threatened poor Ben with it as a kid. That, or he’s Moses now.