star wars day

It is a dangerous thing to be loved by the Force.

Remember: the Force is Light and Dark and every shade in between; dread and awe in equal measure. It is not cruel, precisely – to say that one is cruel implies intentionality – but despite having a Living element, the Force has never been alive in the traditional sense. For all that the living are part of the Force and it part of them, the Force does not – can not – understand their petty (momentous) cares. It is ancient and it is inexorable and it is so much larger than you can imagine.

The Force is hungry; it will take all that you have to give… and then it will take some more. Those that the Force loves most, it asks the most of. Those that the Force loves most are swallowed whole or chewed up by it, with only their bones spit out. Those whom the Force loves, it never releases. Its love is fierce as flame and rough as the sea.

Why do you think the Jedi advocate surrender to the Force? It hurts so much less when you submit willingly.

The Force’s love is agony and it is ecstasy.

It is no safe thing to be beloved of the Force.

  • Harry: Happy Star Wars Day!
  • Hermione: May the Fourth be with you!
  • [The pair laugh]
  • Ron: What's Star Wars?
  • George: is this a muggle history thing?
  • Fred: have muggles actually been to the stars?!
  • Hermione: they haven't been to the stars but they have been to moon and we have rovers on other planets
  • George: How does a Star War work exactly?
  • Ron: are they fighting over territory?
  • Fred: why can't we go to the moon?
  • George: is it a vacation spot?
  • Ron: if we got to go would we have to participate in these wars?
  • Fred: how about Mars? When can we go to Mars?
  • [Harry and Hermione slowly back out of the room]