star wars episode i: the phantom menace

imagine how furious anakin would have been if he found out about what happened to leia when she got enslaved by jabba ,,,bruh


The Star Wars Episode I Visual Dictionary refers to the glowing gems on the hem of Padmé’s throne room gown as “illuminated sein jewels.” But “sein” is the French word for “breast.”

I guess somebody was thinking about that one Ralph McQuarrie concept sketch of Princess Leia where she’s wearing a jeweled nipple chain that’d be the envy of Dejah Thoris. :P

Of course, this was back in 1975, long before Star Wars became the strictly all-audiences G-rated franchise that most people these days think of.


Happy Birthday to Ewan McGregor!

 (March 31, 1971)

Anakin Skywalker & Obi-Wan Kenobi ~ Star Wars

I … they got my heart .-.