star wars i guess idk

The dark’s patience is infinite.

Eventually, even stars burn out.

so it kind of just hit me that poe is probably going to become general dameron and i have a lot of emotions

Little Stand Off | Thrawn, Ysalamir, Pellaeon, C’baoth | Star Wars

IDK what to say other than, this was one of my favorite scenes in the Thrawn Trilogy.  Mostly because of Pellaeon hiding behind Thrawn and the ysalamir (can you blame him?)… but also that C’baoth totally had a Force tantrum and Thrawn just like, arched an eyebrow.  xD

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Some angsfest!BROTP, I think. They lost a lot of good men the other day, and sometimes Anakin has these breakdowns and i know it should have been more violent and angsty BC it’s Ani and he’s an emotional mess and Obi-Wan will try to comfort him without giving in to his emotions because he’s an A+++ Jedi :U 

This is the last of the birthday-batch, this time for amarielah *cough*you’llgetaphysicalcopyifyoufinallymeetupwithme*cough*

I hope you like it, babe :) 

tfw you’re trying to show your pal some cool star charts and he falls asleep on your dome

the colors are kinda weird bc i tried to do blue highlights but idk, i gotta practice different colored lighting more i guess

“Ever tried, ever failed. No matter. Try again, fail again. Fail better.” 

In which Hux helps Kylo find his feet again after a series of failed missions.